Modern Story: A ring

In the morning, it was sunny. I was writing a report in the office. The cleaning grandma came in as usual. Nearly 70 year old grandma is introverted and seldom takes the initiative to speak.

When emptying the wastebasket, grandma found a golden piece of paper in the wastepaper. She was very surprised and brought it to me. She asked me incoherently if I had lost my valuables. I told grandma that this was an abandoned seal on the cosmetic bottle cap, not a gold bar.

After listening, grandma showed a rare smile on her face. She picked it up as if she had picked up a baby, repeatedly compared pictures on her fingers, and finally happily stretched out her left hand to me. She asked me shyly, “does it look like a ring?” the wide and thick gold aluminum strip wrapped around grandma’s equally strong middle finger was somewhat abrupt, but it was brilliant. At first glance, it really looked like a ring with some weight.

In a tone of knowing the world, grandma told me that old people wearing gold can not only avoid evil spirits, but also bring good luck.

Evil spirit and luck can be changed with a ring, which is simple and easy. Although I felt funny in my heart, I couldn’t bear to retort when I saw grandma’s faith and joy. I only suggested that she buy herself a ring.

I don’t want grandma to look gloomy after listening to it. During the chat with grandma, I learned that Grandma had died of her husband at a young age. Although the eldest son is married, because he is poor, the relationship between husband and wife has always been bad. She also has a little son who is not married in her thirties.

Modern Story

Looking at Grandma’s sad look, I thought of the Asian gold ring in the drawer, which my father bought for me when traveling. It’s better to give it to grandma. Forget it, she has a little wish.

I took out the box and handed it to grandma. Grandma’s expression completely surprised me. She was frightened and nervous and refused again and again. I told grandma that it was an Asian gold ring, which cost more than ten yuan. Grandma wiped her hands, took them with both hands, moved to the window and put them on the middle finger of her right hand. The sun shines on the ring through the window. Grandma gently stroked the ring again and again, and tears poured out of her eyes.

That summer, the hospital assigned me to study in the provincial capital. A year later, when I returned to my unit, the cleaner had been replaced by a lean and capable old man. The old man is very enthusiastic, but not diligent enough. I asked him if he knew his old grandmother.

“Oh, how pathetic! I don’t know where the old lady got a fake gold ring, but she didn’t admit it was fake, and she had to say that it was the real gold ring she bought with her own money. The eldest daughter-in-law begged for it again and again. Later, somehow she got it from the eldest son, and it was found to be fake. The eldest son threw the ring into the toilet in a rage, and the eldest daughter-in-law scolded the old lady again and made her angry Don’t cheat. The little daughter-in-law who just passed the door insisted that it was a lie made up by the big daughter-in-law to swallow the ring alone. Since then, she has regarded the old lady as a passer-by. ”

The old man also said, “at first, the old lady explained to everyone like Sister Xianglin. Later, she couldn’t speak clearly, and her mind became more and more confused. Her daughter-in-law didn’t care about her, and her son rarely asked.” the old man shook his head and sighed.

I slowly leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes, and replayed the happy look of grandma when she put on the ring again and again in my mind.

Tokano guio once said that there are two things in the world that can’t be looked at directly, one is the sun, the other is human nature. At the moment, the sun is holding me through the window. In the bright light, my heart only feels burning pain. Thirty years later, the ring is still a thorn in the bottom of my heart.

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