Chinese theme of martial Story: Sudden change of bridal chamber

That night, Constable Ouyang of Pengcheng returned from the wind patrol. When he opened the door, he saw a dark shadow in the house and jumped out of the window. That person’s body method is very fast. When Ouyang chased the wind, he disappeared long ago. Ouyang chased the wind back into the house and checked that something had been stolen. His eyes were attracted by a note nailed to the table: Hou Qianshou has come to Pengcheng. Obviously, the man left the note. Who is he and why should he tell him about hou Qianshou.

In fact, Ouyang Zhuifeng has been asking about hou Qianshou. Hou Qianshou is a notorious flower picker, and hundreds of good family women are bad at his hands. The Ministry of punishment issued 12 gold medal wanted notices, but he didn’t do anything to him. He has excellent lightness skills, cunning and agility. As long as he likes women, he can’t get them. Ouyang chased the wind and did not dare to neglect. He called his captors and ordered them to go down and search the outsiders who appeared in Pengcheng closely.

Sudden change of bridal chamber

For three days, there was still no news about hou Qianshou. Ouyang couldn’t sit down. He went out of the county government and decided to find Hou Qianshou himself. A little beggar ran up to him and said, “are you Constable Ouyang?” seeing Ouyang chasing the wind nodding, the little beggar handed him a note and said, “someone asked me to give it to you.” Ouyang chasing the wind looked at the note and said: go to Cao’s house in the South of the city quickly. Handwriting that is as like as two peas. Ouyang Zhuifeng wanted to ask the little beggar who gave it to him. The little beggar had run away, and Ouyang Zhuifeng didn’t stop him. He thought that since the man intended to hide his identity, he couldn’t ask anything from the little beggar.

Ouyang chased the wind and rode to the south of the city. He saw a platform outside a big house, surrounded by a large group of people. A charming beauty on the stage, holding a red Hydrangea, walked around the stage. The people under the stage rushed here and there with her footsteps. Ouyang dismounted after the wind, patted the horse’s back and let the horse go by itself. Standing outside the crowd, he looked at the stage from a distance and asked the people around him. Only then did he know that today was the day when Miss Cao threw a hydrangea to invite relatives.

At this time, Miss Cao on the stage saw Ouyang chasing the wind. Ouyang chasing the wind had a handsome appearance and stood out from the crowd. She couldn’t help but make a secret promise. But the distance was too far. She raised her hand several times. She was afraid of falling into the arms of others and dared not throw out the hydrangea. She called a maid and whispered a few times in her ear. She saw the maid step down with an Hydrangea in her hand. The audience was boiling and the shouting of “give me” and “mine” continued. The maid went straight to Ouyang to chase the wind, put the red Hydrangea in his arms and said, “my miss has selected the childe. Please follow me.”

Ouyang chased the wind and let the maid drag him to see member Cao. He came back to God and hurriedly said no. As soon as Cao Yuanwai heard, “do you have a wife at the childe’s house?” Ouyang chased the wind and shook his head. Cao Yuanwai said, “my daughter is not beautiful?” Ouyang chased the wind and shook his head: “Miss Cao looks like an immortal.” Cao yangwai laughed: “in that case, why don’t you say it? Ouyang chased the wind and was dragged and pushed by several servants and sent to his bridal chamber.

The red candle in the bridal chamber is burning high and emits a faint faint fragrance. Miss Cao is generous and polite. She asks Ouyang Zhuifeng to sit down at the table, pour two glasses of wine and say, “please ask your name, young master. After drinking Jiaobei wine, we will be husband and wife. From then on, the husband will follow the woman and raise the table.” Ouyang Zhuifeng stops the wine cup and says: “Miss Cao, I’m really sorry. It happened suddenly. When the villain reported it to my mother, I’ll be hired again.” she got up and wanted to go. Miss Cao sneered: “Constable Ouyang, pretending to be like you. You’re alone. Where’s your mother?” Ouyang was stunned. She only heard Miss Cao say again: “don’t you want the news of Hou Qianshou? Why did you leave without the news?” Ouyang chased the wind and said in surprise, “you are the one who left me a message twice. Do you know where Hou Qianshou is?” Miss Cao didn’t answer. She took down a sword from the wall and said, “everything is in this sword.” Then she handed the sword to Ouyang chasing the wind. Ouyang chasing the wind took the sword. It was a wooden sword. He gently pulled out the sword with a faint fragrance. He shouted “bad” and fell to the ground. Miss Cao said angrily: “No matter how careful you are, you won’t think that the red candle is added with Datura pollen from the western regions, and the sword is made of firewood sandalwood. Datura and firewood sandalwood are not poisonous, but the combination of their fragrance becomes a strange poison in the world. Say, why did you kill my brother!”

