Chinese theme of martial Story: kick to one’s chest

In the late Qing Dynasty, there was a Cangzhou escort named Lu Lianju in Shenyang Yongxing escort agency, nicknamed “woxinjiao”. This man is in his fifties, with a medium head, a small nose and small eyes. He speaks softly without any heroic spirit. People who don’t know the details think he is a busboy in the escort agency.


As the saying goes, one cannot judge by appearance, and the sea cannot be measured. Lu Lianju became a master of Cangzhou’s famous Xia Ma Yunfei when he was young. He has developed excellent martial arts. In particular, the “serial mandarin duck legs” are famous far and near. When you fight with people, use both hands and legs. You can kill people with three moves and two moves. Still unsatisfied, he learned another unique skill of guarding the house – kindness and feet. This move was handed down by a martial monk of Shaolin Temple. It has strange and fierce feet and is difficult to defend. Lu Lianju was hired by Yongxing escort agency with this unique skill, which gave him the name “woxinjiao”. Lu Lianju is generally not easy to use because his “heart and feet” are exposed and easy to hurt people.

kick to one's chest

On this day, Lu Lian took the escort to Handan. Pass through Cangzhou and stay at the Li family store in the east gate at night. Lu Lianju returned to his hometown. When his friends heard about it, they came to see him one after another. One of the younger martial brothers, named Wang Qingjiang, talked about teaching disciples and passing on skills. Wang Qingjiang looked ashamed and shed tears.


It turned out that ten years ago, Wang Qingjiang accepted an apprentice named sun tietou. Although he looks stupid, he is smart and has an excellent waist. Wang Qingjiang loved him very much. He regarded him as his own son and spared no effort to teach him all kinds of boxing instruments. Not only that, even the master passed on his housekeeping skill “serial mandarin duck legs” to sun tietou. A few years later, sun tietou not only achieved excellent boxing and leg skills, but also practiced the unique skill of iron palm and copper head, and gradually became famous in Cangzhou. As soon as people praise and compliment, sun tietou doesn’t know the greatness of heaven and earth. Gradually, he got involved with the local ruffians and scoundrels in the city. He ate, drank, whored, gambled and became a robber by relying on martial arts, which became a local evil. After Wang Qingjiang knew, he was furious and scolded sun tietou. However, sun tietou is wild and full of banditry. Where can he buy his master’s account? After three words, he stroked his arm with his master. At this time, Wang Qingjiang was no longer the opponent of sun tietou, who was young and strong. He let Sun tietou beat him hard. Wang Qingjiang was ashamed of his ancestors and had no face to see others. He was seriously ill


After listening to the younger martial brother, Lu Lianju was angry. There were such disobedients in the world! If he hadn’t been in a hurry, he really wanted to see this unworthy thing! He complained that his younger martial brother should not divide the good and the bad. Younger martial brother Wang Qingjiang regretted being blind. He shouldn’t have accepted such a villain who is inferior to animals. The two sighed and dispersed.


Early the next morning, Lu Lianju set out on his way. When I came to Baijia ferry, I was just about to make a transition when I saw a big man swaggering along the shore. He was twenty-five or six years old, big and thick, with a wide edge skill belt with nails around his waist, fat head and ears, and strong like an iron tower. The man came to the ferry, stepped on the cable tied to the boat on the stone pillar, held his arms in front of his chest, and said in a strange manner, “which escort Lu is the escort of the goods? I have something to tell him!”


Lu Lianju is a man who travels far and wide. He has learned everything about the Jianghu. Seeing this person, he knows that he is “eating white people” (jargon, not good things). He thought, in broad daylight, in Wuxiang, Cangzhou, would someone try to do something wrong at this crowded ferry? Never! So he didn’t take it to heart. He replied, “I’m the one who bet. Who are you?” Then he came ashore.


The black man looked up and down at Lu Lianju. Seeing such a respectful face, he disdained to curl his mouth, hugged his hands and said, “you are Lu… Oh, uncle Lu, I’m your nephew sun tietou!”


Lu Lianju heard that he was sun tietou. He suddenly changed color, bumped up angrily, and said coldly, “I don’t have your martial nephew, and I’m not your martial uncle. Go away quickly!” With that, I’m going to untie the rope.


