Tales from Modern: Young master, step in the door backwards

Majiazhuang has a big landlord named Ma Dafu. The land of Majiazhuang is almost owned by his family. Ma Dafu is not bad, nor is he cruel in collecting rent, so many tenants are willing to plant his family’s land.

During the autumn harvest, the housekeeper Wang Cheng took his servants to collect the rent. The young master Ma Yu also wanted to try. Ma Dafu has three sons. He wanted them to concentrate on their studies and exams and ignore their business. However, the younger son is stubborn and has to do what he thinks. In desperation, Ma Dafu told Ma Yu, “some tenants are good at talking, some are bad at talking. Don’t be hard when you meet someone who is bad at talking. Just give it to the housekeeper Wang Chengcheng.”

Tales from Modern

Ma Yu nodded. But he took the rent for a day. When he came home in the evening, he was stunned. He didn’t think about tea and rice. Ma Dafu was worried and asked him if he was angry with the unruly tenants. He didn’t speak. Ma Dafu asked Wang Cheng to find out what was going on. Wang Cheng went for a long time and came back to Ma Dafu and said, “master, young master, he didn’t go to collect rent. He went to propose marriage and was rejected by others.”

Ma Dafu was surprised and angry that his son dared to propose marriage without asking himself; Angry, who doesn’t know the conditions of his family, and his son’s marriage proposal has been rejected? He hurriedly asked Wang Cheng, “which girl is it?”

Wang Cheng said, “it’s Zhang Xiangru, an outsider in Chuang Dongtou. His daughter’s name is Zhang Yuer. She looks really beautiful. It’s said that the young master helped others work in the field before. It’s not a day or two.”

Speaking of Zhang Xiangru, Ma Dafu was impressed that he came to Majiazhuang alone with his daughter two years ago. It was said that he was a failed scholar. Although he rented his land, he didn’t grow it very well. However, Zhang Jia never owes rent and is not poor.

Ma Dafu said to Wang Cheng, “since you are a scholar, your arrogance is normal. Well, if the girl is really good, I don’t object. Although you are a tenant, you are a scholar after all, and it’s not humiliating to be an in laws. My little son, looking beautiful, is actually very stubborn. It’s hard to recognize things.”

Wang Cheng said hesitantly, “but people don’t do it. They say they can’t afford to climb.”

Ma Dafu was worried and called Ma Yu: “do you have to marry Miss Zhang?”

Ma Yu said firmly, “she won’t marry unless she does.”

Ma Dafu sighed and said, “tomorrow I’ll take you to propose marriage in person! Will you give him enough face?”

The next day, Ma Dafu led Ma Yu and asked Wang Cheng to take people to carry the bride price and solemnly came to Zhang Xiang’s home. Zhang Xiangru was also polite. After listening to Ma Dafu’s words, he twisted his beard and said, “we’re climbing high. We really don’t dare to promise.”

Ma Dafu held back his anger and said, “Mr. Zhang, if you are dissatisfied with anything, just say that children really like to make love.” Zhang Xiangru smiled: “the young master is a good child. I dare not promise because my wife is not early, only me and my daughter are left. I want to recruit a door-to-door son-in-law.”

As soon as he said this, Martha Forton changed his face. Wang Cheng couldn’t help but shout, “are you crazy, Mr. Zhang? How can you be your tenant’s son-in-law?” Martha was so lucky that he took Ma Yu away. Wang Cheng stared at Zhang Xiangru and said, “sour scholar, don’t you know how to praise!” Zhang Xiangru was not afraid: “I remind you, as long as I let go, I’ll always be your master’s in laws. Be polite!” Wang Cheng stamped his foot and left.

When he got home, Ma Yu fell ill completely. Seeing that he was losing weight day by day, Ma Dafu and his wife were very distressed. They found many doctors and said that “if you have a heart disease, you need a heart medicine”. Finally, his wife said to Ma Dafu, “we have three sons. If you don’t give them out, you won’t be able.” Ma Dafu hesitated: “It’s just that the young master of our horse family stepped in the door. Where can I put my face?” his wife said angrily, “your son is dying. You still care about face?” Ma Dafu stamped his foot: “just, I recognize it.”

The next day, Ma Dafu found Zhang Xiangru again and said he was willing to let his son step in. Zhang Xiangru said slowly, “it’s so good.” so the two sides decided on a wedding date. Ma Yu was happy to jump three feet high after hearing that all his diseases had disappeared. Ma Dafu was afraid that his son would suffer in the past and took out 100 mu of land as a “dowry” Zhang Xiangru did not refuse. The whole village secretly laughed at Ma Dafu and envied Zhang’s good daughter. Wang Cheng stared angrily, but did not dare to say anything.

