Chinese theme of martial Story: Swordsman’s last wish

Sweet water village outside Guizhou city is the place where Wu Zhifeng, a generation of swordsman, retired. Ten years ago, Wu Zhifeng sold swords and bought cattle. He bought dozens of acres of paddy fields in Tianshui village and adopted a boy of six or seven years old. Since then, he has closed the door to thank customers and devoted himself to farming and mulberry. The two of us live a carefree life without hearing about the world in the Jianghu.

During spring ploughing this year, Wu Zhifeng was working at home. A young man like a scholar came to visit him.

In the first few years of coming to Tianshui village, some Wulin people came here to find Wu Zhifeng for competition or provocation. Wu Zhifeng politely rejected those who wanted to compete; Wu Zhifeng used his sword to drive away the defiance. Gradually no one came to the door. It’s really amazing that a scholar came today.

Chinese theme of martial Story

The visitor’s name is Wen Yuan. He is in his early thirties and has a handsome face. His bright eyes are full of sadness.

After the greeting, Wen Yuan knelt down in front of Wu Zhifeng and cried loudly, saying that he had an important request. If great Xia Wu refused, he would kneel and die in sweet water village.

Wu Zhifeng quickly picked Wen Yuan up and asked what he wanted. Wen Yuan stopped crying and explained why.

Wen Yuan’s family lives in Lingzhou. His ancestors practiced martial arts for several generations. His father’s civilization is also a famous martial artist in the local area. After years of swords and blood, civilization decided not to care about the affairs of the Jianghu and did not teach his son Wen Yuan to practice martial arts. The family lived a solid and stable life on their ancestral heritage. However, the tree wants to be quiet and the wind does not stop. Three years ago, a group of swordsmen came to Lingzhou to compete with civilization. Civilization refused again and again, but this group of people refused. In desperation, civilization had to agree to a martial arts contest. The sword is ruthless. During the martial arts competition, civilization was stabbed by a swordsman. Nevertheless, this group of people did not give up, accusing civilization of not revealing its Tibetan skills. They were really arrogant, and claimed that they would compete again about three years later in baiape mountain, Quebec. At that time, if civilization does not reach or still hides technology, they will kill all Wen’s family.

After the swordsmen left, civilization healed at home. He didn’t want to be seriously injured and difficult to cure, but died six months later. Now the martial arts competition is coming. Wen Yuan, a scholar, really can’t deal with it. I heard that the great Xia Wu Zhifeng returned to the state in seclusion, so he came thousands of miles and begged Wu Zhifeng to go out to solve the problem.

After listening to Wen Yuan, Wu Zhifeng frowned. He didn’t expect that the martial arts competition in the Jianghu was so irregular and far away. It is the bounden duty of martial arts practitioners to draw a knife to help when they are in a rough road. However, after many years of seclusion, they have vowed not to ask about the affairs in the Jianghu. If they go out of the mountain this time, will it be against their previous oath?

Just when Wu Zhifeng was worried, Wen Yuan suddenly knelt down again and “clicked” off the middle finger of his left hand. With blood in his mouth, he said to Wu Zhifeng: “during the an Shi rebellion, the rebels besieged Suiyang. Tang Dynasty broke through Nan Jiyun’s encirclement and asked for help. He devoured his fingers to express his will. However, the rescue failed, and the life of Suiyang city was ruined. Now, although my Wen family is no better than Suiyang, it is as vital as human life. Wen Yuan, a corrupt scholar, can’t save people. He can only break his fingers to show his heart. Please pity my family of more than 30, great Xia Wu! ”

Seeing this, Wu Zhifeng quickly picked up Wen Yuan and ordered his adopted son Wu Xiaoniu to bandage Wen Yuan. Wen Yuan resolutely refused to stand up and let the calf wrap up. He claimed that he wanted to die so as not to witness the slaughter of his family. Wu Zhifeng could no longer refuse and expressed his willingness to help. Wen Yuan is naturally grateful.

