Modern Story: The professor was beaten

After returning from studying in Japan, Liu Wendian engaged in research and teaching work such as collation of ancient books at Tsinghua University. He is arrogant, rebellious and puts on great airs on weekdays. Once, he heard that there were a large number of Buddhist scriptures in Xiangshan temple in Xishan, Beijing, so he wanted to consult the materials. However, the rules in the temple are strict. Non Buddhist disciples are not allowed to borrow, and they should wash their hands and clean the case when looking at it, sit upright and turn the pages with special bamboo strips. Because Liu Wendian was a well-known scholar and the monks in the temple admired him, they made an exception and allowed him to borrow Buddhist scriptures on the premise that they should abide by the regulations.

Modern Story: The professor was beaten

Liu Wendian patted his chest and agreed. After borrowing the Scriptures, he read them hungrily. The monk saw that he was engaged and the rules were a little good, so he left safely. But Liu Wendian didn’t sleep well the night before. He was soon tired. When he saw that there was a bed in the room, he lay down and looked. Soon he fell asleep and his scriptures fell to the ground. The returning monk ran into this scene and immediately became angry and denounced him for “breaking his word”. Liu Wendian was awakened by the curse. Before he got up, he was beaten by the monk. He was wrong first and didn’t dare to resist. He had to be chased and beaten, and his old look disappeared. Seeing Liu Wendian’s embarrassed appearance, the monk couldn’t help laughing. They shook hands and made peace. Later, they became friends.

As a famous professor, being chased and beaten by a monk is a very shameless thing, but Liu Wendian bravely admitted his fault and said that he was worth being beaten because he learned the truth that his commitment needs to be observed.

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