Chinese theme of martial Story: Crab claw magic skill

Story 1

Young Xia He Jian and Zhao Gongchao have a great reputation in the Jianghu by virtue of their many righteous deeds of punishing evil and promoting good. However, these days, they have become the focus of discussion among people in the Jianghu after dinner, not because of their chivalry, but because they began to learn crabs to walk sideways!

Later, an insider revealed that the reason why they acted so strangely was to win the hearts of LAN Yueer, the first beauty in the Jianghu.

Crab claw magic skill

Just a few days ago, the matchmaker invited by he and Zhao chose to propose marriage in the blue house on the same day. Because of their equal appearance, martial arts and status in the Jianghu, LAN Yuer couldn’t make up her mind. She didn’t know who would be better. During the dinner the next day, LAN Yuer was distracted by the crabs on her plate. Suddenly, a way to test them jumped out of her head – she would marry whoever could persist in learning crabs for a year. In order to make the competition fair, she also sent five trusted blue house servants as supervisors.

The strange behavior of the two young Xia is just a joke for most people, but it is a great opportunity for the notorious smiling devil snow mark to retaliate against them.

For a long time, white snow mark is a scum in the Jianghu. He and Zhao pursue chivalry and naturally take it as their duty to eradicate white snow mark. The two men have encountered Bai xuetrace many times. Although their martial arts are slightly better than Bai xuetrace, Bai xuetrace’s lightness skill is unpredictable, and they have escaped many times in the process of fighting with them.

After learning the news, Bai xuehen immediately sent several disciples to inquire about their whereabouts.

That day, he heard that He Jian was going to a friend’s wedding banquet, so he ambushed in advance on He Jian’s only way. The snow mark was hidden on a big tree beside the road. Sure enough, He Jian came from a distance. He Jian walked sideways, first moved his right foot to take a step forward, followed by his left foot. He had to look left and right every few steps to prevent his steps from going wrong and deviating. He looked very ridiculous. Behind him were five meticulous blue family servants.

Seeing that the time was ripe, the snow mark, a little branch on his feet, and his body was as fast as lightning, flew directly behind He Jian. Before his feet fell to the ground, the knife in his hand had been cut towards He Jian. But he Jian was not easy. He quickly lowered his body and escaped the sneak attack of the snow mark.

When he missed, Bai Xue was angry, and the knife in his hand danced at He Jian. At first, He Jian could rely on dexterous movements to avoid the attack and ensure that the crab steps on his feet were not disordered, but after more than a dozen moves, He Jian gradually felt hard and couldn’t keep the crab steps. Without the shackles of crab steps, He Jian gained the upper hand with only three moves.

Snow mark knew that he would be defeated after a long war. He repeated his old skill and escaped with his lightness skill. He Jian could only look at the smaller and smaller figure of the snow mark and stop to sigh.

Story 2

He Jian was followed by Zhao Gongchao. That day, the snow trace found that Zhao Gongchao would go to a small town with silver to relieve the victims. As usual, he ambushed on Zhao Gongchao’s only way.

But when snow mark saw Zhao Gong’s overtime, he was very surprised, because he not only learned crabs, but also wore a short skirt! When Zhao Gongchao came closer, Bai Xue saw that Zhao Gongchao was not wearing a skirt, but two trapezoidal iron baffles fixed at his waist. Snow mark understood the purpose of the two baffles after a little thought. He was ecstatic. Zhao Gongchao’s “cocooning and self binding” undoubtedly improved the success rate of his sneak attack. With a smile, he took a knife and cut at Zhao Gongchao.

Just then, Zhao Gongchao raised the crab claw like thing in his hand and clamped his knife with pliers. The snow mark hasn’t reacted yet. He has been thrown three feet away. He struggled to get up, but saw Zhao Gongchao waving a “crab claw” with both hands, approaching him quickly. Snow mark suddenly panicked. I don’t know which school this strange Kung Fu came from. However, when he wasn’t thinking about this, he immediately used his lightness skills to escape and narrowly picked up his life. After this battle, snow mark became interested in the unheard of “crab claw magic skill”. After some inquiry, he knew that this strange Kung Fu was created by Zhao Gongchao during his learning of crab walking. In order to create two freely opened steel tongs for himself, Zhao Gongchao also paid a special visit to Xue Bao, the most famous weapon expert in the Wulin. Xue Baosu admired Zhao Gongchao’s martial arts and character. He immediately took out a meteorite iron he had treasured for many years and made such an unparalleled pair of steel pliers for Zhao Gongchao. The two pliers will turn into an iron hammer when they are closed, and the concealed weapon is built in, which is very clever.

Bai Xuexian understands that it will be even more difficult to get rid of Zhao Gongchao when he is familiar with these pliers. I just don’t know if this “crab claw skill”… Is there a weakness?

