Tales from Modern China: Three pairs of chopsticks

Chen Gang, who is in his fifties this year, is an iron blooded criminal policeman who frightens drug traffickers. One night, when the wife and daughter who came back together after watching the film passed a dark path, two throwing knives roared to the murderer, and the murderer disappeared like a ghost!

Looking at the tragic death of his relatives, Chen Gang was bleeding from the corners of his eyes and roared to the sky: “poisonous centipede, you return the life of my relatives!”

Three pairs of chopsticks

Who is the poisonous centipede? He is a ruthless drug lord who is good at throwing knives and hitting everything. Because of Chen Gang’s repeated attacks, the drug group suffered heavy losses. All the minions blamed the net, leaving him alone. I didn’t think he was so mean and bloody!

Time flies. Chen Gang is getting old day by day. Because of his high-intensity work all year round and missing his wife and daughter, Chen Gang’s body became weaker and weaker, so he retired early. He didn’t know that a pair of sinister eyes in the dark had quietly stared at him.

The poisonous centipede who has been on the run all the time comes back. He’s going to kill Chen Gang. At this time, Chen Gang has entered a weak old age. In addition, he has no gun. Now it is easy to catch him.

But after all, Chen Gang was a veteran criminal policeman, and the tiger is still strong. The poisonous centipede didn’t dare to be careless and decided to find the most suitable and infallible opportunity to start, so he quietly monitored Chen Gang. After a long time, I found a strange phenomenon: Chen Gang placed three pairs of chopsticks on the table every time he ate. The chopsticks looked dark from a distance.

The poisonous centipede figured it out: Chen hasn’t forgotten his wife and daughter. There are three people in a family, one person and a pair of chopsticks. Hum, great. If you let my organization disappear, I’ll let you live in pain forever.

So the poisonous centipede followed it day by day. This day finally found the best opportunity: Chen Gang came to the cemetery alone. The poisonous centipede was stunned and immediately understood that he killed Chen Gang’s wife and daughter with a flying knife a few years ago. Now he is coming to pay tribute to his wife and daughter. Well, let the three of you get together in the underworld today.

The huge cemetery was empty. Only Chen Gang slowly put sacrifices in front of his wife’s and daughter’s tomb, and of course, the three pairs of chopsticks that stayed with him for a moment. Chen Gang didn’t know that his every move took all the poison Centipede’s eyes. The danger was close at hand.

Chen gangzheng and his wife and daughter complained bitterly. A rough voice suddenly sounded not far behind him: “Chen, don’t worry, you’ll see them soon. Who do you think I am?”

Chen Gang trembled and looked back. He saw the poisonous centipede emerging from behind a tombstone. Not seen for several years, the poisonous centipede is becoming more and more fierce, and he is already old. The reason why the poisonous centipede dares to appear in a big way is that he is sure to win. He has two sharp throwing knives inserted in his waist. Chen Gang can’t avoid it. Even with his bare hands, he will win.

The poisonous centipede was proud and suddenly saw Chen Gang’s original loose eyes shrink slowly until they shrink into a steel wire! The poisonous centipede was instinctively surprised. How could Chen still have such an amazing invisible murderous spirit?

At this time, Chen Gang said: “poisonous centipede, do you know why I always carry three pairs of chopsticks? I tell you, this is not just a memorial…”

The poisonous centipede said something bad and was ready to move. Chen Gang moved first. As soon as he raised his hand like lightning, he copied a chopstick in his hand and waved it with all his strength

In an instant, the wind and clouds surged, the world changed color, and a wisp of broken air screamed like a deadly Sanskrit – that chopstick went straight to the poisonous centipede!

The poisonous centipede was shocked. At this time, his hand had grasped the handle of the flying knife. Once the knife was in his hand, Chen Gang would die. At the same time, he shook his figure to dodge – it was too late. With a “Chi” sound, the back of his hand suddenly hurt and he was no longer able to hold the knife. He couldn’t escape Chen Gang’s thunder blow. The chopstick stabbed through his palm!

It’s a sharp and heavy iron chopstick at one end!

Fortunately, the left hand can also make throwing knives!

As soon as the heart began to read, the scream became more urgent and fierce, and the palm of his left hand was in severe pain. Chen Gang flew out of the iron chopsticks again and ruthlessly pierced the poisonous Centipede’s left hand. The iron chopsticks were still in danger. He hit the tombstone with his palm, and sparks flew out.

The poisonous centipede screamed and broke his heart. Fortunately, he was young. Chen Gang couldn’t run away. He just stepped to escape. His right leg hurt badly. Then his left leg became numb. He suddenly lost all his strength. He stumbled and fell to the ground. It turned out that he had an iron chopstick in his legs.

Holding the remaining two chopsticks tightly, Chen Gang walked over step by step, gnashing his teeth and shouting: “From the day you ran away, I’ve been waiting for you every day. I’m old and I don’t have a gun, but I’ve been practicing martial arts since I was a child. You killed my wife and daughter with a flying knife, and I must return a tooth for a tooth! So I practiced flying chopsticks day and night and didn’t dare to slack off for a minute, because my hard-working wife and daughter were watching me.”

The poisonous centipede struggled and groaned on the ground, but there was still half of its strength. For a moment, it was terrified. I heard Chen Gang say: “Finally one day, I smelled your breath, and I decided that you were spying on me. How could you hide such a poor surveillance from a criminal policeman? You didn’t know that while you were looking for a mobile phone, I was the same. Then I led you to the cemetery. I knew you would show up here.”

Chen Gang looked up to the sky and hissed like many years ago: “my relatives, today I finally avenged you!” then he raised the last two chopsticks and held them against the throat of the poisonous centipede. The sharp tip of the iron chopsticks was frightening in the sun, and he could wear it through his throat with a little force. He was so scared that the poisonous centipede peed, but half a day later, Chen Gang didn’t go down.

Chen Gang slowly took back his chopsticks, straightened up, looked firmly and said, “I’m a policeman, I have no right to kill you, you scum, just wait for the severe punishment of the law!”

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