Modern Story: Tang Monk changed his profession

Seeing that Wukong and Bajie had made a fortune in business, Tang Monk didn’t stop. He dreamed of going to the sea to find something, so he also went through the formalities of suspension of pay and retention.

Monk Sha was worried that there were many villains in the business world, and urged master not to take the risk, but monk Tang said, “if you don’t go into the tiger’s den, how can you get a tiger’s son?” Monk Sha said, “master, you have been a monk for many years. You don’t know the lower world. How do you choose to get rich?” Tang monk said: “Wukong built a resort by relying on the cultural landscape of Huaguo Mountain, and Bajie opened a food city by virtue of his good food culture. I have read scriptures since I was a child, and it should not be a problem to set up a school to teach scriptures.” Sha Seng said: “now is the era of knowledge explosion. People advocate high and new technology and are hot subjects. Who is willing to learn something that can neither be an official nor make money?” Tang monk said: “although popular disciplines are tempting, people pay more attention to whether they can find a job and apply what they have learned. Nowadays, the employment situation of graduates is grim. If I implement the three guarantees policy of enrollment, graduation and distribution for the registered students, I still worry that I can’t attract parents and can’t recruit students? ” Seeing that Tang Seng had made up his mind to go, monk Sha had to remind him to listen to Wukong and Bajie more after going to the lower world. Tang Seng snorted as an answer.

Tang Monk changed his profession

When he came to the hometown of Datang, Tang monk was too busy to catch his breath. He was busy running the batch procedures, preparing to build school buildings and recruit employees. He wished he could become the richest man of Datang overnight. He had long forgotten Sha Seng’s advice. As a result, as monk Sha said, today’s young people pursue to sit in organs, be white-collar workers, get high salaries and play stimulation. Who is willing to be an ascetic monk in the temple? Moreover, most of today’s children are only children, and parents’ hopes are all placed on their children. Do you want other people’s children to be monks? Therefore, although Tang Seng made the school magnificent and the enrollment publicity was in place, few students signed up. When it came to this, Tang Monk still didn’t know where to go until Wukong and Bajie, who came to rescue him at the news, told the reason of the Central Plains.

The school can’t be run. The house can’t be idle. Wukong said, “now people pay attention to nutrition and health. Master can turn the school building into a shopping mall and sell drugs and health products. Taking advantage of your experience and reputation, you will certainly attract vigorous business opportunities.” Tang Monk did not dare to be self righteous at this time. He hurriedly said, “well, please help me with your best efforts.”

After some preparation, the “Tang Sanzang green drug sales center” opened grandly amid the noise of gongs, drums and firecrackers. In order to improve its popularity, Wukong Bajie also used their respective relations to invite political dignitaries to cut ribbon, business tycoons to cheer, film and television stars to perform. In addition, at the beginning of the opening, he launched promotional activities such as “buy one and get ten free”, “shopping lottery”, “star signature”, so Tang Monk made a lot of profits on the opening day. If Tang Seng can operate safely, the prospect of the shopping mall is still optimistic. Unfortunately, although this pedant has become an immortal for many years, he has not changed his problem of listening to right and wrong. No, just a few days after the opening of the drugstore, he listened to slander and bought a batch of fake and shoddy drugs at a low price, which almost caused human life. As a result, he was fined by the drug supervision department. He even lost his cassock, Zen stick and other clothes when taking scriptures. Tang Monk changed his profession

Wukong saw that Tang Seng was not expected to be a boss, so he entrusted him to find a teacher position in the school. However, before Tang Seng came to work for three days, he was advised to leave class because he could not use modern educational means, did not understand scientific educational ideas, was not good at communicating with students, did not adapt to school rules and regulations and many other reasons. Bajie’s food city was just short of a welcome gentleman. Bajie felt that the image of Tang monk was good and friendly, so he encouraged Tang monk to take up this post. Who knows that the thin skinned and tender Tang monk was tired of backache and sweating before he finished his class, but he had to leave his post automatically. Later, Tang Monk worked as an actor, chatted with others, set up a stall and promoted products. All of them are rabbit Tails – they can’t grow. Seeing that the two disciples had prospered but achieved nothing, Tang Monk couldn’t help feeling sad. Wukong was also very sad to see this. He wanted to persuade master to return to the upper world to be an immortal, but he didn’t know how to speak. At this time, Bajie Feng rushed to Qilin and said that Qilin city was recruiting an assistant mayor and asked master to take a chance. As soon as the Tang Monk heard the spirit, he quickly grabbed the Eight Precepts and asked this and that. Wukong glared at Bajie and thought to scold, fool, you don’t know the master’s ability. There are many reefs and deep waters in officialdom. If master doesn’t get choked in this muddy water? But seeing the Tang Monk eager to try, he swallowed his words.

The process of the competition was fairly smooth. Tang Seng tried his best to defeat the heroes all the way, and finally won the position of assistant mayor of Qilin city. After Wukong Bajie helped Tang Monk settle down, they were busy with their own business. A year later, Wukong and Bajie suddenly received a phone call from their master asking them to go to Kirin quickly. They were deeply worried. They didn’t know what trouble had happened to their master, so they had to put down their work and rush to Kirin City.

According to the appointment, I came to the Imperial Hotel in Qilin city. I saw that the hotel was full of guests with colorful lights and decorations. The giant banner of “warmly congratulating Mayor Tang and Miss Yu on their wedding ceremony” was hung on the front of the hotel. In front of the door, colorful flags were flying and drums and music were singing. It was a happy and lively scene. Wukong and Bajie are surprised. Tang Monk and his bride have welcomed out of the door surrounded by his entourage. At this time, the Tang monk was dressed in a dress with red flowers on his chest. He was energetic and radiant. He was very different from a year ago. When teachers and disciples meet, they have mixed feelings. Tang Monk hurriedly took the bride and introduced them to Wukong and Bajie. They were about to say a few words of congratulations when a group of guests came outside the door. Tang Monk had to arrange two disciples to take a seat at the table first, and then busy greeting other guests with the bride.

During the banquet, Wukong and Bajie heard people praise Tang monk for being young and promising, approachable, diligent and dedicated, and powerful. Especially when he heard how Tang Monk promoted and promoted with his strength and how to launch an offensive to win Miss Hua Kuiyu’s heart, Bajie couldn’t help being intoxicated and envious. Taking advantage of the opportunity of the bride and groom’s toast, Bajie did not care about the many eyes at the wedding banquet. Holding the Tang monk, he was busy asking for the secret of success. Tang monk was entangled, so he had to read “Amitabha, sin”, and say the following words close to Bajie’s ear:

Leaders often manage things. Subordinates should be kind in front of them, avoid conflicts, speak positively, do more superficial things, be humble among colleagues, be flexible in dealing with problems, be cautious on sensitive topics, summarize achievements, make false reports, and contribute at critical moments.

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