Modern Chinese short story: Tea dirt

Old father spent most of his life drinking tea, and he had drunk the exclusive paradox: “tea cream, the essence of tea!”

Therefore, his purple clay teapot is never washed or wiped. The pot body is greasy and purple black because it is rubbed in the hand all the year round. When I opened the lid of the pot, I saw that the wall of the pot was brown and ochre, and the thick tea dirt made the world in the pot thin in a big circle.

Don’t look at this pot. It’s not beautiful, but it’s sloppy. It’s father Shi’s first favorite. Never allow others to touch, let alone drink tea in a pot.

It is said that this pot was handed down to the hand of a champion appointed by the imperial pen of father Shi. It is also said to record this for reference: that is, compared with ordinary teapots, this pot has two different characteristics. First, in the hot weather, the tea brewed in this pot is original for more than a whole day, and does not rot every few nights; Second, this is also unique – because the tea dirt is thick, if the tea is out of stock, it doesn’t hurt. If the tea is washed down with boiled water, the water color is like tea, and its taste doesn’t change.

Father Shi once said proudly: “such rich tea dirt is not accumulated for a hundred years. How can you get it?! the pot can be bought with thousands of gold; the dirt is hard to find. This pot can be called the quintessence of the pot and the treasure of the country…”

Father Shi likes to sit on the old-fashioned yellow pear master chair, squint slightly, take a sip gently, let the bitter and sweet liquid moisten his mouth, and then slide down his throat slowly. He seemed to experience the charm of the essence of national drink, and it was almost the two forgotten realm of things.

Last summer, father Shi’s youngest son who worked in Shanghai took his summer vacation daughter Qingqing back to his hometown to visit the old man.

Qingqing is in the second grade and looks naive and lovely. Father Shi was very happy when he saw his angelic granddaughter. Maybe he liked his granddaughter so much that for the first time he wanted her to drink tea in a purple sand pot. Unexpectedly, Qingqing felt sick at the sight of this dirty purple clay pot. She pushed open the purple clay pot and said, “Grandpa, you don’t talk about hygiene, I don’t drink.”

“If you don’t drink it, I’ll drink it.” father Shi sipped it tastefully.

When he got up the next morning, father Shi went to make tea in a purple clay pot as usual. Who knows it’s OK not to look at it. For a moment, his eyes were straight, the meat on his cheeks trembled, and his mouth was wide open, like a fool – it turned out that the purple clay pot had been cleaned clean, and the Centennial tea dirt in it had disappeared.

After standing still for a long time, father Shi suddenly shouted, “return my tea stain! Return me…”

With this cry, father Shi’s blood jumped up his forehead, phlegm blocked his throat, and fainted to the ground.

Qingqing was so frightened and frightened that she was wronged that she wiped her tears.

After a busy time, Qingqing’s father quickly made a pot of tea in a purple clay pot and carefully held it in front of the old man.

Seeing the purple clay pot, father Shi, who had breathed back in a trance, immediately caught the life-saving straw like a drowning man, grabbed the purple clay pot and stuck it tightly to his chest. For a long time, he took a sip with tearful eyes. He didn’t know the tea was coming in. He immediately spit out. His eyes suddenly darkened. His hands hung down powerlessly and his face looked like death gray. But when he heard his voice, he murmured, “it’s not the smell! No… it’s the… Smell, no… it’s the… Smell…”

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