That night, Wen Yuan stayed at the Wu family and told Wu Zhifeng more details. There were five swordsmen in that group, known as the “five element swordsman”. They were gold as red, wood as true, water as dead, fire as hot and earth as crazy. Their master was the late No. 1 swordsman in the world – Sheng Rubai.

Hearing Sheng Rubai’s name, Wu Zhifeng couldn’t help but be surprised. At the beginning, he wanted to fight for the title of the world’s first swordsman. He once asked Yu Sheng Rufu. The result of the contest was that Bo Zhong could not be separated, and Wu Zhifeng was famous all over the world. But he knew in his heart that Sheng Rufu had done his best. It was since then that he had the idea of seclusion“ Since the “five element swordsman” came from Sheng Rubai, his swordsmanship should be superb. Perhaps, in this world, only Wu Zhifeng can stop them from doing evil.

The next morning, Wu Zhifeng and his son packed their bags and went to Quebec with Wen Yuan. Before leaving, Wu Zhifeng asked the calf to pour a glass of wine for himself and Wenyuan. He told Wen Yuan that after drinking this wine, he returned to the Jianghu and worked together with Wen Yuan to eliminate the harm in the Jianghu. Wen Yuan felt ashamed and regretted that he had never learned martial arts from his father. They drank it all at once and threw a cup to express their will.

When we arrived in Quebec, we were only one day away from the appointed time. Wu Zhifeng stayed in the inn to recuperate his luck; Wu Xiaoniu is busy taking care of his daily life; Wen Yuan went to the city to inquire about the news of the “five element swordsman” and went to baiape mountain to explore the way. After returning in the evening, Wen Yuan said that the “five element swordsman” was already in Quebec and would appear on the rhinoceros peak of White Ape mountain tomorrow afternoon. After hearing this, Wu Zhifeng nodded silently.

Rhinoceros peak is the main peak of White Ape mountain. It is steep and straight, like a rhinoceros horn. It has always been inaccessible, and only hunters and medicine collectors occasionally patronize here. When Wu Zhifeng and his party reached the summit, the “five element swordsman” had already been waiting there.

Wu Zhifeng ordered Wen Yuan and the calf to step back and talk to the five people alone.

The five men were dressed in yellow, white, black, green and red tights, and all covered with square scarves. Strangely, although they are called “swordsmen”, the weapons in their hands are not Swords: one makes a knife, one makes an axe, one makes a stick, one makes a spear, and one makes a meteor hammer. Without answering, they came forward together and took Wu Zhifeng.

Seeing this, Wu Zhifeng had to fight with his sword.

Although he hasn’t fought with an expert for ten years, Wu Zhifeng’s martial arts haven’t declined at all. He is still familiar with the routine of using these weapons. In those years, the experts who used to make various weapons were defeated by his sword.

After dozens of rounds, the five people gradually lost support, but Wu Zhifeng became more and more brave. At this time, the meteor hammer jumped out of the circle and shouted, “bright array!” So the other four people gathered around him, four hard and one soft, and five kinds of weapons attacked again and killed Wu Zhifeng.

This fight made Wu Zhifeng feel difficult. Five kinds of weapons were flying in front of him. Each attack seemed to gather the strength of five people, so that Wu Zhifeng only had the ability to parry, but had no ability to fight back. He thought hard and couldn’t remember what kind of array it was.

While Wu Zhifeng was parrying and thinking, he took the meteor hammer by surprise and suddenly threw another meteor hammer out of his sleeve, right in Wu Zhifeng’s left arm. With a “ah” sound, Wu Zhifeng stepped back a few steps, and the blood immediately soaked his left arm’s clothes. He suddenly remembered that after comparing the sword with Sheng Rubai, Sheng Rubai once told him that only the “five blessings in the sky array” of “iceberg five demons” can be compared with his martial arts in the Wulin today. Unfortunately, the “five demons” are not the right people in the Wulin. The key to the victory of the “five blessings Qi Tian array” is to hurt people with concealed weapons. Subsequently, Sheng Rufu also talked about breaking the secret method of “five blessings Qi Tian array”. Unfortunately, I was upset that I couldn’t defeat Sheng Rufu and didn’t remember the secret method carefully. Now, we can only fight with a little impression.

