Modern Chinese short story: love has no bottom line

At more than 6 a.m., Li Chaoyuan woke up. As usual, he would sleep until eight or nine o’clock.Because of the interview results of the civil service examination today, he was so nervous that he didn’t sleep all night last night. He fell asleep in the early morning.

Compared with his sister Li Chaoxi, Li Chaoyuan got up late.My sister works in a hotel. She is on the morning shift today and went out before 6 o’clock. She is very busy now.Thinking of his sister’s toil, Li Chaoyuan was full of gratitude.My sister paid too much for him.Now the rent of the rental house rented by sister and brother is paid by sister.In his heart, his sister is both a sister and a mother.

Modern Chinese Short Story

Li Chaoyuan once expressed his apology to his sister. Her sister gave him an angry look and said:”Little brother, how can you say that? You are a person who does great things, and our family expects you to excel. You see, you have graduated from college and passed the civil service examination. When you go to work, let’s go back to your hometown and demonstrate at the village head’s house. If you don’t make money at present, you want to make big money in the future. What’s the word? Is it thin and thick hair? That’s the reason.”Li Chaoyuan’s heart was filled with sorrow again. The word her sister said was “thick accumulation and thin hair”. How could she understand it – her sister came to work in the city before graduating from junior high school. She has no education!

Li Chaoyuan got up. There was no air conditioner in the room. It was very hot. The interview results were announced after 10 o’clock. Anyway, he had to wait in a hurry. He decided to go to the nearby Hualian Supermarket to rub the air conditioner.

He wandered in Hualian Supermarket for a while. In a hurry, he ran to the toilet, untied the belt around his waist and squatted down. I don’t know what happened. The metal button of the belt fell off and slipped into the sewer.

Li Chaoyuan is distressed! This belt is not only valuable, but also very meaningful. It is a gift from his sister for his college graduation. My sister said that shoes and belts are a man’s face, but we can’t lose face. Now, the belt button has fallen off, and the belt is useless. More than 200 yuan is gone! Why doesn’t he feel distressed?

Fortunately, there are buttons and buttonholes in the middle of Li Chaoyuan’s trouser waist. The combination of the two will not embarrass him when carrying his pants. Li Chaoyuan was reluctant to discard the belt, covered it with his coat and came out of the toilet.

When he came to the trouser belt distribution area, he saw belts hanging there, and his heart beat faster. He suddenly realized that the sign card of the belt was pasted on the belt, and the belt head can be removed. This is the sales self-service area. There is no salesperson. As long as he removes the belt head, the belt with hundreds of dollars will be intact as before?

Li Chaoyuan also knows that there are cameras in the mall, but her sister worked as a salesperson in the mall. She once said that many things will be lost in the mall every day, but small objects usually don’t check the video, the cost is too high, and it’s difficult to find people. Thinking of this, Li Chaoyuan took a breath and looked around. He quickly removed the belt head, stuffed it into his waist, and then pretended to be ifLi Chaoyuan hurried out of the mall and ran back to the rental house.

Back home, Li Chaoyuan inquired about the interview results on the Internet. He was very happy. He ranked first in the written examination! He carefully checked the information again. Yes, he was really the first. That is to say, as long as his political examination and physical examination are OK, becoming a public servant is a certainty!

Li Chaoyuan excitedly called his sister. After listening, Li Chaoxi choked up and said, “little brother, I’ll go back right away!” and hung up the phone.

After a while, Li Chaoxi rushed home panting. After she saw the results on the computer again and again, tears flowed down. Her petite body snuggled in her brother’s generous chest and choked and said, “great! Li’s ancestral grave is smoking, and my parents bless us in the sky. Mom and Dad, my daughter can send a job to you.”

The subsequent series of things went well beyond the expectations of the sister and brother. The physical examination and political examination went well. A week later, Li Chaoyuan was admitted as a civil servant by the municipal civilization office.

On his first day at work, Li Chaoyuan was assigned to the publicity section. The section chief’s surname was Chang. He had just been promoted from the position of deputy section chief and was very energetic. At the meeting that day, the section chief said in high spirits, “isn’t it right now to rule the society by law? I have an idea and hold an activity to connect the rule of law with civil civilization, which is in line with the general trend!”

