Modern Chinese Short Story: The aggravated bag

Once upon a time, there was a loyal and honest boy named Zhang Cheng who lived under Cang Yan Mountain. Zhang Cheng worked as a child laborer in the house of Baozhao, who was famous for his temper and was known as “Bao Temper”.

One day, Bao Zhaoge received the county magistrate, who heard that Bao Zhaoge had withheld food from the people and reprimanded Bao Zhaoge for a few words.

When Bao Zhaoge left, Zhang Cheng leaned against the pillar under the eaves, holding his anger and quietly wiping his tears. Suddenly, an object “thump” fell on Zhang Cheng’s chest, he looked up, the eaves of a small white bearded old man sitting, smiling at him, said: “You child, always sulking. I just lent you something, called the ‘gasbag’, in the future you are angry, put it in the bag, will help you.”

Zhang Cheng lifted his shirt and saw an extra rice-grain pimple on his chest and said, “May I ask who you are and why you want to help me?”

The little old man said, “I am the god of happiness, most want to see you children happy, do not want to see you sad face.”

Zhang Cheng was moved and said, “Thank you, Grandfather God of Joy!” When Zhang Cheng stood up and bowed, the little old man with white beard disappeared.

Modern Chinese Short Story

The next day, Bao Zhao continued to beat and scold Zhang Cheng. Zhang Cheng undressed to sleep at night and found that the small pimple on his chest, which was as big as a grain of rice, had grown to the size of an egg, and when he squeezed it with his hand, it was bulging and seemed to be full of gas. Zhang Cheng thought, this is the happy God grandfather said the gas bag it, I wonder what help they can be.

In this way, Zhang Cheng found in the tolerance of the gas, the more the gas bag grows bigger and bigger, within a few days there are steamed buns so big. Clothes can not cover, was discovered by Bao Zhao, he lifted Zhang Cheng’s clothes, looked at his chest of large bags, sneered: “What is this? Toad swelling?” Said, Bao Zhaoge pinched Zhang Cheng’s gas bag, gas bag suddenly Bao Zhaoge “dun dun dun” shaking up, scared him a jump.

Bao Zhaoge cold “hum”, said: “Toad swelling also has a temper!”

At night, Zhang Cheng lying flat on the bed, gently stroking the gasbag, sighed and said, “Gasbag ah, in the end you have what use?”

The words did not finish, the gas bag “dun dun dun” and shake up, “bang” sound, from Zhang Cheng’s chest, slowly floating down to the corner of the wall. Zhang Cheng looked down at his chest, there is still a rice grain pimple.

In Bao Zhaoge’s scolding, Zhang Cheng chest every few days to grow a steamed bun large gasbag, to the point of automatic fall off, rolled to the corner, soon, the corner accumulated seven or eight gasbag.

One morning, Zhang Cheng woke up a little late, Bao Zhao found the door, kicked open the door, from the bed to Zhang Cheng picked up, cursing: “You lazy son of a bitch, what time is still sleeping. Hurry up and go to work!”

Zhang Cheng did not dare to say anything, got up from the floor and was ready to go to work. At this time, Bao Zhaoge saw the gas bag in the corner, “Huh”, said: “These little leather balls are good, I’ll take them to the children to kick for fun!

Who knew that before Bao Zhaoge got close, the seven or eight bags suddenly jumped up by themselves and floated over to Bao Zhaoge. Bao Zhaoge reached out to pick them up, but the bags flashed past Bao Zhaoge’s hand and burrowed up from the hem of his clothes to the front and back of Bao Zhaoge’s chest. Bao Zhaoge hurriedly took off his clothes and found a circle of gas bag hanging on his body, has grown to the flesh up, how to drag can not be pulled off.

Bao Zhaoge was scared and asked Zhang Cheng: “What the hell is this thing? Tell us!”

Zhang Cheng said truthfully: “This is an old grandfather gave me, called the gas bag, after suffering the gas of others, will grow, so this is filled with the gas I was born ……”

Bao Zhao pushed Zhang Cheng away and ran back to his house, trying to pierce the gas bag with a needle, but the tip of the needle touched, the pain was unbearable. He also invited the doctor to treat, changed a few doctors, all said there is no way.

Bao Zhaoge could not contain his anger, and slammed pots and bowls at home, but not relieved, the whole family beat up a round, so that his wife took the children back to his mother’s house, and several subordinates were far away.

However, after a few times of anger, Bao Zhaoge made a new discovery: after the anger, there was a deflated bag. Bao Zhaoge thought: this might be the trick to solve the problem.

So Bao Zhaoge found Zhang Cheng, tied him to a wooden stake, carried a leather whip, and cursed with a grin: “Now I’m going to double my anger back to you!”

Said, Bao Zhaoge on Zhang Cheng “crackling” beat up, Zhang Cheng heart and angry and anxious, “huffing and puffing” gasping for air, the small face suffocated red, chest together, the gas bag bulged up again.

After beating Zhang Cheng for most of the day, Bao Zhaoge’s gasbag finally all deflated, he turned in a good mood, pointing at Zhang Cheng and said mockingly: “I will never again take the initiative to provoke these ripe gasbag, let them pile up in your house!”

As he spoke, Bao Zhao found more than a dozen bags of anger scattered in the yard shaking up, rushing him to float over again. Bao Zhao hurriedly slipped back into the house, the door and windows closed, hiding behind the window to look out. Only to see the gas bag outside the house floating around, how not to go, waiting for the opportunity to enter the house.

Half a day, Bao Zhao turned his head and saw a shotgun placed in the corner of the house, and immediately rejoiced: “The gun hit the gas bag, this game is good!”

Bao Zhaoge with a gun filled with ammunition, fiercely open a window, to the pile of gas bags floating over the “bam” blast a shot, the shotgun immediately broke all the gas bags.

Bao Zhaoge could not help but laugh: “A few airbags, how hard to beat me?”

Who knows, since Bao Zhaoge had burst these gas bags, the whole courtyard was shrouded in anger, everyone was pulling a face.

At that time, the governor came and said, “Why does everyone in your family ignore me and not welcome me?”

Before, even if Bao Zhaoge had a temper, he had to put up with it for the time being, but when he heard the governor’s words, he sneered back and said, “You’re just not welcome!”

Bao Zhaoge covered his mouth and wanted to stay and make amends, but he shouted, “Don’t leave if you can, I’ll beat you to death!”

The official document from the county soon came down, and Bao Zhaoge was relieved of his position as the protector. After Bao Zhaoge lost his power, the whole person wilted, and his temper could not come out.

This day, Zhang Cheng was resting under the eaves, and again saw the little old man with a white beard on the eaves. The little old man still smilingly said, “With the gasbag, no one dares to bully you now, right?”

Zhang Cheng expressed his gratitude to the old man and said, “Grandpa God, you take back the bag of anger! I’ve grown up and become brave now, I’m no longer the little sore loser I used to be ……”

The little old man stroked his beard and nodded, and disappeared. Zhang Cheng then look at the chest, the small bumps of rice, I do not know when it has disappeared.

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