Chinese Wuxia Story: Eight hundred catties of clever tricks

During the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, there was a Buddhist surnamed Yang LuChen in Nanguan, Guangping Fucheng. He was in his thirties. Because his family was poor, he always pushed a unicycle every day to sell coal and soil. Yang LuChen was born with a tiger back and a bear waist, wide shoulders and round arms, and great strength. The unicycle he pushed was 800 kg, which was enough for half the street, so people joked. Some called him “half the street” and others called him “800 kg”. By pushing coal and soil, Yang LuChen’s family can live a decent life.


On the West Street of Guangping City, there is a health pharmacy called “Taihe hall”, which is opened by Chenjiagou people in Wenxian County, Henan Province. The shopkeeper’s surname is Chen, and some of the guys are also Chenjiagou people. At that time, it was said that in this Taihe hall drugstore, from the shopkeeper to the waiter, they practiced a kind of boxing called boxing“Taijiquan “. Not only has no one seen or even heard what Style Taijiquan is, but the sound of practicing boxing and martial arts comes from the store every morning or evening. A few people who like boxing want to see what’s going on, but because the door of Taihe hall is always tight sooner or later Close tightly, so although people pay attention, they can’t see it.

Eight hundred catties of clever tricks

Yang LuChen loved boxing since childhood. He got up early to practice boxing every day. After selling out of coal and earth, he also practiced boxing and stick with several boxing friends. Recently, he often heard people talk about Taijiquan. He was curious and always wanted to see what happened. On this day, he sold out the last truck of coal and soil, and it was still early, he set up a unicycle and pushed back a truck full of coal and soil outside the Wuli embankment. The next morning, as soon as the city gate opened, he pushed the car into the city gate, went all the way to the door of Taihe hall drugstore, called to open the door and pushed the car into the store. When the shop clerk saw that it was Yang LuChen who sold coal and soil, he was very happy Don’t you mind? Yang LuChen watched secretly while unloading coal and soil. He saw that there were no knives and guns and no sticks in the courtyard. Only a few guys were practicing pushing hands. Looking at their posture, they were as soft as swimming in the river and fishing under the water. Yang LuChen felt funny: such as


What kind of skill is this fishing skill? After unloading the soil, he kept going out of the store. After that, whenever someone mentioned Taijiquan again, Yang LuChen always smiled.


One day, after selling a truck of coal and soil, Yang LuChen walked past the door of Taihe hall. He saw that the door of the store was noisy and crowded with many onlookers. Yang LuChen put down his car and pushed to the front to inquire. “Only then did he know that it was the fifth brother of the Zhao family, nicknamed” five tigers of the Zhao family “in the North Street of the city


Brother is pestering in the store to return the medicine. At this time, I only heard the store clerk say: “the medicine in our store is not false at all. It is all a thing of the population. You can’t return it when you go out. To refund, the money can be returned ‘the medicine must be taken away. ” Zhao long, the leader, laughed and said, “to tell you the truth, today


I didn’t come to return the medicine for a few money. I have to return the medicine if it’s called, or if it’s not called! ” Then he threw the medicine bag in the shop clerk’s face.


It was too late and too fast. The shop assistant “Teng” stretched out his hand. The medicine bag had already been received in his hand, and then he sent it gently. The medicine bag flew up like a wing on Zhao Long’s face. As soon as the other four brothers saw that their brother was beaten, they immediately asked a group of scoundrels to rush forward. ”


Calling the store guy. Yang LuChen looked at it clearly. He couldn’t help sweating for the store clerk and thought: it’s bad this time! The five tigers of the Zhao family don’t know which one in the city. After practicing boxing for several days, they do whatever they want in Guangping mansion. Not only ordinary people, but also the government and yamen are afraid of him


How can you give up this time? At this time, I saw that the shop assistants were not in a hurry, one by one. All those close to me were thrown into the middle of the street one by one and couldn’t get up for a long time. The whole street was a sensation. Yang LuChen kept praising: “what a magic skill


Ah! Man, you still have such skills. How powerful should the shopkeeper be? They all blame their shortsightedness. ” Suddenly I felt a fire on my face. Then I pushed the car and walked towards my house.