Snow mark soon becomes a quack doctor. He follows Zhao Gongchao every day, but he has nothing to gain except seeing him foolishly “running around” all day. Until one day, Zhao Gongchao met He Jian with a crab step. He Jian looked at Zhao Gongchao with hostile eyes. The snow mark behind him suddenly had an idea.

Story 3

He Jian, whose parents died early, was brought up by his brother he ax. Therefore, He Jian has deep feelings for he ax and listens to him in all big and small matters. And this axe is very greedy for money.

On this day, the snow mark, who still looks like a doctor, came to he axe’s restaurant with five hundred Liang silver tickets. As soon as they met, he ax looked straight at the silver note in Bai Xue’s hand.

Seeing money, he ax hurriedly invited the snow mark into the secret room to talk.

Snow Mark said to he ax while playing with the silver ticket: “I heard that your brother is one of the best heroes in the Jianghu. I want to ask your brother to kill an enemy for me. Will brother he help me?”

He ax stared at the hand of the snow mark with two eyes: “who is your enemy?”

Snow Mark said, “Zhao Gongchao.”

He ax shook his head and sighed: “my brother always only kills villains, not chivalrous men. Please ask another expert, sir!”

Snow mark calmly took out a silver note: “brother he, I asked your brother to kill Zhao Gongchao, not only to help me, but also to help your brother! Does your brother want to see Zhao Gongchao return with a beauty?”

Seeing that he axe was a little shaken, Bai Xuexian added fuel and vinegar and said, “if brother he is willing to help convince your brother, I am willing to pay five hundred Liang to buy Zhao Gongchao’s head.”

He ax immediately changed his smiling face: “my brother listens to me most. I will try my best to persuade him!”

That night, he ax invited He Jian home for a drink. Seeing that He Jian was unhappy, he ax leaned up and whispered, “brother, I have an idea to let you get your wish and marry LAN Yueer.”

Seeing he Jian anxiously asking for advice, he ax said the idea of assassinating Zhao Gongchao.

He Jian was stunned at the speech, hesitated for a long time, and finally shook his head.

He ax turned his eyes and said, “brother Wei has watched you grow up. What are you thinking? You can never deceive me. You always sigh when people mention Zhao Gongchao. Although you are called Shuangxia together with him in the Jianghu, you feel a little inferior in your heart. Especially after losing that ridiculous competition, your temperament has changed greatly and your temper is long.”

Seeing that his mind was said by he ax, He Jian blushed: “brother, I know you’re good for me. But I really can’t do anything to assassinate him. If it comes to light, I’ll be ruined.”

He ax snorted coldly: “as long as you do it with your face covered, no one can doubt you even if the assassination fails. What’s more, the boy is inconvenient to move now, and you are at least more than 80% sure to kill him.”

He Jian seemed to be moved by what he ax said, and finally nodded: “what brother said is very true. But just in case, our brother still has to make a good plan.”

Story 4

This evening, Zhao Gongchao was raided by a masked man on his way home.

Because Zhao Gongchao had made the crab pliers handy, the pliers of his right hand locked the masked man’s iron cutting sword. When the other party tried his best to pull the sword out of the steel pliers, Zhao Gongchao suddenly opened the mechanism of the left-hand pliers and shot several darts at the other party’s abdomen in an instant. With a scream, the masked man lay on the ground.

Zhao Gongchao took this opportunity to pick up the sword dropped by the masked man and stabbed it into his chest. Subsequently, Zhao Gongchao lifted the masked cloth

Soon, the news that He Jian secretly attacked Zhao Gongchao and was killed spread all over the Wulin.

When Bai Xuexian heard about it, he couldn’t help sweating. He was determined to figure out a way to crack the “crab claw magic skill” as soon as possible. Zhao Gongchao’s biggest weakness lies in the footwall. Due to the obstruction of the two iron baffles in front of and behind him, he can’t move freely next to him, and it’s not easy to squat down. Therefore, aiming at his weakness, Bai xuemark created a set of sabre techniques to attack the footwall.

After three months of hard training behind closed doors, Bai xuemark decided to ambush Zhao Gongchao again.

When the snow mark squatted down and quickly swept Zhao Gongchao’s feet with a knife, Zhao Gongchao was overwhelmed and narrowly avoided the knife. Snow white mark didn’t give Zhao Gongchao a chance to breathe. He waved his knife and pressed him step by step, which made Zhao Gongchao confused. Snow mark is secretly proud of himself. Zhao Gongchao must die under his knife today!

But at this time, an accident happened. A servant of the blue house suddenly waved his sword and stabbed at the door of the snow mark. The sword came quickly and fiercely, and the snow mark was forced to stagger for several steps by the sword. When he finally stabilized his pace, the more deadly sword came again. White snow mark no longer cares about Zhao Gongchao and straightens up to fight with the blue house servant.

In a short time, they had more than ten moves. Bai Xuexian was more and more afraid of the Vietnam War. He always felt that the servant’s sword technique was very familiar. It was five or six moves again. Bai xuemark finally figured out that He Jian was the one who fought with him!