All the staff members praised section chief Chang for his clear thinking and strategic position. Section chief Chang was very useful and said forcefully, “that’s settled. I’ll start the implementation immediately. I’ll take charge of the guidance personally, Lao Li is responsible for the specific work, and the new Li Chaoyuan is responsible for cooperation. Lao Li, talk about your ideas.”

Lao Li, senior deputy section chief, said: “I think it’s good to use specific cases. We can choose Hualian Supermarket near the office, retrieve surveillance videos, and find uncivilized or even minor violations of citizens in public places, such as whether they go shirtless, steal and touch, etc. United TV will make an on-site exposure, and Li Chaoyuan will do the specific scheme.”

“OK! That’s it! First take a plan, then hold a press conference, do a good job of publicity, and officially start after expanding the momentum!”

After the meeting, all the people left. Li Chaoyuan sat in the conference room and almost peed his pants. Why? He thought of the case he took the lead in stealing leather in Hualian Supermarket a few days ago. If it was exposed, the consequences can be imagined. It is inevitable to expel the civil service. Fortunately, it took a few days to check the video, and there is room for maneuver.

When Li Chaoyuan came home from work in the evening, he told Li Chaoxi the situation in frustration. After listening, Li Chaoxi scolded: “little brother, how can you do such a stupid thing? How much can a belt be worth!”

Li Chaoyuan said with a sad face, “sister, in fact, I didn’t do anything stupid for money at that time. Isn’t that belt a college graduation gift you gave me? It’s very meaningful to me. I don’t want to lose it.

Tears welled up in the corners of Li Chaoxi’s eyes. She thought about it, wiped her tears, and whispered, “don’t worry, little brother. I’ll help you solve this.” Li Chaoyuan asked in surprise, “really? How to solve it?”

Li Chaoxi said, “didn’t I work as a salesperson in Hualian Supermarket? The team leader in charge of monitoring in Hualian is Ma Dalin. I know him. That guy likes to take advantage of small things. I gave him some money and asked him to delete the video of that day.”

“Great!” cried Li Chaoyuan, kissing his sister on the forehead. Suddenly, he remembered something and asked, “sister, how can you make excuses? You can’t tell him the truth. If you tell him the truth, you’ll expose me or leave a tail. Maybe he threatened me and blackmailed me.”

Li Chaoxi said, “little brother, do you want to remind me? I’ve already thought about it. The first step is not to tell him the reason. The second step is if he has to ask the reason, I’ll say that one of my relatives stole a can of beer in the supermarket that day. Anyway, there are many such things, and Ma Dalin won’t doubt it.” then she smiled at Li Chaoyuan to reassure him.

Li Chaoyuan was relieved, but he didn’t find a trace of bitterness in his sister’s smile.

For Li Chaoxi, resolving his younger brother’s crisis means both an adventure and a disgrace. When Li Chaoxi worked in Hualian Supermarket, Ma Dalin once madly pursued her, but she thought there was something wrong with others’ quality and refused him. Now, she has the cheek to ask him for help. The old Jianghu won’t be fooled so easily. Maybe everything will go wrongIt will happen.

Ma Dalin lived in a private house not far from the supermarket. Li Chaoxi found Ma Dalin and explained his intention. Ma Dalin smiled at Li Chaoxi and asked, “you have to tell me why I deleted the video that day?”

Li Chaoxi first pulled up the first line of defense and said, “don’t ask so many questions. Would you like to give me a happy word? If you don’t want me to go, it’s not a big thing to delete or not.”

Ma Dalin quickly stopped her and said, “no! I didn’t say I wouldn’t help. Well, I promise to help, but you have to promise me one thing, that is to sleep with me.”

“Hooligans! Don’t think about it!” Li Chaoxi turned red and left, but Ma Dalin’s words from behind made her stop again. “You can go, but I’ll put the video of that day on the Internet. There must be a picture you don’t want to see.”

“You — shameless!” Li Chaoxi thought hard, but did not consider that Ma Dalin would come. She rushed over and slapped Ma Dalin in the face. Ma Dalin covered his face and said with a smile: “this slap means you agree. If you don’t believe it, you can go!”

