Chinese theme of martial story: Bodhisattva man’s story

She leaned against his shoulder and enjoyed the afternoon sun.

“Tell me a story.”

“Well… OK. I’ll tell you a story about Bodhisattva. ”

“Once upon a time, there was a famous scholar who was an official. Later, he was dismissed as an official because he offended the treacherous officials in the court. He failed to become an official, but asked his son to study hard, become a top student in the future and continue his ambition. But his son’s character was very strange and he was very curious about everything. When he read “such as competition, such as carving, such as grinding”, he went to study the method of carving jade; Read “the kite flies in the sky; “Fish jump in the abyss” doesn’t have to run to see birds fly and fish jump.

Bodhisattva man's story

Of course, he can’t read well, so he took the exam three times and didn’t even win a scholar. He was afraid of being scolded by his father, so he secretly begged his mother. His mother was a chivalrous woman of Tianshan sect and taught him martial arts when he was young. The mother loved her son, so she gave him a lot of money and several healing pills to let him go out for a sightseeing trip.

He grew up in Jiangnan, so he wanted to go to Tianshan, where his mother studied arts. As a result, on the way, he met the song and dance prostitutes who paid tribute to the emperor. Maybe it was Providence, maybe it was fate. He met the girl who haunted him all his life. ”

“I heard that there is an old man in heaven who specializes in human marriage. As long as he binds the red rope, they can’t run away. Just like the two of us. ”

“Well, the two people in the story must also be the red rope bound by Yuelao.”

“Go on, I won’t interrupt.”

“The team he saw was called Bodhisattva man. They are dancers from other countries who want to pay tribute to the emperor of the current Dynasty and perform songs and dances for the emperor. He knew that if he let her into the palace, he would never see her again in his life, so he decided to save the girl at night. ”

“Ah, how brave he is.”

“Well, at that time, he only wanted to leave the girl in his heart, and he didn’t think much about anything else.”

“That’s nice… What happened later?”

“He learned martial arts from his mother and thought that even if he was found, those escorts were not his opponents, so he touched them alone that night. But he didn’t think that the girl didn’t want to travel with him, but wanted to enjoy happiness in the palace, so don’t go with him.

At this time, a man in the team was the emperor’s escort with high martial arts. When he found them, he came to catch them. He couldn’t beat him, so he wanted to run with the girl on his back. As a result, the guard slapped him in the heart and fell off the cliff with the girl. ”

“Ah!” She screamed, “are they dead?”

“No. But the girl lost her memory and couldn’t remember anything in the past. ”

“What about him?”

“He… He… Nothing.”

“That girl is lucky. If I were her, I would go with him. It’s the first time I’ve heard that someone is willing to share life and death with her after only seeing her once. ”

“I… Ken.”

He thought so in his heart, but he didn’t speak. At the same time, gently put her hand on her eyes to prevent her from seeing her tears and blood at the corners of her mouth. The palm of my heart began to ache faintly again. I didn’t know I could last for a few days. Thinking of this, he slowly took out the last elixir and swallowed it.

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