After Ma Yu “passed the door”, the little husband and wife were in harmony with Meimei. Ma Yu had always loved reading. Zhang Xiangru continued to teach him to read, but he wouldn’t let him only read. He had to work on the ground every day. It didn’t matter how much he did or how little he did. Ma Dafu was very distressed and asked Wang Cheng to plead: “now your family has 100 mu of land. Just hire someone to plant it. Don’t let the young master work on the ground.” Zhang Xiangru said faintly, “he’s from Zhangjia, not the young master of the horse family. Don’t bother.” Wang Cheng was angry, but the other party was the young master’s father-in-law. He didn’t dare to do anything, so he had to go back and tell Ma Dafu. Ma Dafu was helpless.

In the twinkling of an eye, a year later, Zhang Yueer gave birth to a fat boy, and Zhang naturally wanted to celebrate. Ma Dafu also gave a generous gift and wanted to discuss with Zhang Xiangru whether the child could be named ma. Zhang Xiangru shook his head and said, “follow the rules.” Ma Dafu didn’t drink well.

Another year later, Ma Dafu suddenly filed a lawsuit. When Wang Cheng was collecting the rent, he fought with the tenant and killed an old man by mistake. The bitter owner joined forces with several tenants to accuse Ma Dafu of being rich and unkind and bullying men and women. Ma Dafu was surprised. He repeatedly defended with the county magistrate and spent a lot of money fighting up and down, but he was just in time to catch up with the court because several landlords attacked the tenant’s life in succession Wang Cheng was sentenced to death. Ma Dafu was originally sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for seizing property. In the end, silver played a role and only sentenced to seizing property and expulsion. The property and land of Ma Dafu’s family suddenly disappeared. Even his eldest son, who had lived alone, was confiscated.

Overnight, the family changed from landlords to refugees worse than tenants. Ma Dafu, with his wife and children, was desperate and cried bitterly.

At this time, Ma Yu panted and said, “father, mother, father-in-law asked me to pick you up and go home quickly.” Ma Dafu was surprised and asked, “are you not involved?” Ma Yu said: “the government has been there. Father-in-law showed them the entry and exit documents and said it was Zhang Jia, which had nothing to do with the Ma family. After the government verified it, he left.” Ma Dafu thought there was nowhere to go, so he had to take his family with him.

Zhang has built a new house in the past two years, which is enough for Ma Dafu’s family to live in. Ma Dafu said with emotion: “brother, I didn’t expect that the children had become redundant at the beginning, but today they saved my family.” Zhang Xiangru smiled: “in fact, I thought of it long ago. I insisted on letting Ma Yu become redundant at the beginning, just to prevent this day.”

Ma Dafu looked at Zhang Xiangru in surprise. Zhang Xiangru sighed and said, “you’re not bad. Even if you don’t care, your sons don’t care. Wang Cheng has the power to do evil, but you don’t know.” Ma Dafu said in surprise, “Wang Cheng is my relative. His father saved me. We grew up together. He’s not a bad man.”

Zhang Xiangru said, “it’s because of this relationship that others don’t dare to complain to you. If someone mentions it occasionally, you don’t take it seriously. Wang Cheng often flirts with the tenant’s family members. Those who owe the rent and can’t pay the rent are bullied by him. I never owe the rent. He also took advantage of the moon to deliver water to her. At that time, Ma Yugang met and solved the siege. The two children met.”

Ma Dafu hated and stamped his feet. Zhang Xiangru said, “the housekeeper is like this. I expected an accident in the Ma family sooner or later, so I won’t let yue’er marry. First, avoid being implicated, and second, leave a way back for your family.”

Ma Dafu said with admiration, “brother, it’s still scholars who think far-reaching.” Zhang Xiangru laughed: “There are differences between scholars and nerds. It’s no use being a nerd. I didn’t let Ma Yu study in the study because I suffered a loss in those years. I’m not a scholar who failed in the first place, and I’ve been a scholar. I quit my office because I offended senior officials. I’m half in the book and half out of the book.”

Ma Dafu said sincerely, “brother, I’m glad Ma Yu came to your house.”

Zhang Xiangru shook his head and said, “yue’er was adopted by me. I married from unmarried. My family doesn’t send me incense. What do I want your son to do? The child’s name should be changed to ma. My enemy died of illness and I’m going back to my hometown.”

Ma Dafu was deeply moved and bowed: “brother, the child doesn’t have to change his surname. Whether you come back or not, the Ma family and Zhang family will always be a family.”

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