Li Chaoxi wanted to go away, but she couldn’t take a step. Perhaps, since she decided to ask Ma Dalin for help, it meant that she had to go this way. Her tears flowed down. Ma Dalin hugged her

After that, Li Chaoxi put on his clothes, woke up the sleeping Ma Dalin and asked him to delete the video in front of her. Ma Dalin smiled and said, “Why are you in such a hurry? A spring night is worth thousands of gold! I still want one…” Li Chaoxi resisted his nausea and said, “you can delete it first.”

Ma Dalin was overjoyed. He put on his clothes and took Li Chaoxi to the surveillance room. In front of Li Chaoxi, he retrieved the video of the day and deleted it. Li Chaoxi breathed a sigh of relief and ran away. Ma Dalin shouted behind him, “don’t you say there’s another time? Why don’t you mean what you say?”

Li Chaoxi ignored him and ran away from Ma Dalin. Li Chaoxi was exhausted when she ran all the way back to the rental house, but she tried to hold back her emotions and didn’t want her brother to see anything unusual.

Li Chaoyuan really didn’t see the abnormality. He asked nervously, “sister, how’s it going? Did Ma Dalin promise to help?”

Li Chaoxi forced a cheerful face and pretended to be relaxed and said, “yes, it has been deleted. Don’t worry. Don’t do such a stupid thing in the future.”

Li Chaoyuan nodded yes and said, “sister, thank you. Don’t worry. When I stand firm in the unit and have a future, I will repay you well.” a happy expression appeared on Li Chaoxi’s face and said, “what do I want you to repay? As long as you are good and have a future, you are the greatest reward to me.”

Li Chaoyuan chatted happily with netizens on the computer. Where did he notice his sister’s sadness.

Li Chaoxi is a 27 year old girl. She had a few relationships before, but they all ended up unharmed. Recently, she was introduced to make friends with a man driving a taxi. Her boyfriend is Zhu Ziling, in her 30s, plain looking, and fell in love with her at first sight. But Li Chaoxi always felt that she was not the same kind of person as him and couldn’t love him. Maybe she gave all her love to himBrother. They’ve been together for half a year and haven’t lived together yet.

Although she had no deep feelings for Zhu Ziling, she felt guilty and ashamed for betraying her boyfriend. She decided to compensate Zhu Ziling and took the initiative to call him and said she wanted to go there. Zhu Ziling stammered with excitement: “OK, OK, really? It’s late? You, are you coming to stay for a night?”.

Li Chaoxi made an excuse, left his younger brother and came to Zhu Ziling’s small rental house. Zhu Ziling naturally asked for her.

Afterwards, Zhu Ziling hugged Li Chaoxi’s petite body and said, “Chaoxi, I will die for you. I will love you well!”

Li Chaoxi burst into tears. For a weak woman like her, there seems to be no other way to repay and exchange except to use her body as a weight. She stuck close to Zhu Ziling and choked, “I will love you well.”

When the danger was removed, Li Chaoyuan worked more easily. He made a plan, contacted the TV station, and contacted Hualian Supermarket. Everything was ready, just waiting for the east wind. He couldn’t help thinking of the good life in the future, but he didn’t realize that the danger was approaching step by step.

After meeting the beast desire, Ma Dalin deleted the surveillance video in front of Li Chaoxi, but cunning, he had a hunch that this would be a great opportunity. A woman willing to exchange her body for this video definitely has a big secret in it. If he mastered this secret, he would be holding Li Chaoxi’s ox’s nose and controlling Li Chaoxi. If he wanted her, he would not be free at any timeIt’s easy to cheat Li Chaoxi who doesn’t know much about computers. Ma Dalin deleted the video in front of Li Chaoxi, but he didn’t empty the recycle bin. After Li Chaoxi left, he recovered the deleted files from the recycle bin, copied the video and stored it on the USB flash drive.

After Li Chaoxi escaped, Ma Dalin carefully studied the video. Except for a few petty thieves, he didn’t see the event of murder and arson, and the mall didn’t care about these petty thieves. Why did Li Chaoxi care so much about the video of this day?

In order to solve the mystery, Ma Dalin followed Li Chaoxi to see if he could see clues and find the answer, so as to blackmail and control Li Chaoxi.

Ma Dalin asked for leave and followed Li Chaoxi quietly. Soon he found a clue: Li Chaoxi was with a boy who was not her boyfriend. Ma Dalin studied the video and found that the boy had stolen a belt head that day. It seems that Li Chaoxi wanted to delete the video because of this, but it’s too small. Why did Li Chaoxi sell himself for this? MaStalin was still puzzled until one day when he heard Li Chaoxi calling the boy his little brother, he felt that there was a play.

