Tales from Modern China: Buried gold

There is a rich man named Zhao Fugui in Fengcheng new town. Although he has thousands of mu of land and more than a dozen tile roofed houses, he is still not satisfied. He always wants to make more money. He is really greedy and falls into the eye of money.

When he settled accounts after autumn this year, he found that his family’s harvest was hundreds of kilograms worse than that in previous years. He was not reassured. He just said that his family was in decline. He was busy inviting a Feng Shui gentleman to see him and wanted to transfer.

Buried gold

Mr. Feng Shui turned around the town for three times, looked at the Zhao family’s land five times, counted it for a while, looked into the Yingshui River and asked, “has this river changed?” Zhao Fugui thought about it, nodded and said that it has indeed changed. When he was young, one year, Yingshui river was flooded. The county magistrate organized people to control the water. He found a sharp bend blocking the waterway, so he cut it straight. Feng Shui nodded and said, “that’s right. The river has changed, but your ancestral grave has not changed, so it has declined.”

Zhao Fugui was busy asking, “Sir, how should my ancestral grave be changed?” Mr. Feng Shui was silent. Zhao Fugui was busy taking out a ingot of silver and stuffed it into him. Mr. Feng Shui planned his ancestral grave again, which was a lucky day. Thanks to Zhao Fugui.

The two left their ancestral graves and went home together for dinner.

As he was walking, Mr. Feng Shui suddenly stopped when he saw a piece of land on the side of the road, looked at it again, nodded and whispered, “bury the gold land, bury the gold land! It’s a pity to be deserted.” he didn’t make a sound. Zhao Fugui didn’t hear it very clearly. He approached and asked, “what is Mr. Feng Shui talking about?” Mr. Feng Shui was busy waving his hand and said, “I think you’re in a trance. Don’t take it seriously.” after he said, Just walk away. Zhao Fugui thought to himself, it’s not so easy to deceive me!

After moving his ancestral grave, Zhao Fugui thought about Mr. Feng Shui’s words wholeheartedly. He stood on the ground, thinking about the situation at that time, as well as the tone and mouth shape of Mr. Feng Shui’s speech. After thinking about it for five or six days, he finally got it right. Mr. Feng Shui is talking about “burying gold”! Is there gold buried in the ground? Zhao Fugui was very excited because this land belonged to his family.

He ran home and called some long-term workers to dig the land. Liu yunqi, the long-term foreman, quit the job and said, “boss, you don’t do anything like this. We’ve been busy for a year, hard and tired. It’s time to rest in winter. A few days ago, you said to move our ancestral tombs, but we didn’t say anything. We worked for several days. You said today that we were going to dig land. It’s a tiring job. Do you want to increase the salary if you add work?” The long-term workers also shouted. Zhao Fugui was distressed when he heard that he wanted to add money, but in order to dig out gold, he bit his teeth and said, “add, add!”

When he was willing to increase money, the long-term workers stopped refusing and came to the ground. Liu yunqi asked, “master, how do you dig?” the land is on the side of the road. It looks good, but it’s strange that nothing grows and the seeds can’t be collected. Of course, Zhao Fugui didn’t do the business of losing money, so he abandoned the land and covered it with weeds. He told the long-term workers to dig from one end to knee deep. As soon as Liu yunqi waved his hand, the long-term workers dug up.

Liu yunqi is a crop master. He can find out the secret of any work. Doing well can save some effort. When he understood what Zhao Fugui meant, he thought of a good way to dig deeply, that is, starting from one end of the ground, set aside a few houses so large and dig them layer by layer. Several layers of soil have been dug down, and there are large and small gravel below. Everyone is very strange: Fengcheng is a plain. Where did so many stones come from? Moreover, these stones look like processed residual stones. Zhao Fugui was very excited. Under the stone, there must be a treasure. What Mr. Feng Shui said is true. He said to the long-term workers, “then dig down and double the salary!”

As soon as they heard that the salary doubled, the long-term workers suddenly had the strength to carry stones out. Until dusk, the long-term workers were so tired that they couldn’t work any more. The stones in the pit hadn’t been moved yet. Zhao Fugui was afraid that the baby below would be stolen at night, so he moved the quilt from home and asked Liu yunqi to watch with him. Other long-term workers went back to bed first.

Liu yunqi was very curious and quietly asked him, “boss, what’s in this land? You need to watch!” Zhao Fugui can’t tell him that there is gold buried. He can only be careless and dig it out. Liu yunqi didn’t ask any more. After a hard day’s work, he was already tired and snored when he lay down. Zhao Fugui stared at the pit with wide eyes and didn’t fall asleep until the second half of the night.

In the next few days, the long-term workers continued to carry stones out. Finally, the stone was finished, and the soil was exposed below. Zhao Fugui also asked the long-term workers to dig down. I dug knee deep again, and there was dead soil below. I kept seeping up, and soon became a puddle. I couldn’t dig any more. Zhao Fugui had to ask the long-term workers to fill the pit and dig next to each other.

After digging for two months, the long-term workers finally finished digging the land, but nothing was dug out except the pile of broken stones. Zhao Fugui’s teeth itched: “good, Mr. Feng Shui, how dare you lie to me!” but on second thought, people didn’t tell him about the land at all. They just talked about it themselves. He heard a few words and guessed it. It’s really unclear what Mr. Feng Shui said and whether it was “buried in gold”. In addition, he didn’t give people money or invite them to have a serious look. It’s not a lie. Bai tossed about for more than two months and got so much money, Zhao Fugui regretted to death. At the thought of salary, his eyes turned and an idea suddenly came up, and he was secretly proud.

