Chinese theme of martial Story: Dream man

LV Pingchuan, the leader of Mingzhu mountain villa, is very upset recently. The three elders in the village were injured by a mysterious boy recently. The most outrageous thing is that the elders fell to the ground before they even saw their opponent’s weapons. This is the biggest disgrace of the villa in the past century.

The elders vomited bitterness one after another: “it is said that the mysterious weapon is called ‘dreamer’. We only felt a fog in front of us, and then we were attacked. The weapon is really evil.” when LV Pingchuan was helpless, Li se came back.

Dream man

Li se is the manager of the villa. He is both wise and brave. After hearing the news, he immediately patted his chest and said, “I’ll take care of it!”

Thirty miles away from Mingzhu mountain villa, there is a tea pavilion where all the travelling merchants stop for tea and chat. That day, a young man came to the tea pavilion with a burden on his back. From drinking tea to eating, he almost didn’t say a word, and didn’t take down the burden, which seemed a little strange.

Sitting next to him was an elegant scholar, waving a feather fan and discussing the world with the people next to him. The porter who chatted with him soon left. The scholar’s eyes turned and began to quarrel with the boy again.

“Young man, your eyes are firm and you look grim. If I guess correctly, you should be a person preparing to do big things. Right? Hehe, don’t say, I see people, nine out of ten are accurate.” he is obviously a talkative. The boy only glanced at him and didn’t speak at all, but he kept talking.

“You may not believe it. With these eyes, I once dressed up as a fortune teller and set up a stall in the street. I counted seven or eight, and all of them were accurate. Hehe, I didn’t boast. If I stayed a few more days, all the fortune tellers in the street would lose their jobs.” he was still nagging.

The boy still ignored him. After drinking tea, he stood up. Obviously, the scholar didn’t want to let a good audience go. He pressed his shoulder and said, “young man, your situation is not good. Can I give you a word?”

This press just pressed on the shoulder of the young man’s backpack. The young man frowned and threw aside his hand. At this moment, a man suddenly came out of the side and put his hand on the burden, trying to seize the burden of the young man. The boy was surprised in the dark and quickly turned around to avoid it.

The man threw himself into the air, and the young man was about to breathe a sigh of relief. Unexpectedly, the scholar in the back stretched out his hand, and the target was still his burden. The scholar’s grasping action is as quick as an ape. Although the young man’s movement is not slow, his body shape is completely under the control of the other party. In the blink of an eye, the scholar has taken the burden in his hand and sneered.

“The dreamer?” the scholar smiled. “I’ve observed for a long time. What’s in this burden should be your secret weapon -” the dreamer “, right?”

The young man was expressionless and said coldly, “give it back to me, or I’ll fight with you!”

The scholar said, “without the secret weapon, why should you fight with me? Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Li se, the manager of Mingzhu villa. This is my little brother, who I specially sent to deal with you. What’s the matter? We’re still playing well.” he pointed to the man who robbed things just now. Obviously, he designed everything.

“Is this the ‘dream man’?” Lv Pingchuan felt a little strange with a sharp weapon. This is a sharp weapon with a length of more than three feet. The top half is a sharp blade. The sword body is extremely wide and shining with cold awn. The lower half is an inverted bronze man, with close legs covered with thin holes. I don’t know what use it is.

Li se said with a smile, “this weapon looks simple. In fact, it contains nine mechanisms. For example, when the left arm of the copper man is pulled back, it can control the expansion and contraction of the sword body. Pressing the nose, smoke will be released in these small holes, just like facing the fog, charming ears and eyes. The three elders were caught off guard, so they were taken by the villain.”

“Sure enough, it’s a vicious weapon.” Lv Pingchuan nodded and turned to the stubborn boy with his hands tied under the hall. The boy was still silent, but he looked at the woman next to LV Pingchuan’s tiger skin chair, with a strange look on his face. That’s LV Pingchuan’s wife. The wind is like rain. At the moment, she was also looking at the boy, as if trying to recall something.

LV Pingchuan asked, “your name is Lin Yuji, isn’t it? You are the one who has been attacking our villa and claiming revenge these days?”

The boy was silent and seemed to acquiesce. LV Pingchuan didn’t understand. He didn’t know the boy. He looked up each other’s information and never had a grudge with each other. Why did the other party do this?

He said the question, and the young man sneered: “Lv Pingchuan, are you still pretending? You set up a conspiracy, kidnapped people’s wives and daughters, and forced others to marry you. Can’t this be the reason for my revenge?”

“Abducting wives and daughters and forcing people to get married?” Lv Pingchuan listened and looked puzzled. When she looked at the wind and rain, she just looked over with doubt. He was furious: “it’s nonsense. Li se, this man not only hurt the people in our villa, but also deceived the public. I’ll give him to you. Kill or cut as you want!”

Li se smiled, “this man is a terrible criminal. Let me end his dog’s life with his’ dream man ‘.” then he took over the “dream man” from LV Pingchuan and walked to the hall step by step.

Lin Yuji saw the edge getting closer and closer, and the tip of his nose could not help but sweat. He suddenly shouted, “do it!” and with a hard effort, he had strained the hemp rope that bound his hands and feet.

LV Pingchuan was surprised, and a white fog suddenly spread. He felt a blur in front of his eyes and a cold in his lower abdomen. Under the severe pain, he knew that the “dream man” had stabbed into his lower abdomen. It’s lisser! LV Pingchuan never dreamed that the man who attacked him was Li se.