Sun tietou ate a nest neck and didn’t think so. He stretched out his hand to stop him and said, “Oh, master, what’s your hurry! I didn’t know you came yesterday. I’ve been visiting you long ago. When we met for the first time, I wanted to learn about your kindness! My master can’t do this. I want to learn! ” Lu Lianju “hum” and said angrily, “don’t be wordy. I’m in a hurry. Go away quickly!”


Sun tietou was still motionless and pressed step by step: “master, don’t be so heartless? I’ve learned this trick! If you don’t teach me today, you can’t leave! ”




The crowd gathered more and more. Many people couldn’t see it anymore and talked about it one after another: “is there anyone who studies like this? Isn’t this trouble making? ” At this time, Wang Qingjiang also came to see him off. Seeing this, he squeezed into the crowd and shouted to sun tietou, “you rebellious beast, don’t get away quickly. Today, you dare to be rude to your master?” Sun tietou said, “master, what are you talking about? You don’t know how to be kind. Don’t you want me to ask the master for advice? ”


At this time, Lu Lianju’s face changed from white to purple and from purple to red. He clenched his back teeth and thought, such arrogant people don’t teach him how to know heaven and earth! Thinking of this, he took a slow breath: “well, since you want to learn, I will help you! Come on, let me see your Kung Fu first. ”


Sun tietou came to the ferry terminal this time and said that it was false to learn from Lu Lianju. In fact, he came to compare his skills with Lu Lianju. In full view of the public, sun tietou was very happy when he heard that he had a look at his kung fu and said, “I’m making a fool of myself!” With a deep breath and a loud roar, he bent over and bumped into the stone pillar that tied the boat. He only heard a “click” and broke the thick stone pillar! Everyone was shocked and looked silly.


Sun tietou broke the stone pillar, but he was still not satisfied. He reached out and grabbed the cable that tied the boat, opened his eyes, stroked his hands and said, “broken!” The cable with thick thumb is broken in two! Lu Lianju looked at it and exclaimed, “it’s really iron man’s divine power. Good Kung Fu, good Kung Fu!” After praising, he couldn’t help feeling sorry: “it’s a pity, it’s a pity that this Kung Fu is crooked…”


Seeing that his two moves shocked Lu Lianju and the crowd, sun tietou was not happy. One hugged and said, “please show your hands!”


Lu Lian raised his hand and said, “no, you do it. I’ll take it here!” Sun tietou didn’t expect Lu Lianju to let him fight so happily. He hesitated and said, “please!” The move is very fierce, pressing step by step. One move is as tight as one move, one quick as one, and the fist does not leave the key. Everyone secretly pinched sweat for Lu Lianju. The boy’s handle is so heavy. It’ll be great if he hits it! Lu Lianju only parried, dodged and moved, avoided left and right, and was as fast as a swallow. He was clever as a white ape. Sun tietou could not touch a hair of him even though he was cruel. They fought for dozens of rounds on the river bank, regardless of victory or defeat.


Sun tietou became a little anxious. He thought that Lu Lianju’s Kung Fu was really much better than Wang Qingjiang’s, and it would be bad for him to continue to hold a stalemate like this. Then he took out a swallow tail dart, suddenly jumped out of the circle and said, “it’s a guy!” You have to throw darts. Lu Lian looked up at Lu Lu, faster than him. He was ready when he took out the dart. Sun tietou just darted together. His feet had arrived and shouted, “here’s my heart’s feet!”“ When “, he kicked sun tietou’s left chest. Sun tietou was caught off guard. The dart didn’t throw out, but he held it on the ground with a “thump”, and immediately spit out a mouthful of blood.


After kicking sun tietou down, Lu Lian lifted the dirt on Shan Shan and said, “you rebellious thief, it’s unreasonable to hurt the division and defeat Lun! Save your life today and introspect! ” Then he turned and left.


Seeing that the elder martial brother punished the traitor for himself, Wang Qingjiang was happy. He followed him and said, “elder martial brother, this beast has no human taste. Why do you keep him?”


Lu Lian raised his hand and said, “don’t worry, younger martial brother. My foot only takes eight points of strength. In less than half a month, he will become a disabled man. If you want to walk again for at least three years…”


Sure enough, half a month later, sun tietou collapsed on the Kang. He regretted and hated, but there was no way, so he had to swallow the bitter fruit he planted silently.

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