Tales from modern China: left ear

The night in the ward was very quiet. The old man who used analgesics fell asleep.

The old woman leaned against the old man’s right ear and said, “old man, I’ll help you up and drink fresh millet porridge.”

The old man nodded, “I’m too old and sticky.”

Upon hearing this, the old woman burst into tears. The doctor said that the old man had a malignant tumor in his right ear, which had invaded the brain and ear nerves.

The old man said, “Why are you crying? You’re not willing to cry. Hehe.”

The old woman clung to the old man’s right ear and said, “the doctor said it’s okay. Just cut off the tumor tomorrow.”

The old man said, “after the operation tomorrow, my right ear will be gone.”

Tales from modern China

The old woman burst into tears again. “That’s good. You can’t hear my mother-in-law nagging. After that, your ears will be quiet.”

The next day, the operation lasted more than three hours. After waking up from anesthesia, the old man was pushed back to the ward. He reached out to touch his right ear and touched nothing but gauze. He said weakly, “don’t be afraid, old woman. My right ear is gone and my left ear is listening to you.”

The old woman reddened her eyes and muttered to herself, “silly old man, you’re confused with the anesthetic. You were born deaf in your left ear. I’ve been nagging your right ear all my life.”

The old man smiled happily. His bloodless face was like a white chrysanthemum at the end of autumn.

He said, “silly old woman, I’m not deaf in my left ear. At that time, I fell in love with your disabled girl at the first sight. I don’t say that. Will you marry me?”

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