Tales from modern China: what covers our eyes

The night gave me black eyes, but I used it to find light.

The poet Gu Cheng took us to find the truth, goodness and beauty with his most affectionate and sexual words. Although there is most darkness around, the poet’s heart is clear and his eyes are bright. In his poems, our souls can be placed.

Mankind is moving towards civilization. More people are literate, but fewer people are reading. I can’t forget the figures of quiet reading in the bookstores, but now it’s either computers or mobile phones. We’re accused. Our eyes are dazzled, but our hearts have nowhere to place. It’s impetuous, dry, confused, empty, violent and filthy. What’s mixed in it is boredom and boredom.

Tales from modern China

What covers our eyes?

It is an uncontrolled material desire. People with spiritual pursuit always have their own direction. Even if they cover their eyes, as long as the heart is transparent, they can always find beauty and create beauty.

What covers our eyes?

It’s the dust in our hearts. In a society where the world is bright and all for the benefit, we only know to follow our steps. We forget to stop and wipe the tired heart full of cobwebs.

Everyone is a unique individual, and everyone is a thoughtful soul. I think so I am. Don’t care what others do, what’s important is what we are doing. Listen to our inner voice and understand the meaning of everything we do.

People are smart. Don’t be led by foreign things.

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