But isn’t He Jian dead?

When the snow mark was distracted, Zhao Gongchao also joined in. Together, he and Zhao struggled to resist the snow mark. Finally, when his broadsword was released by Zhao Gongchao’s steel pliers, He Jian stabbed him in the heart.

Story 5

Hearing the news of snow Mark’s death, people in the Wulin applauded. At the same time, the speculation about the true identity of the blue family servant also caused a great sensation in the Jianghu. Is it true that He Jian came back from the dead?

Soon, Zhao Gongchao made the truth public. We have to start with the night when he Jian assassinated Zhao Gongchao. When he Jian showed his lightness skill and fell to Zhao’s courtyard like a dead leaf, Zhao Gongchao was practicing his own crab claw skill under the moon. Iron tongs are not light in weight and require great physical strength of practitioners. He Jian waited for the opportunity. When Zhao Gongchao gasped and took off his defense, he suddenly pulled out his sword and stabbed Zhao Gongchao’s back heart. But he Jian underestimated Zhao Gongchao’s adaptability. The heavy iron pliers skillfully clamped his sword like a snake. They fought for a long time. He Jian lost the fight and fell to the ground.

Zhao Gongchao opened the masked cloth and saw that the visitor was He Jian. He was surprised and angry. Finally, he sighed and handed the sword back to He Jian, saying, “today’s matter should be the end of your personal resentment with me. You are not a villain, I won’t kill you. Go!”

He Jian struggled to get up from the ground. The first thing he did was to kill himself with his sword. Zhao Gongchao, who lost money, made a quick move to stop it. Zhao Gongchao didn’t understand: “I said brother he, why do you bother?”

He Jian said with a wry smile, “thank you for not killing brother Zhao. But the news about my assassination of you will spread in the Wulin early tomorrow morning. How can I stand in the Jianghu again? I’d rather die than be scolded!”

Zhao Gongchao advised, “if you are a man, you will inevitably make mistakes. If all Xiake in the world are like brothers, you will commit suicide if you make a mistake. Who will eradicate the many villains that day?”

Once he said this, He Jian woke up like a dream and finally gave up the idea of suicide. In order to make up for his mistakes, He Jian took the initiative to join hands with Zhao Gongchao to eradicate the snow mark.

It has always been Zhao Gongchao’s wish for the two heroes to work together. He was resourceful and soon came up with a clever plan.

Early the next morning, Zhao Gongchao ordered someone to tell the blue family about the plan. At first, the LAN family was worried about the disharmony between the two heroes caused by the election of their son-in-law. Now they are relieved to see him work together.

In order to prevent the leak, He Jian didn’t even tell him in advance. He Jian didn’t come home until they got rid of the snow marks together and planned to explain to he ax. However, what he Jian didn’t expect is that he axe has become a one armed man. He Jian touched the empty sleeve and asked him the reason with red eyes.

He ax wiped his tears and said that on the night He Jian pretended to die, Bai Xuexian angrily came to his home. First, he blamed his brother for his incompetence and broke his good plan; The second is to get back the silver note given to he ax. He axe was mourning for the loss of his brother. After seeing the snow mark, his mood became more and more out of control. He was furious and said, “if you hadn’t given me bad ideas, why would my brother die under Zhao Gongchao?”

Snow mark snorted coldly, “your brother is dead now. If you know him well, return the silver ticket to me quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame me for snow Mark’s impoliteness!”

When he learned that the person standing in front of him was a vicious snow mark, he ax realized that he had been cheated, and angrily rejected the request of snow mark.

With a sneer from the snow mark, he’s left arm was cut off.

Story 6

In the twinkling of an eye, a few months later, Zhao Gongchao completed the feat of “rampant” for a year with tenacious perseverance. On hearing the news, the blue father called his daughter and asked her if she regretted the childish way of choosing a son-in-law?

LAN Yueer honestly told Lan Fu that she really regretted that he Zhao and his wife had become the laughing stock of Jianghu people because of her starting this ridiculous game. Later, when she heard that He Jian was almost poisoned by snow marks, she was not sorry, but afraid. But can you take back what you say at will? In desperation, she can only wait and see.

Later, Zhao Gongchao was not baffled by the ridiculous competition she set up on impulse. On the contrary, she took this opportunity to create the crab claw magic skill and defeat white snow mark. She had a little good feeling for Zhao Gongchao, who was intelligent and had unfathomable martial arts attainments. She was deeply attracted by him when she learned that Zhao Gongchao spared He Jian’s life regardless of personal gratitude and resentment, and set up a plot to work with He Jian to get rid of the snow mark. She was lucky to find such an open-minded and resourceful husband.

After listening to his daughter’s words, blue father smiled happily and began to prepare for their marriage.

A few days later, Zhao LAN married with the blessing of relatives and friends. He Jian also brought a generous gift and was regarded as a guest of honor.

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