Brand marketing

Brand marketing

Brand marketing

1、Efficient traffic management capability

Evorlog, having owned hundreds of millions users, has gathered contents of various sites, supplemented by personalized recommendation methods to bring considerable traffic to cooperative sites.

Website content collection & cooperation

It is applicable & suitable for websites with news, videos or pictures that generate a large amount of content every day. The partner only needs to provide the RSS feeds and the corresponding customized WAP page according to the specifications, and the traffic is completely owned by the partner. Hundreds of websites including People’s Daily Online, 36Kr, Youku, etc. have been in cooperation with us.

Evorlog platform

It is applicable & suitable for all kinds of media, self-media, government agencies, and enterprises. It is committed to helping media and self-media gain more exposure and attention on the mobile terminal, while leveraging content monetization and earn a huge profit . After registering for an account on the Evorlog platform, you can publish posts, pictures, videos, voting and other supported content, and it is our engine which will intelligently distribute the content to Evorlog readers with exactness.

App distribution, download and exchange

By providing impressing headlines through our smart recommendation engine, the App is displayed to targeted users who have not installed it, effectively increasing the activation conversion rate. In the limited closed beta test, it will only be activated by exchanging with Evorlog.

2、Personalized content output capability

Evorlog’s exclusive personalized recommendations are now open to partners! With perfect open API documentation, it only needs one person/week of development workload to access.

 Personalized content output

After comparative testing, it can be concluded that the personalized recommendation content’s using time and activation frequency are several times as that of non-personalized recommendation content. Our active partners include Alibaba wireless software (Suo Ping Bao), Baidu Easezone (Qingsongshifen), UC Browser Information &Support Center, etc. In addition, there are more than 30 types of channels that are also developed and outputted, including trending news, stories and interesting pictures.

Article top comments output

Evorlog automatically gathers Weibo celebrities’ comments on related articles, then add them to a large number of comments generated by users on the website. The top trending comments are shown to users by “likes” and “dislikes” as one of common means. Our partner includes China Cyberspace Affairs as well.

Contact information for product cooperation:

1、You can email to us via, and please make a clear email subject line as well as showing your detailed description of the type of cooperation.

2、Please briefly introduce the main content and audience of the website or APP; market performance such as daily independent visits or users report, etc.