Modern Chinese Short Story: The thief who made people laugh and cry

The first time, when I came back from abroad, I just got off the train and found that the zipper of my bag was unzipped. When I opened it, the information was still there. But the information in the margin of a few more rows of thieves write: such a beautiful bag, not put money inside, you have no money to pose what broad? A waste of my feelings!

The second time I was at home during the day, I was surfing the Internet when I suddenly heard a sound coming from the kitchen, and I gently walked over to see that it was a thief prying my security doors and windows. I pulled out a kitchen knife and walked over to him and said, “What are you doing, if you don’t leave I’ll call the police.” The thief did not panic to put away the tools, and then threw out a sentence to me: “You are sick ah, there are people at home, make a sound ah! I’ve been busy for half a day for nothing.” Said turned around and walked away ……

The thief who made people laugh and cry

The third time, I was walking alone in the street, a 10-year-old boy to empty my clothes pockets, I turned my face to him and said: “Children, pull out what?” “Nonsense, of course it’s money.” The kid replied. I saw that he was a child, so I frightened him and said, “I do not have money, you do not have to come back to pull out, or send you to the police.” The kid glared at me and said, “You don’t have any money, why are you so mean?” After saying huffing and puffing away, I was momentarily exasperated speechless.

The fourth time, I came home from the night shift, it was very late, I was washing up in the bathroom, suddenly I heard movement at the door, as if someone was picking my lock at the door. So I yelled out, “Who? What are you doing?” Who knows that the thief but in the doorway replied: “so late still not sleep, what the hell?” After saying that, there was no sound. I was at a loss for words, crying and laughing…

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