Modern Chinese Short Story: Painting Genius

The kindergarten was going to hold a drawing competition, and the teacher said that in order to give full play to the children’s imagination, they could draw with whatever they wanted, however they wanted, and wherever they wanted. Many children signed up, and Tim, who was six years old, was naughty and smart, and had a great talent for drawing, so of course he signed up too.

On the day of the competition, some children brought watercolor brushes, some brought spray paint, and some brought colorful minerals. As for the drawing paper, there were also a lot of strange things. However, the most strange thing is that Tim did not bring anything, sitting in his seat, a calm and relaxed look.

Painting Genius

Seeing this, the drawing genius supervisor was surprised and asked, “Tim, how are you going to draw later?” Tim sold a story: “Teacher, you’ll know when the time comes.” The teacher nodded suspiciously.

Soon, the teacher announced the start of the competition, the topic is to draw a horse, the time is thirty minutes. The children picked up their brushes and got busy. Tim was the only one who didn’t do anything but look around from time to time. The teacher looked at Tim strangely.

Before they knew it, twenty minutes had passed. Many children turned in their papers and left the classroom. The teacher couldn’t help but ask, “Tim, there’s still ten minutes left before the paper is due, will you be able to draw in time?” Tim nodded his head and said confidently, “Don’t worry, teacher.”

In the blink of an eye, there were only three minutes left before the paper was due, and Tim was the only child left in the classroom. At that moment, Tim came up to the podium and asked seriously, “Teacher, is it really okay to draw with whatever you want, however you want, and wherever you want?”

The teacher nodded, “Of course!” Tim asked again, “Can I draw on the ground?”

The teacher was happy: “Yes, but you don’t have time!”

Before the words were out of his mouth, Tim pulled down his pants and peed, moving his feet back and forth as he did so. Soon, a lifelike stallion appeared on the floor. After peeing, Tim proudly said, “I’m the best at drawing like this! Teacher, do you think it looks like this?” The teacher was dumbfounded.

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