Wu Zhifeng is a swordsman. After being hurt by the meteor hammer, he not only didn’t shrink back, but took the initiative to attack, shuttling through the array, and gradually stabilized his position. It’s a pity that his left arm is injured and bleeding. He can’t beat the five people and can only maintain a draw.

Just then, a man suddenly burst into the array and killed the enemy with Wu Zhifeng. This person is quite familiar with the breaking method of the “five blessings Qi Tian array”. His sword is like a dragon and his steps are like a meteor. In an instant, the situation has taken a sharp turn“ The iceberg five demons fell into a pool of blood one by one.

At this time, Wu Zhifeng felt exhausted. But he did not put away his sword, nor did he look back at the man who helped the war side by side. Instead, he said very indifferently, “tiger father has no dog son. Childe Wen, no, childe Sheng, your swordsmanship and array breaking skills are quite true to your father. ”

Wen Yuan laughed up and replied, “great Xia Wu is worthy of being a peerless expert. I think I’m good at acting, but I can’t hide it from your eyes. ”

With a smile, Wu Zhifeng turned back to Wen Yuan and said, “childe Sheng has a good heart. Unfortunately, everyone who practices martial arts has a little common sense. When you first met the young master, you claimed to be a scholar, but the old scars on the tiger’s mouth on your left hand proved that you were a swordsman. When you learn the sword for the first time, it will inevitably hurt the tiger’s mouth on your left hand. Besides, when you stayed in the dormitory that night, I noticed that you were still wearing a belt when you went to bed. Therefore, it is concluded that you are a swordsman who is used to using soft sword. Ten years ago, when your father, great Xia Sheng, met me, he mentioned that he had a son who used to use a soft sword. However, what really made me see through the true face of Lushan Mountain was the highlight of your performance: in those years, Tang Jiyun ate his finger, Mingzhi broke his left little finger, and ordinary people would do the same, but you broke your left middle finger, and don’t wrap it up with a calf afterwards. At the same time, I noticed that there was an old wound on the tiger’s mouth of your right hand, so I decided it was you. Ten years ago, great Xia Sheng told me that his son Sheng Wen was used to using weapons in his left hand. Later, because the middle finger of his left hand was broken, he turned to using his right hand. Therefore, there are scars on the tiger’s mouth of both hands. Think of it, the middle finger of your left hand must be a false finger, and the blood is just a fake. Now, you have broken the “five blessings in the sky array”, which can prove that my judgment is correct. ”

Wen Yuan said with a smile, “yes, I am Sheng Wen, Sheng Rubai’s only son. Now that you had doubts about me, why did you come with me to Quebec? ”

Wu Zhifeng smiled miserably: “I don’t know what childe Sheng wants. I want to see what he wants.”

Sheng Wen replied, “it’s very simple. Swordsman I lives only for his name. The name of the world’s first swordsman is my dream. My father enjoyed this reputation when he was alive. After his death, as his son, he should inherit it. But I know that there are two opponents in the world today, and their martial arts are above me. One is you, great Xia Wu, and the other is the “iceberg five demons”. If I get rid of you one by one, I can’t reach it and it’s too troublesome. So I designed to blackmail you to Quebec and make you kill each other, while I used my strength to reap the benefits of fishermen. Now, the five demons are dead and you are exhausted, and I am not only the first swordsman in the world, but also the first expert in Wulin! ” Then there was a wild laugh.

Wu Zhifeng sat dejectedly on the grass and sighed in the face of the bloody setting sun: “poor great Xia Sheng. He was heroic and aboveboard. Unexpectedly, his only son was so mean and dirty.”