When Li Chaoxi was still working in the mall, he often proudly said that his brother went to a famous university and would be sure of what would happen in the future. After Ma Dalin followed Li Chaoyuan and found out his identity, Ma Dalin completely understood why this video was so important to them. Li Chaoyuan was recently admitted to a civil servant. Today, he learned that Li Chaoyuan’s Department was going to read the video,I understand. If Li Chaoyuan is found to have done this scandal when reading the video, can he still be a civil servant?

Ma Dalin decided to have a showdown. First, he had to defeat the brothers and sisters from their momentum, so that they could listen to him honestly.

That night, Ma Dalin appeared in the rental house of Li Chaoyuan and Li Chaoxi. Li Chaoxi was shocked and asked nervously, “what are you doing here, Ma Dalin?” Li Chaoyuan was also surprised and unhappy with the vulgar man who didn’t come, and asked flatly, “who are you? What do you want? Please go out if you have nothing to do!”

Ma Dalin said, “before becoming a director, you are so bureaucratic? But if you know that I have a video of you stealing the lead, you don’t dare to be so arrogant.”

Li Chaoyuan was shocked, turned his head and looked at Li Chaoxi suspiciously. Li Chaoxi didn’t know where he was, jumped over, grabbed Ma Dalin and shouted, “son of a bitch, didn’t you delete the video? Don’t scare people!”

Ma Dalin pushed Li Chaoxi away and said, “it’s terrible not to understand the computer. At that time, I deleted the video, but the file is still in the recycle bin, and the file can still be recovered. But don’t worry, I emptied the recycle bin in the mall monitoring computer, but before emptying, I copied those videos in a USB flash drive. You don’t understand high technology.”

Li Chaoyuan’s “buzz” became big. He knew he was careless and didn’t tell his sister to do things thoroughly. Li Chaoxi saw Li Chaoyuan’s frightened appearance and knew that something big had happened, but he was too scared to speak.

Ma Dalin said proudly, “I’m here to tell you that I don’t want to spoil Li Chaoyuan’s good deeds. Take the video to Li Chaoyuan’s unit to complain. I just want to tell you that you have to make good friends with me. As long as we have a good relationship, this is the eternal secret. But if you don’t understand interest, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Looking at the frightened look of his sister and brother, Ma Dalin laughed. He pulled Li Chaoxi into his arms and said, “little darling, go to bed with me. You fascinated me that night. Let’s go!” he said, dragging Li Chaoxi out. Li Chaoyuan angrily stopped him and shouted, “bastard, you can’t bully my sister.”

Before Ma Dalin spoke, Li Chaoxi said in horror, “little brother, don’t be impulsive! This – this is not the first time, let me go!”

Li Chaoyuan watched helplessly as his sister was taken away by the scum. He didn’t know what to do. He roared and smashed his fist against the wall. Suddenly, his right fist was blurred

Ma Dalin dragged Li Chaoxi away, and Li Chaoyuan followed him from a distance. He wanted to call the police, but he soon rejected the idea. If he called the police, his scandal would be exposed to the public; he wanted to fight with Ma Dalin, and he soon rejected it. The evidence was in the hands of others, and he tried his best to add fuel to the fire.

What should I do? What should I do? I can’t just watch my sister be humiliated? Li Chaoyuan has no way. Suddenly, he thought of Zhu Ziling and asked him to stop all this. Even if he can’t stop it, he should teach Ma Dalin a lesson and let him be honest in the future. In this world, maybe civilized people can’t deal with rough people, but rough people can deal with rough people.

Li Chaoyuan dialed Zhu Ziling.

Li Chaoxi followed Ma Dalin to his dirty rental house. When he entered the house, Ma Dalin couldn’t wait to take off Li Chaoxi’s clothes. Li Chaoxi pushed him and said, “can you be civilized? Take a bath and you’ll die?”

Listening to Li Chaoxi’s tone, Ma Dalin concluded that Li Chaoxi had been controlled. He said happily, “good, good! I’ll take a bath and accompany the beautiful woman cleanly.” he let go of Li Chaoxi, took off his clothes, hummed a tune and went into the palm sized bathroom.

