Modern Chinese Short Story: Setbacks make people mature

I graduated from high school at the age of 17. Because my family was poor, I began my life. When I first arrived in Shenzhen, I not only couldn’t see the imagined “gold everywhere”, but even the supermarket in Shenzhen was received by the villagers from the humble leather shoes factory. But my hand is bad. The quality of work is poor and the speed is slow. I can’t satisfy my boss at all. A month later, I said goodbye to the leather shoes factory amid the complaints of the supervisor. The first time I encountered setbacks at work, I learned to accept complaints.

Setbacks make people mature

Only three days after leaving the factory, the pressure of rent and living expenses forced me to walk around the street. Seeing a garment factory recruiting workers, I begged my boss to keep me. However, it seems that I was not born to step on machines. I worked clumsily for half a month and was fired. The boss gave me 20 yuan. I said sincerely, “thank you!” The boss asked, “I fired you. Don’t you hate me?” I said, “you took me in when I was desperate. I should thank you.” My second setback at work made me learn to be grateful.

After a few days, I was penniless again. Hungry, I came to the construction site and worked hard. I thought I had a lot of strength, but in fact, after two days, I clearly realized that compared with the workers on the construction site, I simply compared the strength of children with that of adults. But I clenched my teeth and worked hard. Half a month later, I got 300 yuan. This period of time has taught me to bear hardships.

I stopped looking for work in the factory and began to wholesale Vegetables and retail with 300 yuan as my capital. Because I have been able to bear hardships and anger, and learned to be grateful. I am mature and popular, and my business is slowly getting better. Six months later, I rented a house and started vegetable wholesale. Three years later, I had a sum of money in my hand that I could start a business in my hometown. At the same time, three years of market experience also gave me a strong insight into the market.

Now, I am comfortable in the economic tide. Someone asked me about my experience, I said: experience setbacks, learn tolerance, learn to bear hardships, learn to observe and think in setbacks, and you will move towards the maturity of life.

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