Chinese Modern Story: Who is a fool

Every weekend, anglers come to this lake, surrounded by mountains, to fish. But most of them do not want to apply for fishing licenses, so the lake often play a game of cat and mouse.

This weekend, several young people came to the lake to fish, they just cast the hook, an inspector jumped out of the woods, rushed to them. At this time, a red-haired young man hurriedly put down the fishing rod, pulling his legs and run. Seeing this scene, the inspector immediately chased after them. The young man ran very fast, in the back of the chase inspectors are not weak, the two ran in the woods after ten minutes, the young man finally stopped, sitting on his butt on the grass.

Who is a fool

The inspector stepped forward and grabbed him by the collar, panting, and said to him, “Good boy, I finally caught you, let me see your fishing license!”

The young man who was stupid looked at him, playfully pulled out his wallet and handed him a fishing license from it.

The inspector checked his license carefully and then said to him, laughing and crying, “You’re a total idiot, why are you running? You have a fishing license, idiot!”

“You’re the idiot, I have a permit, but my friends don’t!” The young redhead grinned.

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