Modern Chinese Short Story: mother’s power

A rainy day. In the pouring rain, a young mother drove the kindergarten children home as usual. But who knows, when passing through a low-lying road section, the flood surged in an instant and was about to overflow the window.
The child was frightened and cried, and the young mother began to lose her mind. You know, at that time, the city had serious waterlogging and dangerous situations, and even the alarm telephone had been busy. At this time, the young mother comforted her children and called her mother for help.
Grandma’s heart collapsed when she received her daughter’s phone call. It can be imagined that her daughter and grandson were trapped in the car by the flood and their lives were in danger at any time! But she quickly calmed down and asked her daughter to observe the landmark signs around so that she could quickly judge the specific location.

Chinese modern storyChinese modern story: mother’s power
The road signs have long been washed away by the torrential flood. There is only one “Happiness Hotel” on the roadside, and the shop sign swings in the wind. Grandma found the location and telephone number of the hotel on the takeout software, so she first sent the specific location of the trapped daughter and grandson to relatives and friends who could go to the rescue nearby, and then called the hotel owner to ask if she could provide help nearby. After arranging everything, she asked her daughter to hand her mobile phone to her crying grandson: “baby, do you remember the story grandma told you? The little white rabbit and his mother are trapped in the water. The good friends in the forest are rushing to rescue. They will break the glass on the roof! What should the little white rabbit and his mother do at this time?”
The little grandson dried his tears and replied loudly, “be brave!”
In this way, grandma’s story dispelled the fear for the children, and people from all directions finally knocked on the sunroof of the car and rescued the mother and son.
The little boy may not know. In fact, all he has experienced has become a new story, which will bring courage and strength to more people.

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