Tales from Modern China : The king’s seven daughters

The king has seven daughters. The seven beautiful princesses are the pride of the king. Their long black and beautiful hair was well known, so the king gave them each a hundred beautiful hairpins.

One morning, the eldest princess woke up and arranged her hair with a hairpin as usual, but she found that a hairpin was missing, so she secretly went to the second princess’s room and took a hairpin. The second princess found a hairpin missing, so she went to the third princess’s room and took a hairpin; The third princess found a hairpin missing and secretly took one of the fourth princess’s hairpins; The fourth princess did the same and took away the hairpin of the fifth princess; Take away the hairpin of the six princesses like the five princesses; The sixth princess had to take the seventh princess’s hairpin.

The king's seven daughters

So there were only 99 hairpins left for the seven princesses.

The next day, the handsome prince of a neighboring country suddenly came to the palace. He said to the king, “yesterday my lark took back a hairpin,

I think this must belong to the princesses, and this is really a wonderful fate. I don’t know which princess lost her hairpin. “When the princesses heard this, they thought to themselves,” I lost it, I lost it. ”

But there were a hundred hairpins on his head, so he was very upset, but he couldn’t tell. Only the seventh princess came out and said, “I lost a hairpin.” then she finished. All her beautiful long hair was scattered because of the lack of a hairpin. The prince couldn’t help looking stunned. The end of the story, of course, is that the prince and the princess live happily ever after.

Why do you go all out to make up for any shortcomings?

A hundred hairpins are like a perfect and complete life. Without one hairpin, there will be shortcomings in this perfection; But because of its shortcomings,

There will be infinite opportunities and possibilities in the future. It’s not an exciting thing!

How do you face the inevitable shortcomings of life? Is it calm? Accept the beauty of this defect? Or do you cling to perfection?

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