After taking a bath, Ma Dalin roared out of the bathroom and saw a kitchen knife lying across his neck.

“You can shout for help, or you can take my knife.” Li Chaoxi said coldly, “but if you shout or take it, the knife will cut your neck in two. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.” Ma Dalin trembled with fear and said, “I don’t shout or take it. I listen to you, don’t cut it.”

“Stand in these two circles!” Li Chaoxi said coldly.

Ma Dalin looked down and saw that there was a thumb thick rope under his feet, which had been tied in two circles. Ma Dalin knew it was a trap, but he didn’t dare not stand up. He had just stood his feet in the two traps. Li Chaoxi bent over, lifted and pulled, and tied the two traps in a dead knot. In this way, Ma Dalin’s feet seemed to be handcuffed.

“Go and sit on the ground!” Li Chaoxi’s knife was still across Ma Dalin’s neck. Ma Dalin didn’t dare to act rashly, so he had to sit down honestly.

“Put this on!” Li Chaoxi took out the same trap and “handcuffed” Ma Dalin’s hands. After the threat was lifted, Li Chaoxi put down the knife, put it in his hand, looked at Ma Dalin and said, “Ma Dalin, I tell you, you can insult me or take my life, but you can’t play my brother’s idea. If you play his idea, I’ll fight with you with my life!”

“I know, I know, I know wrong, you let me go, I will never do anything stupid again.” Stalin begged.

Li Chaoxi ignored him and continued:”Ma Dalin, I want to tell you that my brother is not only the lifeblood of me, but also the lifeblood of our family. When we were young, my parents left us because of a car accident. I always remember that my mother took my hand and told me to take good care of my brother. From then on, I regarded my brother more important than me. I was angryI swear to protect my brother. Although I’m only five years older than him, in my opinion, I’m taking care of him for my mother. I’m my brother’s sister and my brother’s mother. ”

“You are brothers and sisters, I am moved!” Ma Dalin said quickly.

“So now, if you want to save your life, give me the USB flash drive. Don’t play tricks. If you fool me, unless you kill me, I’ll fight with you!”

“OK! I don’t play tricks! I’ll give you the USB flash disk.” at this moment, Stalin just wanted to get out of danger as soon as possible. “The USB flash disk is in the box containing sundries in the bedside table. At the bottom, take it yourself.”

Li Chaoxi found the USB flash disk from a box and asked, “is that it?” Ma Dalin kowtowed and said it was this. Li Chaoxi put the USB flash disk in his pocket and warned Ma Dalin again: “I remind you again, don’t want to harm my brother’s good deeds.” then he turned and left.

Soon after Li Chaoxi left, Ma Dalin first bit off the rope on his wrist with his mouth. After his hands were liberated, he cut the rope on his ankle with a kitchen knife. Thinking that he was still naked, he was ready to put on a dress. Before he could find the clothes, the door was broken, and a man rushed in. He grabbed Ma Dalin’s neck and asked, “where’s Chaoxi?”

Ma Dalin was confused. Why did one wave break down and another wave rise again? He hurriedly said, “Li Chaoxi, she just left.”

“Where have you been?”

“Go home! You’ve done everything you should do. What don’t you do when you don’t go home?”

“Shit! This beast!” the man roared hysterically. He saw a kitchen knife next to him. When he lost his mind, he picked up the kitchen knife and cut at Ma Dalin. Soon, Ma Dalin lay in a pool of blood.

The man calmed down a little, went out of the door and ran in the direction of Li Chaoxi’s house.

The man is Li Chaoxi’s boyfriend Zhu Ziling. Just now, Li Chaoyuan called him and hurriedly told him what happened. Zhu Ziling shouted like crazy: “asshole, why don’t you beat Ma Dalin? Are you holding tofu in your hand?”

Li Chaoyuan said innocently, “I dare not provoke him. First, I can’t beat him, and second, I have something in his hand.”

“Where are they? Speak quickly!” roared Zhu Ziling.Li Chaoyuan said the location. Zhu Ziling angrily scolded, “beast! Your sister raised you in vain!” then Li Chaoyuan heard the roar of a taxi.

Li Chaoyuan sat there at a loss.I don’t know how long later, Li Chaoyuan heard a familiar voice: “little brother, why are you sitting here? What’s the matter with you?”

