Modern Story: Who is a hacker

Fangfang’s computer broke down, so she had to turn to her father again, because his father was good at computers. Who knows, after reading it for a while, my father shook his head and said to her, “I’m not sure this time, Fangfang. My father is old. Secondly, I don’t understand many new computer problems. I’m afraid I can’t help you in the future.” Then he took out a business card and handed it over. “My friend said that the service of this computer repair shop is good and the charge is very reasonable. You can carry the computer and try it.”

Fangfang carried the computer and found the “Xiaohui computer repair shop” on Dongchang Road according to the address on her business card. This is a very inconspicuous small store. A young man is busy sitting in it. He is probably the boss Wang Xiaohui. Seeing Fangfang coming in, he quickly and kindly received her. After asking what kind of fault, he skillfully opened the chassis. After some inspection and testing, he replaced a small part. The computer was repaired in less than 10 minutes. Wang Xiaohui only received 15 yuan from Fangfang and said that he would come to him whenever there was a problem. If the same problem occurred within three months, he would be given a free warranty.

Who is a hacker

Fangfang went back with great satisfaction and thought that Wang Xiaohui was real enough. There are several people like him in business now.

Who knows, it didn’t take three days to go home, and the computer broke down again. This time it’s not the same problem. The system prompts that the hard disk can’t be found. No way, Fangfang had to carry it to find Wang Xiaohui. Wang Xiaohui settled it by dividing five by two, and only received some money symbolically. He told Fangfang that her computer may have been invaded by hackers. Be vigilant when surfing the Internet in the future. At the same time, he also took the initiative to install the most powerful firewall on Fangfang’s computer. Fangfang promised and asked Wang Xiaohui for his QQ number. She said that if there were any problems in the future, she could easily consult him online.

However, the trouble did not disappear. On the contrary, within three or five days, Fangfang’s computer must have trouble, sometimes losing data and sometimes confusing programs… Every time there was a problem, she immediately reported it to Wang Xiaohui through QQ. Some problems were directly solved by Wang Xiaohui through remote help, and Fangfang had to carry the computer to his store in person. Wang Xiaohui affirmed that her computer must have been targeted by hackers, but the virus is very strange. It comes and goes without a trace, and the latest anti-virus software can’t help it. Fortunately, it didn’t cause any big trouble. It was only a small disturbance every time. It recovered after Wang Xiaohui made a few adjustments.

The so-called long-term illness makes a doctor. The experience of sending computers for repair for several months has upgraded Fangfang from a rookie to a small half of a computer expert, but one thing she still doesn’t understand is, who is the mysterious hacker? Who did she offend? If there is no grievance, why does the other party always pester? Fangfang also thought, will the hacker be Wang Xiaohui? Because he charges very cheaply every time, does he deliberately use this way? No, Fangfang soon denied her speculation. Through her contact with Wang Xiaohui during this period, I believe he is not that kind of person. But did he have another intention? For example, deliberately create opportunities to get along with me? Thinking of this, Fangfang’s face turned red and her heart jumped. To tell the truth, she felt that she liked Wang Xiaohui a little.

Who is a hacker? When they are familiar with each other, they can speak freely. Once, Fangfang said with a smile, “Wang Xiaohui, why don’t you know how to cherish fragrance and jade at all? Carrying the computer all day, do you think I’m tired? When can I trouble you to come and serve me? ”

Wang Xiaohui hesitated for a long time and said, “I… I can’t leave. I’m alone here. Who can help me look at the store when I leave?”

Fangfang pouts and feels a little lost. It seems that I’m not as important as his shop in Wang Xiaohui’s heart! She simply threw out a sentence: “where’s your girlfriend? Ask her to help you. ”

Wang Xiaohui blushed, lowered his head and replied, “I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Looking at his shy appearance, it was obviously not like lying. Fangfang couldn’t help feeling a little proud, so she deliberately joked and said, “how could it be? You’re a handsome guy, a boss, and not a bad person. You should be surrounded by beautiful women, right? Or you have too high an eye. ”

After Fangfang finished, Wang Xiaohui was silent for a while and suddenly said calmly, “no girl will fall in love with me because… Because I am disabled!”

Fangfang looked at him in surprise. Her mind seemed to be buzzing. How could it be? Wang Xiaohui looks good. How can he be disabled?

“When have you seen me walk in front of you for so long? Why do I never provide door-to-door service? ” Wang Xiaohui looked at her and said softly, “because there is something wrong with my legs and feet.”

Wang Xiaohui got up slowly and told Fangfang that he regretted his leg for his personal reasons in an accident a few years ago. Fangfang saw that he didn’t have any serious problems, but his right leg was a little awkward when walking, which seemed to be hard to focus on.

After going back that day, Fangfang’s heart has been hard to calm for a long time. Compared with normal people, Wang Xiaohui does have shortcomings. Does he just give him up? Of course, it’s still time to give up now. As long as she doesn’t continue to invest in her feelings and maintain an ordinary friend relationship with him, but… She really can’t bear to give up! From acquaintance to now, she feels more and more. There are many things in Wang Xiaohui that make it difficult for her to give up. Compared with her previous boyfriend, Wang Xiaohui can bring her a sense of stability and warmth. It seems that he is her destined emotional destination.

Finally, Fangfang made up her mind to love Wang Xiaohui and tolerate his shortcomings. She believed that Wang Xiaohui was the most worthy person in her life. She summoned up her courage and expressed her heart to Wang Xiaohui. Wang Xiaohui looked at her incredulously. When he realized that Fangfang was not joking, he couldn’t help holding her in his arms.