Ouyang Zhuifeng shook his head painfully. “I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Miss Cao said bitterly, “my real name is Li Ke. I’m the adopted daughter of the Cao family. Li Tian is my brother. In an action, you secretly hurt my brother, so you took the throne of chief constable.” Ouyang Zhuifeng said weakly: “Who did you hear? You know, Li Tian and I are sworn brothers. Hou Qianshou attacked Hou Qianshou when we caught him.” Miss Cao said: “I don’t believe it. Hou Qianshou has my brother’s Keepsake in his hand. My brother and I were separated and wore a pair of jade pendants left by my mother. My brother handed the jade pendants to Hou Qianshou before he died and asked him to find me and avenge him. If he didn’t believe Hou Qianshou, how could he give the jade pendants to him?” Said Miss as like as two peas, which were exactly the same. Ouyang sighed with a sigh of relief. “I know this jade Pepe, but I don’t know how to get to the Hou’s hand.” Li Tianchang said to you, he looked everywhere for you, but he never found it. I didn’t think you were close at hand, but eventually you found it, but jade was dead. “Miss Cao said,” two, “You don’t have to sophistry. You’ll give my brother back his life!”

At this time, someone sighed softly, “Li Ke, you really blame him.” a figure jumped down from the beam, looked at Li Ke and said proudly: “Little girl, you are so childish! I accidentally picked up Li Tian’s jade pendant that time. Later, I met you. When I knew you were brothers and sisters, I made up a lie to you. I didn’t expect you to believe it so easily. Now as long as Ouyang chases the wind and dies, no one in Pengcheng can do anything about me. There are many good things every day. Today, not only are old enemies, but also kiss the United States Xiaowa, ha ha! “Li Ke’s face changed greatly when she heard the speech. She scolded,” Hou Qianshou, you’re so mean! “While scolding, she rushed at Hou Qianshou. Hou Qianshou just waved her hand gently, and she was numb and could not move.

Hou Qianshou walked up to Ouyang chasing the wind and said sarcastically, “Constable Ouyang, you are lying like a dead dog. Do you want to catch me? If you beg me for mercy, I can spare you from dying.” Ouyang chasing the wind “bah” A mouthful of thick phlegm hit Hou Qianshou’s forehead. Hou Qianshou became angry with shame and grabbed Ouyang’s throat with five fingers like a hook. If he caught it, Ouyang’s throat would have to be broken. At the critical moment, Ouyang turned over and jumped up, his feet kicked out in succession, and hit several big holes in Hou Qianshou’s chest and abdomen. Hou Qianshou stared wide and killed him. He didn’t believe that Ouyang could be a Jedi counterattack.

Ouyang Zhuifeng said contemptuously: “You never dreamed that the trap you painstakingly set up revealed its flaws from the beginning. You left a note in my house that day. Although I didn’t catch you, I saw your back clearly. We took photos, so you don’t have to doubt my eyesight. I’m very surprised. Since you came to Pengcheng again, why did you tell me? So I was so confused and decided to do what I wanted to do at last I led you out. Unexpectedly, I found Li Tian’s long lost sister. I really want to thank you. “Hou Qianshou’s face was even whiter than paper.

Ouyang Zhuifeng opened Li Ke’s sealed acupoint and said excitedly, “brother Li Tian told me again and again before he died to let me find you. From then on, you are my sister. If you need my brother to do anything, my brother will not hesitate.” Li Ke looked at Ouyang Zhuifeng and said, “I don’t want you to be my brother.” Ouyang Zhuifeng was stunned. Li Ke’s voice went down, blushed like Xia, and said shyly: “Do you know what day it is today? You left like this. I have no face. Do you deserve my brother?” Ouyang Zhuifeng woke up and took Li Ke into his arms with joy.

Suddenly, Ouyang Zhuifeng’s body fell soft and Li Ke was shocked. Ouyang Zhuifeng said, “give me the antidote quickly. Datura and red sandalwood are really powerful. I just relied on my internal power to suppress the toxicity.” Li Ke hurried to get the antidote, but Ouyang chasing the wind consumed too much internal power. Even after taking the antidote, he had to stay in bed and rest for three days. Li Ke served him all the time these three days, and their affection became deeper.

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