“Shut up!” Sheng Wen gave a big drink and walked to Wu Zhifeng with a sword“ Great Xia Wu, death is coming. Please listen to me. Thinking of my father’s spirit in heaven, I would like to save the rest of your life, but with one condition. Ten years ago, my father ran all over the world, relying on a set of “spring and autumn sword technique”. This sword technique only depends on words and legends, and there is no genealogy. When my nephew was young, my father said that he hoped that when I became an adult, I would carry forward the “spring and autumn sword technique”. However, ten years ago, my father died of illness. He didn’t teach me sword skills until he died. He only asked me to come to you on his deathbed. You are his last opponent. It can be seen that the “spring and autumn sword technique” is passed on to you. I know that people have ulterior motives. After you have obtained the peerless sword technique, you are naturally unwilling to give it to others easily. Therefore, I have practiced hard for ten years. I came here today to try it. Great Xia Wu, you have rejected many Wulin people who have been looking for swordsmanship for ten years. Now you should teach me swordsmanship. It can be regarded as returning it to its owner and helping me fulfill my father’s last wish. ”

For a long time, Wu Zhifeng was still silent, and a pair of bright eyes reflected each other with the sunset.

Sheng Wen sneered again: “if you don’t want to be beautiful, you can’t do it. Although it’s a pity that the “spring and autumn sword technique” has been lost, but you and the “iceberg five demons” have died. I’m still the first expert in Wulin in the world. What a pity! Great Xia Wu, go to sleep. ” Then he raised his sword and stabbed Wu Zhifeng.

Just as Sheng Wen was about to do it, Wu Xiaoniu, who had been watching, rushed forward, tried his best, waved off Sheng Wen’s sword, and threw Sheng Wen’s top to the ground with his head.

Sheng Wen was shocked and quickly got up to pick up the sword. As a result, he was kicked over by Wu Xiaoniu and fell on all fours.

Sheng Wen stood up again and said fiercely, “a wise man who worries a lot will make a mistake. Sheng did not expect that the teenage doll had such skills. Great Xia Wu, you are a good teacher. I admire you! See you later. ”

“Young Master Sheng, go slowly and listen to me.” Wu Zhifeng stood up with the help of the calf“ I didn’t teach my son well. Daniel didn’t know martial arts, but he had some brute force and filial piety. ”

Sheng Wen stopped, turned back and shouted, “impossible! impossible! Those who can knock me down several times can’t master martial arts? ”

Wu Zhifeng smiled calmly: “Mavericks can’t do martial arts. The reason why he can knock you down is that you have lost all your martial arts and have really become a thin scholar. In those years, great Xia Sheng talked about you. He said that you were obsessed with fame and wealth, cruel and ruthless. After his death, you will become an evil in the Wulin, so he cut off the middle finger of your left hand in order to abolish your martial arts and prevent you from doing harm. No, you are really a martial arts genius. It has become a climate to use your right hand to use the sword. Pity your parents all over the world. Great Xia Sheng couldn’t bear to hurt your life at last, so please me. If I see you misbehaving, I’ll eliminate the harm for the Wulin. This is your father’s last wish in his life. As for the “spring and autumn sword technique”, it has long been a pity. It has gone west with Sheng Rufu, the world’s No. 1 swordsman. After I recognized you at home that night, I decided to implement great Xia Sheng’s last wish and abolish your martial arts. So the next morning, you put medicine in your wine, and the medicine was given at sunset today. Great Xia Sheng and I have only met once, but our hearts are in love. I know his love for his son, so I’ll leave you alive. Do it yourself. Calf, help me down the mountain. ”

After Wu Zhifeng finished, he walked to the bottom of the peak with the help of Wu Xiaoniu, leaving Sheng Wen standing on the rhinoceros peak, saying, “impossible! Impossible!… ”

The next day, a medicine collector who climbed rhinoceros peak found the bodies of five masked people; A hunter hunting under rhinoceros peak saw a scholar who fell to death.

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