The next most important task is how to make Fangfang’s parents accept Wang Xiaohui. Mom said a little better. Dad was more sad at this level. In the past, several young men with good conditions were “killed” by Dad. Fangfang then talked to her parents about Wang Xiaohui’s advantages. Only when her parents were a little excited did she tactfully say that Wang Xiaohui had a slight disease in his legs. Her parents were stunned immediately and her face changed. Fangfang repeatedly stressed that it was just a little, which was not an obstacle. The most important thing was that others were good, real and capable. Seeing Fangfang’s insistence, mother turned her eyes to her father, meaning to let him “rule”.

Fangfang’s heart is pounding. I’m afraid her father will “kill” Wang Xiaohui mercilessly. A moment later, dad said, “if it’s really like what you said, we’ll promise you, but when will you bring him home for us to meet?”

Fangfang rushed up with ecstasy, kissed her father and shouted at her father’s wisdom! She was ready to fight a protracted war. Unexpectedly, her father agreed so soon. It seems that he doesn’t stick to one style in choosing a son-in-law!

She rushed to convey the good news to Wang Xiaohui. Of course, Wang Xiaohui was also very excited. As soon as they discussed, they decided to meet her parents at Fangfang’s house this Sunday morning.

On Sunday, Fangfang got up early and called Wang Xiaohui to remind him to arrive on time before 10 o’clock, and then repeated his house number again. Wang Xiaohui repeatedly promised.

Unexpectedly, Wang Xiaohui waited until after 10 o’clock. Fangfang is worried. Wang Xiaohui, Wang Xiaohui, you stand up when you visit your future parents-in-law for the first time. Don’t you mean to screw things up? Dad doesn’t like people who don’t keep their promises. Fangfang was trying to make a phone call quietly to ask what was going on, when the door was knocked.

Fangfang hurried to open the door and thought to Wang Xiaohui, you must find a better reason for being late! But when the door opened, there was a little girl holding flowers outside. She said to Fangfang, “are you Fangfang’s sister? A big brother asked me to give you this bunch of flowers and this letter. ”

Fangfang silently took the flowers and letters and returned to the house. She tore open the letter. Wang Xiaohui wrote in the letter:

Fangfang, after thinking for a long time, I still don’t have the courage to step into your house, not because of my legs, but because I have a bigger secret that I didn’t confess to you. I think I can’t hide it anymore. Even if I face a cruel breakup, I must say it.

A few years ago, I was a bad young man living in a mixed society. I once participated in robbery with a group of people. Later, the east window incident happened. I was arrested and imprisoned and spent three years in prison. And my leg was the gunshot wound that fell because I resisted arrest and fled before I was jailed. It was the bullet of justice that saved my soul. Until today, every time I see my legs, I know how to be a man

Before reading the letter, Fangfang ran into her room with a “wow”, threw herself on the bed and cried. Mother came over worried and asked what had happened. Fangfang handed the letter to her mother, and then threw herself into her mother’s arms and cried.

In the next few days, Fangfang stopped contact with Wang Xiaohui and became haggard. Mother loves her daughter and tries to persuade her to open up and find a good one in the future. Fangfang suddenly raised her head and said to her parents, “if I still decide to accept him now, will you… Still support me?”

Mother stopped talking, then sighed and turned her eyes to her father. Dad thought for a long time, and finally said slowly: “as the saying goes, the prodigal son doesn’t change his money. As long as he changes his mind and becomes a new man, and you think clearly, we still respect your own choice!”

When Fangfang appeared in front of Wang Xiaohui again and told him his decision and his parents’ opinions, Wang Xiaohui burst into tears and hugged Fangfang tightly. Just as the Mid Autumn Festival was approaching, they decided to officially visit Fangfang’s parents on that day.

There was no accident this time. On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, Wang Xiaohui dressed neatly, carrying moon cakes, knocked on the door of Fangfang’s house on time. Fangfang quickly opened the door to welcome him into the house and lead him to meet his parents.

Wang Xiaohui said “Uncle” as soon as he exit, he immediately stood on the spot. After a long time, he changed his mouth and said, “Captain Zhang… It’s you…”

Fangfang’s father waved his hands and said, “Xiao Wang, don’t call me captain. I’ve retired this year.”

“Yes, my father used to be the captain of the criminal police, but he was brave!” Fangfang interrupted, “but I didn’t seem to mention it to you. So you know each other?”

Of course, Wang Xiaohui knows him. He will never forget that they were chased by the police after the crime that year. When the other party fired a warning shot, he still ran away. It was in front of him that the criminal police captain of that year decisively shot him in the right leg

Thinking of these, Wang Xiaohui had mixed feelings for a moment, and he didn’t expect that Captain Zhang was Fangfang’s father. He stammered: “team Zhang… Uncle, thank you. It was your shot that saved me…”

“Oh, stop it, Xiao Wang.” Fangfang’s father sighed, “since you came out, although I’m glad to see you completely reformed, I found that my shot left you a lifelong regret, and I’ve been uneasy…”

Wang Xiaohui hurriedly said, “uncle, you are wrong. For me, it is not a pity, but a road sign that always reminds me which road to go. It makes me understand that a person can walk a little askew, but he must be upright! Uncle, you will always be my reborn parents! ”

“What reborn parents? They will be your parents in the future!” Fangfang said naughtily.

Until this time, Fangfang finally understood why her computer always broke down every so often. It turned out that the “hacker” behind the scenes was his father. He just wanted to give Wang Xiaohui and himself an opportunity to contact and understand!

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