Modern Chinese Short Story: The story of sheep herding baby

Once upon a time, a little boy was herding sheep on a high mountain. He often shouted to the clothes man who worked nearby:

“Help! Help! The wolf is coming, the wolf is coming to catch the sheep! ”

The story of sheep herding baby

When the farmers heard this, they immediately put down their hoes, plows and harrows, left their cattle and horses, and ran to help them. However, the shepherd was just looking for fun to tease them. The farmers went back to work angrily.

The shepherd often teases the nearby farmers like this.

One day, the wolf really came and killed a fat sheep. The shepherd cried out in horror. However, the farmers no longer ignored his call for help, and they were still buried in their own work. In this way, the wolf killed many sheep. Finally, he dragged the fattest sheep away without difficulty.

If anyone often lies and deceives people, no one will believe him even if he tells the truth in the future.

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