Modern Story: Bravery

One day, three admirals, the Army, the Marines and the Navy, got together. They argued about whose army was better and whose soldiers were the bravest!

After drinking two or three cups of iced tea, the Admiral announced to the group, “My SEALs soldiers are the best in the world. To prove it, I’m going to call one of my soldiers on a seemingly impossible mission.” When he finished, he took out his phone.


Bravely listening to the admiral’s words, the other two commanders were not impressed. So the three admirals immediately called in their best soldiers.

When the three soldier representatives were ordered to arrive, the Admiral jumped in and said, “Since it was my idea, I should be first in line.” With that, he turned to the SEAL soldier and ordered, “I order you to walk down that cliff, swim across that ten-mile stretch of water frequented by sharks, and climb up that steep cliff across the way and bring me back two bird eggs …… intact, of course.”

The trained Navy SEAL turned and ran to that cliff. After completing a triple jump into the water, he fought his way across ten miles, fending off all the sharks with his bare hands as he swam, and reached the cliff on the opposite bank before beginning to climb. Climbing near the cliff, he grabbed two bird’s eggs and began to retreat backward, withdrawing while fighting with his bare hands against the raptors that were circling overhead. After reaching the shore, he jumped into the sea again, fought off the vicious sharks once more, and then climbed the first cliff. Finally, he ran up to the admiral and handed him two intact bird eggs.

Seeing this, the Marine Admiral said disdainfully, “That’s nothing.” Then turning to the soldier of the Marine Corps’ Strong Reconnaissance Company, he gave the order, “I order you to walk down that cliff, swim across that ten-mile stretch of water frequented by sharks, climb up the opposite cliff, then walk through that four-mile stretch of jungle that is not even marked on the map, and bring me back two bird eggs from that mountain across the jungle.”

Upon hearing this order, the Marine promptly led the way. He walked off the cliff, crossed the ocean, climbed over the opposite cliff, crossed the jungle, then grabbed two bird eggs and retreated backwards. Along the way, he fought off lions, tigers, bears, sharks and raptors. Finally, he came to the Marine admiral and handed him the two intact bird eggs.

At this point, the Marine admiral stood up and said, “Very good, gentlemen. However, I want you to see what true bravery is.” With that, he turned to his best airborne infantryman and instructed him, “I order you to walk down this cliff, cross the ocean, climb up the cliff on the other side, go through four miles of jungle, cross that big mountain, and grab me two bird eggs from the forest on the other side of the mountain.”

The airborne infantryman looked at the Army admiral, then at the cliffs in front of him, then turned to the admiral and said angrily, “Go to hell, sir!” Then he saluted and sauntered away.

The army admiral turned to the two stunned generals and said with a smile, “See, gentlemen, that’s called bravery!”

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