Modern Story: Bug turns into a rainbow butterfly

The bug was bored and lying on the tree, she didn’t know what her future would be like, she felt very confused.

A dragonfly flew by and said, “Bug, you’re really ugly, I’ve never seen such an ugly bug like you.”

The dragonfly proudly flew past the bug, and the bug was sad to hear that because it did not have a pair of beautiful wings like the dragonfly.

Auntie Leaf saw it and said, “Worm, you can have a pair of beautiful wings like the dragonfly.”
“Do you mean that I will have a pair of wings too?” The worm did not believe his ears.
Auntie Leaf said with certainty, “Yes.”

The worm looked back to the left and right, but where was the sign that he had wings? Auntie Leaf must be reassuring herself.

Auntie Leaf said, “To grow a pair of beautiful wings, you have to endure a period of loneliness and pain, so that you can learn to think and become strong, can you understand?”

Worm nodded, although she seemed to understand Auntie Leaf’s words, she believed that the kind Auntie Leaf would not lie to her.

Bug turns into a rainbow butterfly

Worm began to build her own little house, she wrapped herself up, not caring about the colorful world outside, she didn’t look at anything, she didn’t listen to anything.
The sun shone warmly on her little house, and the wind blew over and said, “Bug, are you lonely?”

“No, I am happy because my heart is full of hope and I believe I will grow a beautiful pair of wings.”

The wind nodded and gave her lots of books, and then left.

Worm began to read in her little house, and she took every word and phrase into her heart.

Suddenly one day it rained very, very hard, and Bug’s little house swayed on the branches of a tree, and with a flash of lightning, it fell to the ground.

“Hmmm… Hmmm…” Bug was knocked unconscious by the fall.

When Bug opened her eyes, she saw a rainbow in front of her so beautiful in the sunlight.

The rainbow said, “Little butterfly, come and play with me.”

The insect did not understand the rainbow’s words, and she looked at the rainbow in confusion.

The rainbow continued to say to her, “Come and be my guest in my house, sister butterfly.”

In a small voice, Bug asked, “Well …. Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, beautiful little butterfly.” The rainbow waved to her.

The bug was ashamed, and she thought to herself, “How could I have climbed on the rainbow? The rainbow must have made a mistake.”

Suddenly a gust of wind blew, the bug felt itself flying, she looked behind her and saw that she had grown a pair of multicolored wings.

She flew and flew, and flew to the rainbow.

The rainbow said, “You now have a new name, Rainbow Butterfly.”

“Rainbow Butterfly, I like that name.” Worm was so happy that she saw her little house had fallen to the ground and blended into the dirt.

The rainbow butterfly flew into the orchard and saw that the little bees were very diligent and were spreading pollen, and hurriedly did their work with them.

They sang a happy song together and were busy in the fruit trees, among the flowers, and Auntie Leaves was laughing in the trees.

But she began to tell the story to other bugs “There is a beautiful rainbow butterfly, she was once a small bug, for the dream, she endured loneliness and pain, through the wind and rain, and finally turned into a beautiful rainbow butterfly.”

Children, do you know? The life of a butterfly needs to go through four stages: egg, larva, chrysalis and adult. After a butterfly larva hatches from an egg, it first eats the egg shell and then goes on to eat plants and grows rapidly. This period of time for the larval stage of the butterfly, the shape of a caterpillar, about half a month or so, after the growth of the larva will choose the location to spit silk, fixed body, leg skin into a chrysalis, chrysalis generally after a few days will become a beautiful butterfly, also called adult.

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