Chinese Wuxia story: Hercules monkey xia

In Rizhao, Shandong Province, there was such a young master Xu who worked in the capital. His father and the Prime Minister of the current Dynasty were old classmates and asked him to visit his uncle anyway. After completing his work, childe Xu came to the prime minister’s residence. Mr. Xiang said, take 3000 liang of silver back for me when you return home.

Childe Xu went on his way with the silver. It’s no joke to bring so much money. He made up his mind to take only the main road, not the small road, only the day, not the night, and at least send people’s silver unopened.


Hercules monkey xia

Shortly after leaving the capital, Mr. Xu saw a big man, eight feet tall, ten girths thick, with copper bells in his eyes and steel needles in his hair. He thought to himself, how fierce is this man. Look at the burden he carried. Good guy, I don’t know what it contains, so I can’t say how much weight it has. The man carried it with an iron shoulder pole and suddenly glittered and trembled. Young master Xu thought, this man is really powerful. Why not be a soldier and a general, but a porter among the people? In broad daylight, I marveled and no longer took it seriously.

After walking for three or five days, it’s strange. Childe Xu saw that the big man with an iron shoulder pole always walked all the way with him. He walked, and the big man also walked; He stayed, and so did the big man. Sometimes when the big man left ahead, Mr. Xu couldn’t see his back. He said in his heart, don’t scare yourself if others go. But when we got to the front and slept, it happened that the big man lived here first. Sometimes the big man obviously goes along a fork in the road, but he can stay in the store until childe Xu sleeps in the night. Before washing his face, the big man must come to this store to stay.

On that day, just after sleeping in a shop, it rained a little. Childe Xu was so upset that he made a pot of wine and drank it slowly. The shopkeeper was an old man. He was very honest. He came over and whispered, “young master, don’t be too greedy. Did you bring money and let others stare at you? That man with an iron pole is not a good man! ” The childe said, “if I don’t take the path or the night path, who can eat me?” The shopkeeper sighed: “nonsense! I think he’s going to do it tonight. Didn’t you see him go to bed early? ”

Sure enough, the big man went to bed early, and the iron pole leaned against the door, shining. The big man snored like thunder, making the iron pole clank.

Master Xu, the Hercules monkey Xia, was in a cold sweat. He thought, let me change shop. The shopkeeper said, “if he wants to stare at you, you can’t escape even if you get into the crack in the ground.”

Just then, a man came in outside the door. He was short and as thin as a monkey. Childe looked at it carefully and knew it. He saw it in the capital. He said that his father died and had no money to buy a coffin. Childe Xu pitied him and gave him money for a coffin. The man didn’t even say “thank” and took the money and left. Yes, it’s him. He doesn’t wake his father in the capital. Why did he come here?

When the thin monkey saw Mr. Xu, he didn’t say hello, so he shouted to the shopkeeper, “shopkeeper, take out some food quickly. I’m starving.” The shopkeeper quickly entertained: “Sir, please sit down first.”“ Sit a fart. Which of these chairs do you have? ““ That’s not right. All my chairs are new. Just sit down and count me if they are broken. ”

The thin monkey stopped talking. He pulled a chair over and touched his ass gently. The chair immediately broke its leg and tilted to one side!

Great Kung Fu! Mr. Xu thought to himself, “I must be dead tonight. These two people stare at me. Can I escape?” Thinking of this, he turned pale and his legs trembled.

The thin monkey tilted his head, saw childe Xu and asked with a smile, “is this childe sick? How did you change your face? ” Young master Xu was so angry that he threw himself out: “don’t you recognize me? I know you. Are you interested in my silver? Take it! For the love of the other side of the capital, don’t be difficult for me any more. Is it right? ”

When he got angry, the thin monkey smiled: “eunuch really has some eyesight. But this time, I mistook people. Isn’t that the man with the iron pole? I’ll teach him a lesson! ”

He got up and came to the room where the man slept. The door is open and someone is snoring. The thin monkey grabbed the iron pole and shouted, “get up and quickly find a place to pick up dung. What man is there?”

