Modern Story: Reviewing the case

That month, the country people lived in a tight life. They lived in all kinds of thatched houses, adobe walls and thatched roofs. Not only are the walls made of mud, but also the joints are made of mud. Mud ridges and walls are still made of mud. A house can’t live without mud from top to bottom. Masons came into being, and sun Youcai of Huangtuwa is one of the best.

Anyone who can be called a “craftsman” has some skills, such as carpenter, blacksmith, barber, etc. Sun Youcai is called a bricklayer. He has nothing to do with mud and weighing mud. The key is to do technical work such as building walls, lining walls, thatching, mud ridges and so on. He can not only do well, but also convince the public. This reputation is not blown out, it’s all boiled out. At first, he was also a small worker, working with mud, weighing mud, moving blank… Working and boiling, and finally he was qualified to weigh tile knives and wipe mud. Tile knives and mud plasters are necessary tools for masons to “eat”. Being able to balance tile knives and plaster mud means that you are a big worker, or a craftsman, and you can lead the work, that is, you are a convinced leader.

Reviewing the case

Sun Youcai has become a pastry. Whoever wants to build a house has to make an appointment in advance. If he is late, he will be invited away by others. He led ten or twenty small workers to outsource their work in the village. Who and mud, who moved the blank, paved in order. The house was built quickly, the quality was good, the owner was satisfied, the wine was prepared abundantly, and sun Youcai and the small workers drank happily.

Once, sun Youcai was asked by Tong San of shiligang to build a house. When digging the foundation, Tong San’s neighbor stopped him and said that Tong San didn’t leave enough to seal the road. In the countryside, enough roads should be reserved for building houses. Sun Youcai tried to persuade each other, but the two families did not give in to each other. Sun Youcai suddenly stood between the two families and said loudly: “Have you two heard of the story of ‘Liuchi lane’? During the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, there was a great scholar named Zhang Ying. One day, Zhang Ying received a letter from her family saying that her family had quarreled with her neighbor over a three foot wide homestead and asked him to use his power to get through and win the lawsuit. Zhang Ying smiled after reading the letter, and then replied with a poem: a thousand miles of books are only a wall. Why don’t you let him three feet? Ten thousand miles long The city is still here today, but the first emperor of Qin is gone. After receiving the letter, the family understood the truth and took the initiative to give up three feet of homestead. When the neighbors met, they also gave up three feet, which became the “six feet lane”. As the old saying goes, it is better to give way to each other for thousands of years. ”

After hearing this, Tong San and his neighbors were a little uncomfortable. Tong San immediately moved the foundation in. The neighbor also said that in the future, his house will be built and enough roads will be closed. In this way, a mechanical fight was resolved by sun Youcai.

“Brother Cai, the mason, is tall!”

“Talented, really talented! You have nothing to say about his two families. It’s called the plasterer’s mud wipe – two faces.”

“This is leadership. If Cai Ge becomes the team leader and party secretary, no one will have a problem if he can do things well.”

People praised sun Youcai one after another.

Later, sun Youcai really became a secretary.

When sun Youcai was building a house for others, he accidentally rolled down from the roof and broke his leg. After several months of treatment, his bones grew well, but he became lame and could no longer climb up the roof. Later, when the group secretary was old, he recommended sun Youcai, who had prestige and leadership ability, as the Secretary, and the commune agreed.

Sun Youcai, who became a branch secretary, really used the “mud Plaster” in his hand skillfully and smoothed the “wall”.

That day, Dacui and ER Mei’s sister-in-law came to sun Youcai for an egg. It turned out that they lived in the same yard. Her sister-in-law Dacui lived in the main room and ER Mei lived in the east room. Their chicken nests were side by side at the root of the west wall. The two families have been unhappy for several years. Dacui touched an egg in the buttocks of Luhua chicken in the morning, but came home from the ground at noon and found that the chicken nest was empty. It was expected that the egg was stolen by Er Mei Take it. Dacui scolds. Er Mei goes up and pulls off a lock of Dacui’s hair.

As soon as sun Youcai heard this, he had a number in his heart: “in order to make the case fair, I have to look at the scene first.”

Sun Youcai came to Da Cui’s and ER Mei’s house and walked around the yard. Er Mei quickly took out her egg basket for sun Youcai to see: “secretary, my hen laid red eggs and her hen laid white eggs. Do you see any white eggs in my egg basket?”

“You two are fair and fair. I’ll convene a branch committee to break the case.” after saying that, sun Youcai left with his back.

After a day of no news, er Mei went to the brigade department to inquire. Sun Youcai said, “I’m going to your house to solve the case.”

Sun Youcai took the first class of the Party branch committee to ER Mei’s house. Er Mei flustered to hand over cigarettes and pour tea. The Party branch committee members talked and laughed without mentioning the egg. When they said that it was getting dark, the polling director exaggerated and stretched his waist: “I’m starving. Withdraw and talk about it tomorrow.” Sun Youcai said, “don’t worry.” Er Mei’s husband saw the clue with Zhu and quickly asked Er Mei to cook. One plate of scrambled eggs, one plate of cucumber, and one basin of hand rolled noodles.

“It’s getting late. It’s time to withdraw this time.” the polling director burped. Sun Youcai stood up and said to ER Mei, “don’t look at an egg. You have to break it clearly. You can’t let your family carry the black pot. Continue to break the egg case tomorrow.”

The next afternoon, sun Youcai really brought a group of people to ER Mei’s house. While drinking tea and smoking, he chatted and didn’t talk about business. Er Mei had to fry eggs, pat cucumbers and greet them to dinner. After dinner, sun Youcai still said, “it’s not an egg. Although the egg is small and has a great reputation, we must break the case.”

On the third day, sun Youcai sat in Ermei’s house on time… Half a basket of eggs came to the bottom. Ermei was so distressed that she said to her husband, “if you want to come back tomorrow, you have to buy eggs.” Sui Zhu frowned and became a pimple: “why don’t they go to my sister-in-law’s house? They came to our house for several days without mentioning eggs… Bad, this is sun Youcai humiliating us.”

Er Mei and his wife were so ashamed that they immediately came to the main room. Er Mei slapped herself in the face and recognized her mistake with snot and tears. When Dacui saw it, she took Er Mei’s hand: “good sister, we kiss our family. We can’t hurt our brothers and sisters in law for an egg. In the future, we’ll kiss our family.”

In fact, er Mei and his wife don’t know that sun Youcai has criticized and educated Da Cui.

On the dinner field, the polling director said vividly: “our secretary is worthy of being a mason. He can keep out the walls of Dacui and Ermei without any effort!”

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