Modern Story: Bifrost

On June day, the rice in the Tianchou mountain pit on the border between Jiangxi, Fujian and Guangdong was yellow, which was very gratifying. In a few days, the sickle will open and you can taste the new rice.

In the afternoon, the sun is still hot. There was a lot of fog around the west mountain of qilitan in Tingjiang River, spreading upward. The experienced old farmer whispered a few words, suddenly jumped up and shouted, “take the laundry and mountain goods back to the inner room.” the whole village was busy.

The local Hakka proverb is extremely effective, that is, it is going to rain heavily.

Modern Story

An hour or so later, a strong wind blew from the river. It was as tight as a burst. The raindrops were at three o’clock and two o’clock. For a moment, it became a torrential rain and knocked on the roof tiles. Then, the dense and wild rain columns like bamboo poles poured in and kept on, for a long time.

Xiaochuan stream is full, rolling some withered branches and leaves, rushing to Tingjiang River. Qilitan rose sharply, the river was yellow and turbid, and flowed southward.

The rain stopped, the red sun was shining, the air was particularly fresh, and there were clouds in the distant mountains. The farmer walked out of the house in twos and threes and went to the field. He was distressed that the millet fell to the mud. Someone exclaimed, “Tiangong!”

But see an arched ribbon flying across the banks of the Ting River, colorful and beautiful. The sky bow is also called rainbow bridge. It is said in the countryside that lucky people can see seven fairies floating across the bridge.

Sure enough, they saw a group of women coming from Baiyun nunnery, holding hands and walking towards qilitan long bridge.

Whose girl is so free?

They stood on the long bridge and faced the rainbow. They were fascinated and jumped down one by one.

“Oh!” the farmers exclaimed and rushed to the river to save people.

The water hit three feet and there was no trace. Where can there be their shadow in such a big water?

After sighing, the farmers asked about these people.

The news soon came back that they were pilgrims who went to Baiyun nunnery to pray and return their vows. They were from Linchuan, a neighboring county.

duty-bound to defend the territory of one ‘s country. Li Zheng dared not neglect what happened on the boundary of qilitan and immediately reported it to the magistrate of Wuyi County.

The county magistrate’s surname is Tang, a surname from Dapu, Guangdong Province. When he was born, he traveled along the Han River and Ting River, lingered on Qili beach for many days, and wrote a farewell poem. One of the sentences is “Qili beach has good scenery, and white clouds fly in front of the West Mountain”.

Tangzhi County received the report and only got promoted immediately and issued a token. Lao pan, the head Constable of the express team, immediately led the capable constables to set out and arrest the female nun of Baiyun nunnery.

Baiyun nunnery is a small nunnery. There are two teachers and disciples. They don’t burn incense on weekdays. They make a living by renting several Mu nunnery fields at the foot of the mountain. The Abbot’s Dharma name is Miaoyu. While meditating and chanting scriptures, he loves to care about flowers and plants. Although the small nunnery is simple, it has sparse flowers and trees, which is quite elegant.

“Wei Wu”

In the county government hall, the left and right government servants hit the ground with water and fire sticks.

Miaoyu was escorted to the hall.

“Patter!” a sudden sound of alarm.

Miaoyu and Tang Zhixian had a face-to-face meeting and were stunned in a twinkling: “is it you?”

Tang Zhixian sneered and threw down the physical evidence.

The physical evidence is seven small puppets captured from Baiyun nunnery, with iron needles all over their bodies. This is an evil spell, which is used to murder money and life.

Miaoyu is hard to argue. She only says that this matter has nothing to do with Xiaotu. Tangzhi county has a mirror hanging high and releases Xiaoni in court.

“Doom.” Miaoyu sighed and pleaded guilty.

The case was reported and sentenced to death.

Such a strange case spread all over the eight counties of Tingzhou and became a hot topic of street talk.

