Modern Story: More chaos and retreat from the enemy

During the Northern Song Dynasty, one day, thousands of scattered soldiers and Youyong from Hou Shu, led by the general, came to attack Zizhou city while the moon was dark and the wind was high.?

There are only 300 soldiers guarding the city of Zizhou, and there is a great gap between the two sides. In order to boost morale, Feng Zan, governor of Zizhou, shouted to the officers and soldiers and the people in the city: “don’t be afraid, as long as it’s dawn, our reinforcements will arrive.”

Modern Story: More chaos and retreat from the enemy

Then, Feng Zan calmly dispatched soldiers to guard the city gates, and collected some strong people to help defend the city on the city wall. However, the scattered soldiers of houshu are numerous and fierce. The soldiers guarding the city and the people are afraid that they will not last long, so they all hope that the day will light up and the reinforcements will come soon.

The first watch sounded, the second watch sounded, and the third watch sounded… Finally, the soldiers and people guarding the city heard the sound of gongs and bangs on the fifth watch, and they cheered: “it’s the fifth watch, the day is about to dawn, and our reinforcements are coming!” and the houshu scattered soldiers under the city were originally a mob. Now they are in chaos when they hear that the morale in the city has greatly increased, The offensive also weakened sharply. Seeing that the time had come, Feng Zan ordered an immediate counterattack and finally successfully repulsed the enemy.

At this time, the garrison soldiers and the people wondered: “the fifth watch has been knocked, why isn’t it light yet?” Feng Zan said with a smile: “it’s only the third watch now, it’s still early before dawn!” everyone didn’t know. Therefore, one of Feng Zan’s men explained: “Lord Feng ordered the watchman to beat each watch in advance, so now it’s the third watch.”

It suddenly dawned on everyone: “it was Lord Feng who scared off the enemy soldiers in houshu and saved the people in our city!”

In times of crisis, those who are good at attacking the heart often win.

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