Modern Story: A wolf afraid of sheep

A farmer in China keeps a large flock of sheep. Unfortunately, a few sheep are taken away by nearby wolves from time to time. Over time, the loss of the farm becomes more and more serious. On that day, a zoologist moved in near the farm. When the farmer heard about it, he hurriedly came to the door with a gift for help: “please help me. Don’t let the wolf eat my sheep again!”

A wolf afraid of sheep

“No, you should let the wolf eat the sheep,” said the zoologist seriously. “But you should give it a ‘terrible’ sheep.” the farmer didn’t understand, so the zoologist gave him some tablets and told him. The farmer did so. He first stuffed the tablets into more than a dozen pieces of mutton, and then waited for the opportunity to throw the meat into the wolves. The wolves gathered around and looted, and had a good meal. Soon, the mutton with “material” made the wolves vomit.

A few days later, under the instructions of zoologists, the farmer threw ordinary mutton into the wolves, but the wolves just came up and took a bite and walked away. A few months later, the wolves began to reject their favorite mutton and ignored the living little fat sheep in front of them. The farmer was pleasantly surprised. He thanked the zoologist again and again and said, “you are God! I only know that sheep are afraid of wolves. I didn’t expect to see wolves afraid of sheep with my own eyes!”

Zoologists say: “Humans will like familiar delicacies and are willing to try new foods. However, once they eat what makes them uncomfortable, they will have a very strong sense of rejection when they see this kind of food next time. Wolves, like humans, become timid after a setback. Therefore, the best way to protect sheep from attack is not to stop wolves blindly, but to send them We had an unpleasant meal, an uncomfortable experience. “

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