Modern Story: A sadder story than sadness

Sometimes, the mood will be like a roller coaster, inevitably ups and downs. However, the so-called happiness and sadness are often only in one thought.

However, there are always people who can’t get out of sadness.

These two days, a high school classmate went to Tibet. Look at what she said. Today, when I came to Hoh Xil, although it was a little anti, I still couldn’t stop her excitement and excitement. Suddenly, I feel a little sad about myself. She replied to me that you can do the same. Worried about this and that, I seem to never reach her realm. Far away, only envy.

Seriously, since high school, I have felt that such a girl will always make her friends around feel envious, not jealous. Like a pistachio, she always makes everyone feel relaxed and carefree. She is just like the winter sunshine. She can’t help but want to get close to us, especially in the dull air. Seriously, I like her very much.

Sometimes, fate is really hard to get rid of. I don’t want to say why Chen and Zhao Mosheng’s cause and effect, because it’s a novel after all. But the next bad things are hard facts.

Modern Story

The girl who grew up together, let’s call her Hui for the time being. Apart from poor grades, it’s really hard to find anything else. Her father is the leader of the village, or the smallest official of the people’s Republic of China. He is not bad, but he likes gambling. It is often said by the older generation in the village that when he was young, he was vigorous and liked to beat his wife. This really makes me look down on him, but it seems to be better these years. I think what he loves most in his life is national essence mahjong. I had some spare money, so I sent it to mahjong square. Hui’s mother is a poor woman, deaf and a little rude. Many of her thoughts still have the color of feudal remnants. Hui also has an unsuccessful brother who was jailed for something last year.

We were the same age. When I was still in college, she married her son. It was just a big banquet, but I didn’t go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a license, because I hadn’t reached the legal age. The marriage object was introduced by her parents. There was no problem with her family. I once looked at her from a distance. She was very short and fat. She really didn’t deserve her slim figure. Of course, if I judge a person only from appearance, it’s that I’m too young and superficial. When she married, the child was five months old. Because her stomach was too big, she should have been married on her back and went out of the house by herself (according to the local custom, the bride usually went out on her brother’s back when she married. If the soles of her feet were stained with the dust of her mother’s house, it would be unlucky). In those years, the family planning investigation in the village was strict, and the eight month old baby was induced into labor. In fact, we all know that although the investigation is strict, if you are willing to spend some money, there is no way out. If the husband’s family doesn’t give up the money, there’s really no way.

Since last year, the rumor that Hui’s husband began to beat her has made a lot of noise. I thought my sister would be favored, but it depends on whose sister it is. Hui’s brother really doesn’t want to say much about his character. He can only sigh that one generation is inferior to another. Every once in a while, he went to his brother-in-law to borrow money. To put it better, it was called borrowing money. To put it worse, it was asking for money. This made her a little embarrassed at her mother’s house.

Hui is actually very filial to her parents. If she has time, she will often bring some food and drink back to her mother’s house. She bought fireworks, firecrackers, new clothes and hats on New Year’s holidays. The house was paperback, and she naturally paid for it.

Later, I heard that Hui was pregnant again, but due to the influence of the last time, she had a habitual abortion and lost her child. She also went to work in other cities. Another year later, I had a son. He was very healthy and lively. To tell the truth, I felt happy and a little sad. It was really contradictory. Sometimes, I think, if I were her, she might not do well.

How to say, people should live like jiuer in Red Sorghum directed by Zhao Baogang. Jiuer is like mature sorghum, growing tall and straight, unyielding and inflexible. There is a father who likes gambling and smoking, and a husband who died after three days of marriage, but she still lives so wonderful, just like the big red sorghum.

Sometimes, don’t you think it’s good to be open?

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