Modern Story: Sheep’s sense of crisis

Once upon a time, a shepherd grazed a flock of sheep in a cold place in the north.

At first, the temperature was more suitable for the survival of sheep. They lived a more comfortable life and gradually formed a habit of not moving.

Sheep's sense of crisis

Winter came, the temperature dropped sharply, the cold climate made the sheep unable to adapt, and many sheep were frozen to death.

The shepherd felt very sad. In order to make the sheep survive better, he racked his brains and finally came up with a seemingly terrible method: put a few wolves where the sheep live.

The sheep felt the crisis of survival and kept running to prevent the attack of wolves. Such running effectively prevented the cold erosion. Under the threat of wolves, fewer sheep died than before.

Marketing implication:

Crisis awareness is the umbrella of enterprise development. In the world, managers of many enterprises often consciously create crises, take practical actions to enhance employees’ crisis awareness and mobilize their enthusiasm to the greatest extent. From this fable, it is not difficult to see that sometimes crises can make us survive better. The same is true for a marketing enterprise. Only by implementing the crisis awareness into action, can it not be swallowed up by comfort and comfort, and can it survive better and achieve faster development.

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