“You…” Lv Ping fell on the tiger skin chair in pain. At this time, Lin Yuji punches and kicks, and has beaten the others in the lobby to lie on the ground.

“So you colluded?” Lv Pingchuan woke up when he saw the amazing change. Liser sneered and didn’t deny it. In the three days when Li se designed to capture Lin Yuji and escorted him back to Zhuang, many changes have taken place. This was unexpected for LV Pingchuan.

Is there a more reasonable result for an ambitious manager, a ready-made trap and an available expert?

Li se slowly walked up to LV Pingchuan and said, “ten years, I’ve been waiting for this moment for ten years. In terms of martial arts and wisdom, which one will I lose to you? Why are you always superior and I can only be your subordinate? Now, this injustice is finally coming to an end. Ha ha…”

He greeted Lin Yuji and said that he would let him personally cut his enemy and give him back the “dream man”. Lin Yuji came step by step, like the God of revenge. Looking at the sudden change, LV Pingchuan’s wife Feng Ruoyu woke up and rushed over and said, “you… You can’t hurt him, you can’t…”

Lin Yuji stretched out his hand to pick up the weapon and stopped, with a faint sadness in his eyes. Just then, suddenly came the sharp sound of breaking through the air. Lin Yuji subconsciously flashed, but he was still half a step slow, and his left shoulder was deeply stabbed. Fresh blood splashed out and cut into the heart. When he looked sideways, Li se smiled grimly, and dripping blood was on the tip of the “dream man”.

Lin Yuji was terrified and said in amazement, “you, what are you going to do?” Lv Pingchuan smiled miserably: “fool, you know so much. How can he be at ease if he doesn’t kill you?”

Li se said faintly, “the three elders were injured and the villa leader died unfortunately. These are all given by the Lin brothers. If Li doesn’t show the Lin brothers to the public, how can Li succeed the villa leader? How can this son sit stably?” Lin Yuji covered his wound, his shoulder was bleeding, and soon his clothes were dyed red.

At that moment, Lin Yuji suddenly turned back and just looked at the wind like rain. Who was she worried about? Lin Yuji had no time to think about it, because the thick fog floated again.

Lin Yu was silent, but he felt that his eyes were blurred, and Li SE’s figure disappeared in the fog. Lin Yuji simply closed his eyes… Soon, a scream sounded and someone fell to the ground with a “plop”.

LV Pingchuan and his wife did not dare to guess the result. When the thick fog dispersed, they were surprised to find that the person who still stood was Lin Yuji. Liser fell to the ground and was struggling in pain. The “dream man” was inserted into his belly, with blood pouring.

“If you don’t use the ‘dream man’, I may have no chance of winning. Unfortunately, you are too careful…” this is the last sentence Li se heard. Indeed, Lin Yuji was quite lucky. If Li se doesn’t release the thick fog, it’s more than enough to knock down a wounded Lin Yuji with his personal martial arts. However, after the dense fog is cast, in addition to the other party’s visual blur, he is also affected by the same effect. Lin Yuji has been immersed in the “dream man” for many years. The experience of listening to wind discrimination in the fog is better than the other party?

Lin Yuji takes back the bloody blade and goes to LV Pingchuan. He wants to kill the enemy himself and avenge those who have been insulted and damaged.

Feng Ruoyu suddenly remembered something and cried out, “Xiaoxin, Xiaoxin, is that you?” Lin Yuji trembled and smiled bitterly: “you just remembered. I thought you knew it long ago.”

Five years ago, Feng Ruoyu was still the big miss of the Feng family in the wind summer palace. When Lin Yuji saw her on a field outing, he couldn’t help falling in love at first sight. After that, the two sent letters and talked heart to heart. They had a lot of contacts. Feng Ruoyu also joked that Lin Yuji was “Xiaoxin”. At that time, Lin Yuji was busy practicing his sword. When he went to the wind summer palace every other month, he found that it was razed to the ground. The master of the wind family died and the wife and daughter of the wind family disappeared. After some investigation, Lin Yuji knew that this matter was related to Qingfeng stronghold and Mingzhu mountain villa. There was even a rumor that the leader of Mingzhu mountain villa forced Feng Ruoyu to marry him. Lin Yuji hates this and decides to practice martial arts hard to avenge the Feng family.

Now the matter came out, but Feng Ruoyu was very confused: “no, my father’s death has nothing to do with Pingchuan.”

She told Lin Yuji that the wind summer palace was destroyed by Qingfeng stronghold. Fortunately, LV Pingchuan passed by and saved his mother and daughter. Since the well water of Mingzhu villa and Qingfeng Village did not interfere with the river at that time, LV Pingchuan claimed that Feng Ruoyu was his wife and was able to intervene in the matter. In fact, Feng Ruoyu later married LV Pingchuan out of gratitude.

Lin Yuji’s heart is extremely bitter. Doesn’t Feng Ruoyu know that he likes her silently? In order to avenge her, he kept practicing his sword? Even this secret weapon is named “dream man”?

But the cruelty of reality is that the person you are thinking of may even forget your appearance.

Lin Yuji walked out of the gate blankly. The sun was bright and the sky was clear, and his mood suddenly widened.

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