Modern Story: Ten thousand days for one day’s unhappiness

My old friend Zhengfeng told me that he could finally retire.

Ah? I can’t help looking in the mirror. He’s about my age. He’s retiring? So fast? Zhengfeng, once a young talent, has retired

“After 25 years, I can finally bear to get a pension!” a relaxed smile appeared on his tired face. “I really hate this job and can finally leave!”

Sorry, I can’t disclose what kind of job he did. I can only say that he also tried hard to get in the exam. His hatred is purely personal.

I still asked him how much pension he could get. That’s not good. To be honest, if it’s in Taiwan, it’s really difficult to retire without NT $30 million in terms of average life expectancy. He can only get one tenth of that.

“So what do you want to do after retirement?” I asked.

Modern Story

“I didn’t expect to have a rest first,” he said. “In short, after I am free, I will have a lot of my own time.”

Japanese friend Xiao Xi is distressed by one thing – her mother also handed out her “resignation” the day before her father retired. She wants a divorce.

According to Japan’s new divorce law, if you get married long enough, you can get half of your husband’s annuity! Since then, divorce has been very popular in recent years, and nearly 80% of divorce requests have been submitted by women!

Little Xiben thought they were still a loving couple. Dad is seldom at home because of his busy business, and he seldom talks at home. He usually comes back with a red face and falls asleep; Mother has always been a dutiful housewife, always polite to her father, and never complained about her father face to face.

“Unexpectedly, my mother said that she has endured the days when her father has been regarded as air for 30 years! When we grow up, she wants to live her own life!”

These two examples, one is retirement and the other is divorce. They are different, but they have something in common.

One endured for 9000 days and the other endured for more than 10000 days – they were strong because of some “have to” reason.

Zhengfeng is reluctant to give up a socially recognized iron rice bowl. Xiaoxi’s mother, who is a full-time housewife, is worried about her children and will lose economic supply for a while after leaving.

They are not cases. There are many people waiting for retirement, and there are many partners who secretly want to be free when they are old.

Is it worth it?

If we have a little concept of cost, let’s take a look at these two things. We know that it’s not worth it at all!

For one day, I endured ten thousand days, and I was unhappy for ten thousand days!

Is patience the only thing to do in the process? If he tries to change his attitude to love this job, will the result be different? If she is willing to communicate more, can she wake up her husband who is more insensitive?

Think of some positive ways to make yourself happy, rather than close yourself up and endure.

If you try to change your mind and can’t love this job and this person, you shouldn’t bear 10000 days. It’s time to go. Don’t live up to your own time or the other party’s time. That job will find more suitable people, and he also has the opportunity to find someone who can accompany him to die early. This is a responsible way.

No matter what you do, you should still have the concept of cost, especially the concept of time cost. Wasting time is worse than wasting money.

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