Tales from Modern China: The story of Di Renjie examining the tiger

Di Renjie was demoted to Changping to serve as county magistrate because he violated power traitors in the court. In the twinkling of an eye, three years have passed. Because of his incorruptible official and clear administration, the people live and work in peace and contentment.

On this day, di Renjie returned home from a private visit in rural clothes. He was preparing to take off his clothes and rest. Suddenly, he heard the drum in the lobby and shouted injustice. Di Renjie hurriedly put on his robe, tie, hat and boots and went to the court.

The story of Di Renjie examining the tiger

I saw an old woman in her 60s, dressed in rags and with tears on her eyelids, kneeling down before the case. Di Renjie tapped the alarm and asked, “who beat the drum to complain?”

The old woman said with every word and every tear, “the people’s women are wronged.”

Di Renjie: “you have any wrongs, tell the truth.”

The old woman wiped her tears with her sleeve and said, “the great master of Qingtian is on the, and the people’s wife Shen Liu lives at No. 13, Zhongxiao lane, Gulou West Street. Her husband died early. There is only one son in front of her knee, named Shen Zhu, who earns firewood for a living. Because of his poor family. At the age of 30, they have not married yet. Mother and son depend on each other and spend their time hard. Three months ago, Shen Zhu and his neighbors went into the mountain to collect firewood. They were killed by a tiger. The hateful tiger took my son. I have lost my livelihood in my old age. Please send officers and soldiers. Destroy this evil animal and avenge my miserable child. ”

After listening to the old woman, di Renjie thought that the county government is the place to judge personnel cases. Since ancient times, there have been only judges. Where are tiger judges? Besides, the tiger is the king of animals. Don’t say that it’s hard to find a trace. Even if you find a trace, it will inevitably hurt people and kill people if you fight with the tiger. What should I do?

Di Renjie bowed his head and meditated. The old woman thought that the county magistrate was not in charge of the people, so she even shouted, “the great master is in charge of the people’s women!” While shouting, he kowtowed like a chicken pecking broken rice. Seeing this scene, di Renjie was afraid of an accident and immediately approved the case.

The next day, di Renjie summoned all the hunters to the County Yamen to receive the notice. The notice said: “the main hall of Changping county is a notice: those who make trouble and devour the middle-aged woodcutter a few days ago are allowed to surrender to the Yamen within ten days and wait for it to come down.”

The hunters took the notice and went out of the county government. They couldn’t help laughing. They separately posted the notice in the haunt of tigers and leopards in the depths of the mountain forest.

The next morning, county magistrate Di just sat in the Yamen. A tiger dressed up three times and two times into the Yamen. Seeing from a distance, the people closed their doors one after another, and the Yamen soldiers standing in the hall were frightened. Look at di County as like as two peas. Q: “tiger, the county asks you, did you hurt Shen Liu’s son? Yes, just nod your head, not just shake your head. ”

The tiger nodded. Di Renjie asked again, “tiger, you hurt Shen Zhu’s life. His family has a high hall in sixty, and his mother is not supported. You turned yourself in to the county government today, but you are guilty? ”

The tiger nodded again. Di Renjie patted the startled wood: “since you know your crime, do you admit beating or punishment?”

The tiger looked at the sabre hung on the waist and the ruthless stick in his hand. He fought a cold war and fell on the ground motionless. Di Renjie asked, “tiger, do you recognize the punishment?”

The tiger knelt on the ground and nodded. Di Renjie sent someone to invite Shen Liu’s family. The magistrate of Di county made a judgment in the court: “tiger, Shen Zhu is dead and can’t be reborn. You should bear the responsibility of Shen Liu’s old age and death. Can you say something?”

As soon as the tiger heard this, he knelt on the ground and knocked three times. Then he went to Shen Liu and knelt down on the ground. When Shen Liu saw the tiger coming towards him, he was so frightened that he dodged back and forth.

Di Renjie said, “Shen Liu doesn’t have to harm Bo. Since the tiger has come to the county government office to surrender, he must have a heart of repentance. He is willing to end his old-age care for you. Just bear it boldly. ”

Hearing this, Shen Liu dared to stand in front of the hall. The tiger lay down beside Shen Liu, turned back frequently, motioned Shen Liu to ride on the tiger’s back, and the tiger went out of the county government.

On the street, passers-by saw a Banlan tiger. They all abandoned their burdens and ran away. When the tiger came to the market, Shen Liu scooped some rice from the grain vendor’s rice bag and some noodles from the noodle cabinet. In the twinkling of an eye, the pocket was full. The tiger sent Shen Liu back home.

Since then, every ten days and a half months, the tiger carried Shen Liu to Jishang to save Yimi. Over time, everyone saw that the tiger didn’t hurt people, so they took the initiative to send their own food and vegetables to Shen Liu’s face for her use. The bold ones came together to smooth the tiger’s hair!

Later, Shen died of illness. The tiger wrapped Shen Liu’s body in a quilt, took it to the top of Hanbao mountain in the north of chaofeng’an village, dug a pit with his forepaw and buried Shen Liu. At first, people often saw the tiger squatting beside the grave to observe filial piety for Shen Liu. Three years later, the tiger retired in the mountains and forests.

The common people said privately: Di Renjie is the star in the sky, so he can judge the tiger; The tiger is a divine beast, so it understands human words and human nature. Shen Liu is also a God. The tiger feeds her old age. Every time it doesn’t rain for a long time, people go to the grave of Shen Liu on the top of Zaobao mountain to burn incense for worship, commonly known as “burning dry bags”, within ten days. It always rains more or less.

As di Renjie was an honest and open-minded official, later generations built a “Diliang Temple” for him. The site is in the old county village in the west of Changping County today.

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