Modern Chinese Short Story: Smart people don’t embarrass others

Niu Seng Ru was a talented scholar of the Tang Dynasty. When he went to Beijing to take the exam, his sons tried every means to visit celebrities and get through with them, but he hid in the hotel to study. He never asked acquaintances to get in touch, let alone flatter and bribe examiners.

Han Yu, a great writer at that time, was thirsty for talents. The Ju Zi who came to his house to see him were like walking a lantern. One day, Han Yu asked the student Huang Fushi, “have you entrusted Niu Seng ru?” Huang Fushi said, “Niu Seng Ru is proud of his talents. He disdains to do such a thing.”

Modern Chinese Short Story

Han Yu said, “Niu Seng Ru has excellent knowledge and such character. He is just a pillar. I can’t bear to let him bury him!”

Huang Fushi said, “but he doesn’t want to see you. Do you still condescend to see him?” Han Yu said with a smile, “why do you talk about grievance when recommending talents for the country? Go to the hotel to find him now and let him leave the hotel for half a day tomorrow morning, but don’t say I see him!”

The next morning, Han Yu and Huang Fushi came to the hotel together. The shopkeeper told them that Niu Seng Ru had gone out early in the morning and didn’t know when to come back. Han Yu asked the shopkeeper for a pen and paper. With a stroke of his pen, he wrote more than ten big words “Han Yu and Huang Fushi have not met the same monk and child” and pasted them on the porter. Then he turned and left.

Huang Fu was puzzled. Han Yu smiled and said, “this will not make Niu Seng Ru lose face, but also let others know. He doesn’t even want to see me, an old scholar, visit him in person.” Huang Fu was awed after hearing this.

A smart person who is good at dealing with the world will always put himself in the shoes of others and reduce embarrassment in the process of communicating with others.

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