There are two constables in Wuyi County Yamen. The chief is Lao pan and the deputy is Lao Qiu. Lao pan is a layman disciple of Southern Shaolin. He entered the “six gates” after playing wooden man lane and is good at using mountain knife; Lao Qiu was born in a local farming family. He practiced Hakka boxing. He played tricks with his master Tieguan Dao and wandered the Jianghu for many years. He is very famous. He also used a knife, a wild goose feather knife. Why did you become a Constable? Lao Qiu said, “I just can’t stand evil spirits. If evil spirits are not eliminated, my teeth itch.”

Lao Qiu was very upset recently. When he broke into Baiyun nunnery that day, he had a lot of doubts. The express brothers escorted nun to the courtyard of the nunnery. Lao pan pointed to a sweet scented osmanthus tree, ordered Li Zheng to dig, and seized seven puppets on the spot. By this mutation, Nuni couldn’t speak.

“When did your old pan come up with a clever plan?”

Lao pan patted Lao Qiu on the shoulder and whispered, “the secret of heaven.” then he turned and shouted, “sealed. No one is allowed to enter the nunnery without permission!”

What is the secret of heaven?

Lao Qiu invited Lao pan to drink in Linjiang building.

When several bowls of wine were burned down, Lao pan chattered endlessly: “I Lao pan came out and solved hundreds of cases. Everyone in Tingzhou, Ganzhou and Jiaying Prefecture gave a thumbs up and said hello. Jianghu friends are going to put gold on my Lao Pan’s face. They can’t stop it…” these words, Lao pan often said Chang Xin, and Lao Qiu’s ears are about to hear a cocoon.

When asked about the rainbow case, Lao pan seemed really drunk, gossiping and confused.

Lao Pan said, put his hand on Lao Qiu’s shoulder, pinched it, and said with a smile, “brother Qiu has a good body. It’s time to find a daughter-in-law.”

A green headed fly buzzed around the dish, which was disgusting.

Suddenly there was a flash of light, and the green headed fly stained on the mountain knife. Lao pan pulled down a menu on the wall, wiped the blade slowly, turned his head and spit out a mouthful of thick phlegm.

Click, cut the mountain knife into the scabbard.

Lao Pan said, “it seems that brother Qiu never gives a knife when he catches people, but he doesn’t leave his body. Is it a good picture?”

Lao Qiu smiled: “elder brother’s magic skills, younger brother doesn’t dare to make a fool of himself.”

The wine was enjoyed until the red sun went west.

The next day, Lao Qiu asked Tang Zhixian for a three-day leave on the grounds that he would go home to see his mother. Tangzhi County said, “yes, filial piety comes first. You go early and return early. Wuyi is located at the border of the three provinces. There are many things.”

Lao Qiu hurried to qilitan and looked back and forth along the river. The villagers’ witness dictated nothing new. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. There’s no clue.

On the third day, near the end of the day, the scorching sun moved west. Lao Qiu walked out of Baiyun nunnery, walked along the mountain stone road to the river, climbed the hillside and was thirsty. Halfway down the mountain, there is a flat ground, and a clear spring seeps from the stone wall. Here flowers are in full bloom and butterflies are flying. From a distance, the Tingjiang River winds away like a ribbon.

Lao Qiu approached the spring. There is something flashing in the sun. It’s a silver hairpin. Picked up and looked closely, there was a faint black mark. Lao Qiu looked around and saw clusters of snow-white honeysuckle. Datura is also called Datura. Its petals are dried and powdered, which is a Mongolian medicine. The whole plant is poisonous, especially the rhizome. The spring water flows through the root of soaked honeysuckle for a long time. If you drink it, you will have an illusion.

If the silver hairpin is really the property of those women, then most of the rainbow case has nothing to do with Baiyun nunnery.

A dark shadow fell into the pool.

Lao Qiu raised his head, facing the windward position, stood Lao pan holding a mountain knife. Lao pan looked cold, like a stranger.

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