The big man opened his eyes, but he didn’t even move. He just said slowly, “are your skin itching? Go and rub against the wall! ” After hearing this, the thin monkey picked up the iron pole and made an effort. The iron pole in his hand was like a noodle note, bent in two circles. Then, “Dang” threw it on the ground and smashed several bricks: “it’s not difficult for you to want silver. Straighten it first.”

The big man looked at it. With his two skills, where could he compare“ With a “plop”, he rolled down from the bed, knelt on the ground and hit his head on the brick: “Grandpa, spare your life, little blind!”

The thin monkey said to Mr. Xu, “Grandpa, sleep safely. I’ll go with you tomorrow.” Then he said to the big man on the ground, “get up. You’re almost asleep. Just sit at the door and watch the door for my benefactor. There’s a bit of a mistake. That’s what this shoulder pole looks like.” That man is submissive. He looks so pathetic!

After a night’s sleep, the thin monkey escorted Mr. Xu on the road. Mr. Xu asked, “the name of a strong man?” The other party just smiles and doesn’t answer. Then he asked, “I gave you silver. How can I thank you?”“ I thanked him and pulled him down; If you don’t thank me, I’ll give you a hand. ““ You have this skill. What else do you worry about your father’s coffin? ““ The rich and the poor recognize themselves. I never make a living by sneaking around. ” Young master Xu was very impressed.

Thin monkey has been sending Mr. Xu back to his hometown in Shandong. Sent to the gate, but refused to go in. Young master Xu, if he is willing to let him go, he must pull him into the house and give him a banquet. The thin monkey smiled: “you don’t have to drag me, you can’t drag me. I really have something urgent to do, but it’s delayed because I sent you. Well, if you really have such a good idea, you’ll change it to a certain day in a certain month. At that time, you’ll prepare ten kilograms of bread, ten kilograms of beef and a jar of wine. Remember, don’t stand by, and I’ll never give you face. ” With that, he put his feet on the ground, and there was no one.

Mr. Xu firmly remembered the days when the thin monkey told him. He knew his temper. He didn’t do anything else. He just prepared it as he said. At noon that day, I just heard, “are you ready?” People came at random, and the thin monkey came as expected.

But it was easy. According to the instructions of the thin monkey, there was no need to set the table or put dishes and chopsticks. He grabbed the beef and stuffed it into his mouth, picked up the wine jar and poured it into his mouth. He didn’t have much effort. He ate all the wine, meat and cakes, and stunned a young master Xu: it takes 20 people with good appetite to eat.

The childe said, “a strong man is really a tiger general! But I wonder how powerful you are? ”

The thin monkey said, “it’s hard to say. You find ten strong men. ”

Find ten strong men. The thin monkey stood on a narrow step and let the men hit him in turn. Men, you work hard, he works hard, only tired and sweating. Look at the thin monkey, his feet seem to have roots and stand motionless on the steps.

The thin monkey stretched out his index finger and middle finger again, dodged the gap between his two fingers, tied his two fingers with a rope, and asked the two men to pull the rope hard. No matter how hard they tried, or the gap between his two fingers, the finger was like cast iron.

Seeing this, childe Xu said, “it’s a pity that a strong man has such divine power to bury himself in the Jianghu. The Prime Minister of the dynasty is my father’s classmate and friend. I recommend you to him. How about you contribute to the country? ”

The thin monkey listened and smiled coldly: “it’s not to refute the face of the Duke of grace and speak from his heart. Now the imperial court is dark and jackals are in power. If I join them, I will be plotted sooner or later, even if I have great skills.”

Just then, the thin monkey suddenly stopped, listened, said for a moment, “Grandpa, I can’t stay long. My friend asked me to remove a scourge. I’m leaving.” With that, he walked away from the room with his feet a little bit. When Mr. Xu and the crowd heard him walking this time, it was like cutting down a tree in the forest. The clatter went farther and farther.

Since then, Mr. Xu never saw the thin monkey again, but he admired him. He set up a memorial tablet for longevity at home and named him “monkey man”.

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