Modern Chinese short story: my childhood sweetheart can’t have fate

Ming is one year older than me. We played from childhood to childhood and had a good relationship. Later, we learned that this was called childhood sweetheart. the boy and girl are innocent playmates.

I remember the first time I decided to be good with him was when I was 4 years old. Ming and I watched the figure skating show on TV. I liked the beautiful women dancing on TV. I suddenly felt that there was a place in the yard that looked like an ice rink. He jumped up from the bench like a spring and ran out. Without hesitation, he jumped into the “skating rink” – the pit dug by Ming’s father, rectangular, full of snow-white mortar for building a house. I jumped in and realized that I couldn’t stand at all. My body gradually sank in the thick mortar. I cried “wow”. Ming pulled my hand hard on it and couldn’t move. In a hurry, he jumped down. Fortunately, Ming’s father saw our feat and quickly dragged us up. I was still in shock and continued to cry. Ming patted me on the shoulder with his little fat hand covered with mortar and said, “don’t be afraid, there is me.” at that moment, my heart was full of the glorious image of Ming sacrificing his life to save me. I said to myself secretly, “Ming saved my life, I want to be better with him.”

Ming is a boy with inner soul show. Sometimes his friends run crazy together. He will suddenly stop and say, “Ping Ping, your braids are in disorder.” then he will help me tie them up again. His kite always flies highest, and the small animals he pinches with mud look like gods and shapes. Ming will also cut potatoes or sweet potatoes into very thin pieces and stick them outside the stove, and then give us roasted potato chips with delicious taste. Ming likes reading comic books and keeps them very well. Ming is also the first person in our group to learn to ride a bike.

When I was in primary school, Ming especially liked painting, especially ancient soldiers wearing armor and holding weapons. Such complex characters were all made in one stroke with a pen instead of a pencil. I was amazed. Ming never shows off. He has an open-minded look. He said, “you can’t draw, but you can sing.” Hey, I’m elated. Once Ming’s cousin came to play with him and saw Ming sitting next to me listening to me singing. He also happily sat down and listened to me. After listening for a while, he stood up and said, “why don’t you sing half the time?” what can I do? Without a song book, I can’t remember the lyrics, so I have to remember how much to sing. However, Ming has never said anything like his cousin.

In the fourth grade of primary school, I suffered from acute icteric hepatitis and stayed at my grandmother’s house for two months. Ming became my little teacher and came to teach me lessons every day after school. Ming’s academic performance was very good. His composition also won the first prize in the national composition competition. Once Ming’s mother came to him. I sat on the Kang under the window and heard his mother say, “the disease is contagious. It’s very severe. Why don’t you obey?” Ming whispered, “talking won’t be contagious. Only eating together can be contagious. It’s gastrointestinal infection, not respiratory infection.” he defended with the professional language he heard from my mother. His mother gently scolded him: “what you know is contagious. I don’t forbid you to come, but I can’t come old.” however, Ming is old. In addition to tutoring, he also talks with me and plays with me. Maybe childlike feelings can overcome the disease. My homework hasn’t fallen, and Ming hasn’t been infected with hepatitis by me. I said sincerely to Ming, “if you have the worst infectious disease, others are afraid, and I am not afraid, I will play with you.” Ming was startled and said, “I don’t want to have the worst infectious disease.”

In the second year of junior high school, my father’s friends took our family to the amusement park. Ming also went. It was the first time we saw the giant roller coaster. I jumped excitedly and shouted to play the roller coaster. Everyone looked at each other. No one had played. Looking at the head rolling down, they were a little afraid. I was the only one to go. Of course, my father was not at ease. Then Ming took my hand and said, “Ping Ping, I’ll go with you.” we sat on the roller coaster hand in hand, looking at each other nervously and excitedly and giggling. Youming is more secure when he is around. He turns it over before he has time to be afraid.

Modern Chinese Short Story

With the growth of age, I have clearly known that although Ming and I were childhood friends, we will never have further development. Even though we are desperate, it does not affect the deep friendship between Ming and me. We are as good as before.

When we went to college, we kept writing letters because we couldn’t see each other often. I remember a letter he wrote: “today, there was a power failure, so there was no need to study at night. All the students went out to play. I was the only one who wrote to you in the classroom. When I lit the candle, a gust of wind blew, the candle light was bright and dark, and my shadow on the wall was long and short. Mom! It was terrible. I had to go quickly.” when Ming was a senior, I fell in love, and it was the most bitter single love, I became his most trusted target. In Ming’s words, “that girl has a lot of temperament, eye-catching and background”. I don’t like such a bright and complex girl. I wrote to persuade him that it’s not suitable to pursue such a girl with your kind and pure heart. A girl with quiet as water and blue temperament is the best candidate, and a girl like me is the best. But. “People are confused when feeling deep”. Ming didn’t listen to my advice. There are no more anecdotes on campus in his letter and no more reading experience. In addition to wandering in frustration, he is sad and compassionate. Ming’s obstinacy lasted until he graduated from university and began to work. The girl went away to Shenzhen and didn’t say hello to Ming. Ming’s haggard makes me gnash my teeth. If it’s not a bad time, it’s her turn to make Ming happy and worry!

When Ming grows up to be a handsome young man and I grow up to be a graceful girl, every time we meet, we have to sigh about the untimely time. In those days when we had nothing to worry about, Ming and I seemed to be – lovers. We went to the city to buy materials, learn computers, learn foreign languages, climb Xiangshan hand in hand, go shopping, buy clothes, go to the movies, and even drink and sing together. Because childhood, we have nothing to say and share each other’s joys and sorrows; Because we have no guess, we are relatively real and relaxed.

Ming, who has worked for three years, has not found the right person. Work is much more vivid than love. He is often rated as an advanced organization or even bureau level. I was worried about Ming and said, “I haven’t seen a girl as good as you. I can’t be hasty in my life.” I hated me and said, “are you forcing me to be single?”.

Of course, an excellent boy like Ming won’t disappoint. Just when I was ready to marry myself off, Ming finally brought a beautiful, lovely, innocent and generous girl. The way they were affectionate let me marry at ease. I said, “you can take care of Ming. I’m a hundred relieved, but you can meet Ming is also a very happy thing. Ming is considerate, meticulous, considerate, loyal and simple, handsome and good at housework. She gets in the kitchen and out of the hall.” the girl who said the orchid pattern showed her neat and white teeth and smiled.

Maybe God wants to test my praise for Ming. Just two months before Ming Huai’s marriage, his girlfriend had a car accident and hurt her legs. The doctor said there might be sequelae. In those days, I ran to the hospital tomorrow, guarding my injured girlfriend. Ming took care of and warmed his girlfriend with his firm and tolerant heart. The persistence and tenderness first moved me to a confusion. I said with tears, “Ming, I didn’t see you wrong, but I didn’t have this blessing!” Ming said, “Ping Ping Ping, please help me choose a ring for her.” I accompanied ming to choose and try it one by one, and finally chose a ruby ring, I pointed to the bloody gem embedded in the broken diamond and said to Ming, “Ming, this is your loyal heart. It’s broken. Each fragment says loyalty.” the boss has eyes. Ming’s girlfriend left the hospital intact and became Ming’s beautiful bride

Even today, Ming and I still talk on the phone like a hotline. The man who married me jumped and jumped around anxiously. When a guest comes, I will hold the photo album and say, “here is Ming, but it’s not the right time to be with me.”

Yes, what a helpless thing it is to be born without fate. When the world advocates science as the first productive force, eugenics and education for the benefit of society, Ming and I are childhood friends in vain! Because: Ming is my cousin and his father is my uncle. My grandmother is his grandmother!

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