Chinese theme of martial Story: North South divine capture

Story 1

In Dongyang City, there is only one kind of people who have never heard of Ding Dayuan’s name, that is the deaf. Ding Dayuan is the richest man in Dongyang City. No one can tell how rich he is, but everyone knows that there are hundreds of martial arts teachers in Ding’s house. These people are all Wulin experts invited by Ding Dayuan at a high price.

However, even these 100 Wulin experts failed to save Ding Dayuan’s life. Ding Dayuan was killed and the gold and silver in the house were swept away. Ding Dayuan died in his bedroom. There was no trauma on the surface, but he tested that his chest had a palm print as big as a basin, and his sternum was broken as powder. There is only one person in the Jianghu who has such a big palm, such a strong force and can move freely in the inner courtyard guarded by 100 people, that is, the Black Hawk.

 North South divine capture

Black Hawk not only practiced martial arts, but also reached the peak of lightness skills. The person who can combine these two martial arts into one and practice them perfectly is definitely a martial arts genius. It’s a pity that this martial arts wizard didn’t get on the right track, but became a lone thief. He has committed countless crimes over the years, but he is still at large.

The case was not complicated. Constable Li Nanshan soon ordered the whole city to carry out a search and arrest, guard all gates, strictly investigate all entrances and exits, and post portraits of Black Hawks everywhere. A few days later, I finally got the news that the Black Hawk appeared in Yanfang Pavilion in the city. Li Nanshan immediately surrounded Yanfang pavilion with people. Sure enough, the black hawk was having fun inside.

A group of captors came forward to catch them, but the black hawk was too good at martial arts. Many captors were injured and defeated. Finally, the Black Hawk jumped out of the window and ran away. Li Nanshan chased out alone. Unfortunately, he didn’t catch up with the Black Hawk, but returned injured.

More than ten days passed quickly, but the black hawk was still at large in the city. This cognition made the whole Dongyang City panic.

Story 2

At dusk, Dongyang city seemed to be plated with gold under the setting sun. He rode a fast horse like an arrow to the city gate. The horse was stopped at the gate, and a burst of smoke and dust rose under the hoof, choking the gate guard to cover his nose with his hand.

The long bearded guest on the horse turned over and dismounted. He was about to speak, but the guard waved and shouted, “go! It’s late. Come back tomorrow.”

The bearded guest was a little unhappy: “the city gate has not been closed. Why are you not allowed to enter the city?”

The guard gave a cold hum: “I said I wouldn’t let you in. Where did you get so much bullshit?”

The long bearded guest looked sullen: “what if I have to enter?”

As soon as the guard heard this, “choking clatter” pulled out his knife: “it seems that if you don’t teach you a lesson today, you don’t know the greatness of heaven and earth!” after that, the guard came forward to be rude. Who knows, before he got close to the bearded guest, he had “ouch” and fell a foot away.

The guard was disgraced and said to the city, “there are people making trouble here, come and take it!” then, seven or eight guards poured out of the city gate and rushed at the long bearded guest. The long bearded guest was no longer able to distinguish, and the long sword struck an arc. Several guards could not help but step back. No one was injured, but they all felt their waists loose and bowed their heads. Everyone’s belt had been neatly broken.

This sword only cuts the belt. What if it’s the throat? Several guards looked at each other and didn’t know what to do next. Not far away, a emaciated coir raincoat man clapped his hands and laughed: “good sword technique, really worthy of being the famous North God catcher in the world!”

When the guards heard this, their faces turned pale. If this person is really the northern God who catches Bao Zhenfeng, it will cause great trouble.

The long bearded guest turned to look at the coir raincoat man, looked up and down, and bowed his hands: “if I’m right, this is brother Nan Shenchuan Gongsun?”

The man in coir raincoat saluted with a fist: “good eyesight. I’m Gongsun Yue.”

The guards were stupid. What day is today? The northern and southern kamikaze will gather in Dongyang City?

Gongsun Yue and Bao Zhenfeng took out an official letter from their pockets. Gongsun Yue smiled and handed them to the guard just now: “if you don’t give others a chance to speak, you are also to blame for being beaten.”

At this time, Constable Li Nanshan stumbled to the scene and bowed repeatedly: “two divine catchers, I’m going down Li Nanshan. It’s too far to meet you! I’m sorry for a misunderstanding.”

Story 3

What makes the northern and southern divine catchers gather in Dongyang City? It’s still about Ding Dayuan. Ding Dayuan became the richest man in Dongyang City not only because of his superb business methods, but also because he had a high-ranking close relative in the imperial city. Ding Dayuan’s death not only shocked Dongyang City, but also the imperial city. This local criminal case has therefore attracted the attention of the Ministry of justice. The Ministry of punishment does not hesitate to mobilize the northern and southern divine catchers to track down the murderer at the same time, so as to catch the murderer as soon as possible and give an account to Ding Dayuan’s close relative in the imperial city.

After explaining the details of the case, Li Nanshan seemed to unload the heavy burden. He said that he would not disturb the two to rest, so he withdrew. In the room, a bean lamp was still burning quietly, and no one spoke. Although they are both famous divine catchers, it’s the first time to cooperate after all. It’s not good to be too abrupt. Finally, Bao Zhenfeng broke the silence: “brother Gongsun, what good plan can you think of?”

Gongsun Yue listened, but just made a ha ha: “brother Bao is here. I Gongsun Yue can be a helper at most. How can I bother with these things?”

Bao Zhenfeng didn’t expect Gongsun Yue to answer him like this. He was about to say something. Suddenly, he heard a burst of fine breathing outside the door. He couldn’t help shouting “ashamed”. There was someone outside the door, but he didn’t find it! At the first meeting, Gongsun Yue was better than himself.

The two exchanged a look, ready to work hard at the same time to catch the eavesdropper outside the door. However, just for a moment, I heard Li Nanshan clapping the door outside the door and shouting, “you two, I bought some wine and vegetables. Would you like to have a drink?”

The three pushed glasses and drank. After three rounds of drinking, Li Nanshan also got drunk: “Ding Dayuan’s case is really difficult now. The boss has to find out why, but in my opinion, it’s hanging. You two divine catchers, have you ever thought about what to do if the Black Hawk has escaped from Dongyang City?”

Bao Zhenfeng asked, “doesn’t it mean that the city gate is well defended these days, and the Black Hawks haven’t left the city yet?”

Li Nanshan shook his head: “Black Hawk can kill Ding Dayuan under the eyes of 100 guards. Do you expect those guards to guard him?”

Bao Zhenfeng frowned deeply.

Li Nanshan said with a bitter face, “I’m ashamed. I only know some tripod Kung Fu and can deal with some thieves. If I meet Black Hawks, I can’t do anything. Anyway, I hope you two can solve this case so as to keep my status as a constable. Come on, I’ll give you a toast.”

Gongsun Yue laughed: “if all the cases could be solved, wouldn’t it be peaceful that day? In this way, what’s the use of catching the head? Sometimes it’s better not to solve the case than to solve the case, isn’t it? Come on, let’s drink!”

On one side, Bao Zhenfeng listened and angrily pushed away the glass: “as a constable, I should always take it as my duty to catch the prisoner. What you two said is just considering my job. I won’t drink this wine!”

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