Li Chaoyuan looked up. It was his sister. His first reaction was not whether his sister was safe or not, but his own safety: “sister, what’s the matter, Ma Dalin? Did he promise not to report me?”

Li Chaoxi smiled and said, “don’t worry, little brother. He can’t take us any more. This is the USB flash drive. Look, it’s in his sister’s hand.” Li Chaoyuan grabbed the USB flash drive and asked eagerly, “are you sure it’s this USB flash drive? Are you sure he didn’t play tricks?” Li Chaoxi said, “I dare him not!”

Li Chaoyuan was relieved. Then he remembered his sister’s safety and asked, “sister, how are you? Have you met Zhu Ziling?” Li Chaoxi was stunned and asked, “Zhu Ziling? What’s the matter with him?”

Li Chaoyuan simply said what had happened. Li Chaoxi was shocked and said, “it’s bad, something’s wrong!” then she turned and ran back.Li Chaoyuan also realized something and ran over with his sister.

Soon, the sister and brother came to Ma Dalin’s rental house, and then they saw Zhu Ziling come out covered with blood.

“Zhu Ziling! What have you done?” Li Chaoxi asked in a trembling voice when he realized that something had happened.

Zhu Ziling grinned and said, “Chaoxi, I taught that beast a lesson. Maybe I missed and killed him. I don’t want to say more now. I just want to tell you that I like you. No matter what you did wrong, I like you. Do you think I’m as cheap as you?”

Seeing Li Chaoxi puzzled, Zhu Ziling said, “your love for your brother has no bottom line, no right or wrong, what do you think you love him! A brother has watched his sister be trampled!” Zhu Ziling smiled bitterly,”I can’t say you. I’m such a person myself. I know you sleep with other men and I can’t hate you. Chaoxi, I’m going to jail. Just now I called the police and turned myself in. You can do it yourself when I’m away.”

Li Chaoxi’s heart was full of mixed feelings, like a thousand arrows through her heart, but she didn’t know how to speak. After a long time, she sobbed and said:”Zhu Ziling, I want to tell you a few words. The first sentence is that Ma Dalin didn’t treat me well today; the second sentence is that you were in prison and I waited for you; you were shot and I won’t marry all my life; the third sentence is that when you surrender to the police, don’t involve my brother in it, okay?”

“No!” said Zhu Ziling, “I want to tell the truth. Maybe your brother is suffering some twists and turns and grievances, but it’s good for him. If you continue to spoil him like this, one day he will become unknown to you, and one day he will hurt you!”

Li Chaoxi cried and said, “Ziling, please promise me that if my brother is involved, I will have a bad life in my life. Please, don’t tell him those things.” Zhu Ziling looked at Li Chaoxi in pain, shook his head, sighed and said, “well, I promise you, we are all bitches!”

What else did Li Chaoxi want to say? A police car roared and several policemen jumped out of the car. Zhu Ziling welcomed them

Ma Dalin was not dead, but he was also severely disabled. The old Jianghu did not tell him about blackmailing Li Chaoyuan’s sister and brother, because it added a crime to him, and Li Chaoyuan was able to get away from it. Although Li Chaoxi was attempted sexual assault, he kidnapped Ma Dalin and was temporarily detained at the police station.

The next day, Li Chaoyuan went to work. When section chief Chang held a meeting, he angrily said to deputy section chief Lao Li, “Lao Li, that bad idea you made some time ago almost made a big mistake.”

Everyone was puzzled. Section chief Chang said:”Yesterday, the director scolded me and said that in a legal society, you can’t expose a person’s behavior through the news media until you are sure that he is a criminal. At least, people’s portrait right can’t be infringed. Now it’s a legal society, isn’t it a joke for the party Committee and government to do illegal things? Although it’s Lao Li’s idea, I’m also responsible as the section chief.The matter will not be mentioned in the future. The meeting will be adjourned! ”

After section chief Chang left, Lao Li stared at Li Chaoyuan and shouted, “Xiao Li, look what bad idea you’ve made! It’s from a famous university. You don’t have any legal consciousness. You can do it next time!”

All day, Li Chaoyuan was depressed and on pins and needles. He was not worried about his sister who was still in the police station. What he worried about was what deputy section chief Li meant.

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