Modern Story: Attacking with Humor

One day, I was recognized when I went out, and a young man asked me, “Teacher Zhang, do you know me?”

There were quite a lot of people around at the time, so I wanted to find a step for him and, by the way, for myself. So I smiled, nodded my head, did not answer the question directly, and intended to leave.

Attacking with Humor

I didn’t expect him to then ask, “So who do you think I am?”

It was a very awkward scene, what could I say? If I was humorous enough and had enough imagination, I could have said something like, “Haha, it seems you suspect I’m old, right?”

At this point, my humor is an offense.

A college student, who usually talks witty, was working part-time as a salesman when he once went to a newspaper looking for a job, and this is what he asked: “Do you need a talented editor?”

The editorial board replied like this, “No.”

With a humorous attack he then asked, “Do you need a reporter?”

The editorial board replied, “Neither.”

The young man was not frustrated and desperate, he said, “Then you must need this.”

As he said that, he took out a beautiful sign from his purse, which read: “Full, no one is hired at the moment.

This beautiful sign proved that he was a talented man who had created this need, and this humor allowed him to prove that he was a flexible mind.

Humor is so powerful! Of course, humor is not oily; humor has wisdom for its bones.

Business communication is also the same, a little humor at the right time, can keep their interests without hurting the peace. In the case of seemingly nothing to say, you can use humor to attack, such as “of course, you are not interested, I came to you, if you are interested, you would have come to me.” This is also a good way to ease the situation.

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