Modern story: the little old man of the paper fan

In this tour group, there is a really insignificant little old man. His hair is gray, his face is thin, and his clothes are cheap and old, but they are relatively neat and clean.

When he got in and out of the car, he took a paper fan, unfolded from time to time and shook it gently against his cheek. That paper fan was also a product of the mid-20th century. The little old man’s accent is a typical Shanghai Mandarin. When asked, it’s from Chuansha, Pudong. Every time the little old man said two words, he would gently shake the paper fan.

On the third day in Paris, the team had a big dispute over whether to go to outlets or Versailles. Originally, group shopping was arranged. Unexpectedly, several women temporarily proposed to give up visiting the palace of Versailles and increase shopping activities. When everyone expressed their opinions, Chuansha little old man still gently shook the paper fan, pursed his mouth, said nothing, and looked out of the window as if nothing had happened.

The team finally decided to go to outlets in the suburbs. The guide reminded everyone again and again on the bus that there are many pickpockets there. Be careful with your wallet.

Several group members wandered around at will, and the little old man was among them. After a while, he went into a shop, went out of the door, and wandered across the door.

After visiting a clothing store for more than 20 minutes, a group friend Xiaoshan who was shopping in the store looked gray and eagerly caught up with him, saying that his backpack had been stolen. Everyone has seen that backpack. It’s blue and green. He hangs around his neck and on his chest every time. It’s well protected because there are everyone’s passports and a temporary fund for team activities. It’s a big deal. Everyone’s heart is hanging.

Xiaoshan said that he took a fancy to a jacket, put the bag at his feet, took off his coat and tried to dress. It took dozens of seconds. The jacket was still wrapped around him, and the backpack was gone.

Modern story

The little old man asked calmly, “how long has it happened?”

Xiao Shan said, “just a moment ago.”

Everyone, look at me, I look at you, all at a loss. The little single who lost his bag also looked frightened.

At this time, I heard the little old man say in a low voice in his Shanghai Chuansha Mandarin: “look at the door, Xiaoshan, go to the salesperson and ask her to call the police for inspection.”

There were not many customers in the store, nor were there few. The little ticket talked for a long time at the fat conductor. The conductor just symbolically helped the little ticket to look at the bag loss place, shrugged and said there was nothing to do. The tour guide also came and argued with the conductor again and again. The salesperson hung up slowly.

Three minutes later, a man with armbands came. He listened to Xiaoshan and asked Xiaoshan to go out with him. Xiao Shan couldn’t make up his mind and looked for something. When the man was urging him, the little old man blocked in front. He asked the guide to translate for him and insisted on the police to check and adjust the surveillance camera. He said he noticed that there was surveillance here. The man shook his head and said that none of them had the right to watch the surveillance unless the police agreed.

After a long standoff, the customers in the store began to stir up. The little old man suddenly picked up a clothes hanger and smashed it at the cashier. The alarm sounded suddenly, and a group of police officers and security guards quickly entered the store and blocked the entrance and exit.

They took the little old man and the guide inside. A few minutes later, the police began to check. The backpack was found under the chair in a fitting room. Obviously, it had not been opened or even transferred in time. Everything was there.

The little old man was taken by the police for questioning for a long time, and everyone was talking. He came back unscathed. Someone asked him, “what do you do? You’re so good.”

The little old man’s nose was buzzing, the paper fan shook gently, and said calmly on his face, “I’m just a retired policeman, very ordinary, nothing.”

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