In niangen’er, according to the rules, it is necessary to pay the long-term workers. Other long-term workers took the completion money and left. When they arrived at Liu yunqi, Zhao Fugui shared it with both hands and said, “yunqi, this year’s harvest is bad, and I have no money.” Liu yunqi was worried: “boss, you can’t do this. I worked hard for a year and can’t get the money back. My family can eat and drink what?” Zhao Fugui said: “I’ll give you a piece of land!”

Liu Yun thought about it and felt that he still had a piece of land at home, so he nodded. Zhao Fugui found a guarantor, wrote down the document for the land, signed the pledge, and then gave the land deed to Liu yunqi. Liu yunqi returned home with the title deed. Zhao Fugui saved more than ten liang of silver and stole music again.

Liu yunqi borrowed money and food from relatives and friends. At least this year passed. As soon as the year was over, he went to see the land and thought about what to grow. Years ago, together with the long-term workers, he turned over the ground. The stones dug out from the ground were piled aside and not filled back into the ground. The field is also mixed with raw soil and cooked soil, and there are many broken stones. It is estimated that they can’t grow well. Liu yunqi secretly hates his ignorance. What do you want to do with this broken land.

At this time, a woman suddenly came out from behind a pile of stones while holding her pants. When she saw Liu yunqi, she was startled. Then she smiled awkwardly, blushed and walked quickly. Liu yunqi understood that it was convenient for the woman to go behind the stone. From the new town to the county town, it is a must pass. There are many people coming and going, but there is no toilet. Some people are in a hurry, so they have to find a shelter behind. It’s easy to say in summer. There are many crops everywhere, but it’s miserable in winter. It can’t cover it. It can kill the big girl and little daughter-in-law. This stone pile is the best choice. He thought that instead of letting everyone scatter and pull behind the stones, he might as well build two latrines to save the crops from being ruined in the future.

There are land and stones, but it’s easy to do without a top. Liu Yun ran to the wild forest in Beiwa, cut back many branches, and ran to the Yingshui River to cut reeds and weave bamboos. When everything was ready, he called a few friends and began to work boldly. Five days later, a stone toilet was built.

In the Spring Festival, Liu yunqi went to Zhao Fugui’s house to look for work. Zhao Fugui asked him in a strange way, “you have land at home. What work do you do for my family?” Liu yunqi said: “the land is full of raw soil and gravel, and can’t grow many crops. If you don’t work, my family will starve to death.” Zhao Fugui was even more proud. Look, he was smart enough to exchange the land that doesn’t grow at all, Saved more than ten liang of silver. Knowing that Liu yunqi was capable, he left him behind.

Liu yunqi had no hope for the land, so he took the time sooner or later, simply leveled it, and then planted sorghum. How much can it grow. However, there are many people going to the toilet. He often has to pick up feces. That day, he went to pick up dung again. A man was watching him do it. He smiled: “brother, what’s good about taking out dung? It’s dirty and smelly!” the man said: “let’s talk when you’re done.”

After taking out the dung, Liu Yun ran to the Yingshui River to wash his hands and face. When he came back, he smiled and asked the man, “what can I say, brother?” the man asked, “this toilet and this land are yours?” Liu Yun nodded at the beginning and told Zhao Fugui about taking the top salary. The man nodded, thumbed up and said, “brother, you are such a kind man. I want to discuss something with you. How about renting you a place?”

The man’s name is Hu Sancheng. He has always made a living by opening a grocery store. When his son was old, he wanted to leave the old grocery store to his son. He opened another one. I chose several places, but I’m not very satisfied. I passed by today and took a fancy to this place. I was just trying to find out whose place it is. Liu yunqi came. It’s fate.

As soon as Liu yunqi heard this, he laughed: “brother, what’s your vision? This place doesn’t have a shop in front of the village and behind. Who can sell your goods?” Hu Sancheng also smiled and said: “Brother, you don’t know anything about business. There was only one way that you can’t open, but if you build this toilet, it’s different. Several people walk in a line, one goes to the toilet, and the rest can only wait outside. When I opened a grocery store, he won’t wait outside. Come in and buy something nice. I’ll make money. Just rent it to you I don’t care about the rest. ”

Looking at the stones, Liu yunqi was still a little worried and said, “these stones were dug out from the ground. I haven’t thought through what’s going on. Won’t it delay your business?” Hu Sancheng looked at the stones, patted his head and said that he had really heard of them. In those years, a corrupt official wanted to embezzle money in the name of building a bridge, so he bought some rotten stones. As a result, the stones broke and could not be used as a bridge. Someone reported the corrupt official. The corrupt official was taken away, the bridge was not built, and the waste stones were stacked beside the road. I don’t know who it was He buried the stones in the ground and sold the land.

Liu yunqi sighed: “there are so many stories in this land.” he also realized that there are so many stones under the soil. No wonder there is no life to plant and no harvest to plant crops. Otherwise, the land will not fall into his hands.

The two agreed that the annual rent was 20 Liang silver.

After signing the papers, Hu Sancheng prepared materials to build a house. Three months later, his grocery store opened. It was really as he expected. The business of the grocery store was good. More people took a fancy to the business here. They asked Liu yunqi to rent land and opened tea sheds, snack shops and fruit stalls. After Liu yunqi rented the land, the vendors went to rent nearby land, build houses and open stores. Soon, here It’s lively. What Liu yunqi has to do is often take out dung to ensure that the toilet is clean.

Seeing that Liu yunqi had a lot of money to start with, it had nothing to do with him. Zhao Fugui regretted that his intestines were going to be green. At this time, he suddenly understood that Mr. Feng Shui’s “burying gold land” could not be said to be all wrong. Whether it was right or wrong depends on who holds it!

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