After that, as in the past, Yang LuChen delivered coal and soil to the door on time every day, unloaded the coal and soil and left. The shopkeeper gave money, but Yang LuChen always didn’t want it. After a few months, Yang LuChen still didn’t receive any money. The shopkeeper sent someone to send the money to his house. Yang LuChen sent it intact again


Come back, that’s it, until the end of the year. On New Year’s Eve, the shopkeeper specially prepared a banquet and invited Yang LuChen to the store. After three rounds of wine, the shopkeeper asked, “as the saying goes, if you give a gift to a person, you must ask for something.”. What can I do for you, Mr. Yang? Please tell me face to face. Just


What we have in the shop will only work. ” Yang LuChen will think.


Learn Taijiquan. As soon as the shopkeeper heard this, he quickly said, “if you want to learn Taijiquan, don’t make it difficult. It’s just that my boxing is too poor and I don’t have any head to learn. I’ll write a letter. You can go to Chenjiagou, Henan to find Chen Changxing to learn skills, and you can learn it safely.” Then he took out the paper and pen,


Write a letter immediately and give it to Yang LuChen. Yang LuChen was as happy as if he had got a treasure. When he got home, he told his mother and wife that he knew. Then he wandered home and was ready to start.


Just after the Spring Festival, Yang LuChen went on the road with his luggage on his back. Guangping mansion is 800 miles away from Chenjiagou. Yang LuChen sleeps at night. It took only four days to come to Chenjiagou and soon found Chen Changxing’s house. Seeing Chen Changxing, Yang LuChen hurriedly presented the letter. Chen Changxing


When I opened it, I saw that it was a personal letter from shopkeeper Chen of Taihe hall. It was very polite. It was making tea and giving up his seat. I invited Yang LuChen to eat and drink, but I didn’t mention anything about learning boxing. Yang LuChen could not hold back for a long time, so he begged Chen Changxing to accept him as an apprentice and learn boxing here. Chen Changxing listened and smiled slightly


He smiled and said, “I haven’t practiced boxing for a long time. Boxing has been abandoned for many years. I’m afraid I’ll miss your learning. If you really want to learn, I hope you can ask for another high school. ” As soon as Yang LuChen heard this, her heart cooled and begged again and again. Chen Changxing just refused. Yang LuChen had no choice but to leave and go out.


When he came to a teahouse at the head of the village, he asked for a pot of ‘tea’ and drank it alone. He couldn’t tell what it was like in his heart and thought hard.


But it was said that there was a heavy snow. I lived from the evening of the first day to the morning of the next day. The north wind roared and the weather became very cold, like midwinter. Chen Changxing’s family got up early and opened the door to sweep the snow. When they saw a man lying in the snow, they looked carefully. It was a beggar


, he was dressed in rags, his face was black and covered with dirt, and he was already unconscious in the snow. When the family saw him, they immediately reported to Chen Changxing. Chen Changxing came out and said, “let people quickly carry it to the house to get warm. After about a meal, the beggar was slow


Slow recovery over recovery. The family asked him where he was from and what his last name was. The man couldn’t say a word. He turned out to be a mute. Without knowing his name and background, Chen Changxing had to take him in because he was homeless. Because he is strong and powerful


He was very diligent in carrying water, sweeping the floor, making a fire and cooking, so the family liked him very much. He stayed at Chen Changxing’s house and became a servant.


This mute is Yang LuChen. At the instigation of the old woman in the teahouse, he changed into ragged clothes and painted some black ash on his face. Before dawn, he lay in the snow in front of Chen Changxing’s house and pretended to be mute before he came here. Since then, Yang LuChen worked as a servant in Chen Changxing’s house, carrying water and sweeping during the day


The Chen Changxing family closed their doors and lit the yard with lanterns and torches. The family practiced Taijiquan together. Yang LuChen became a servant of the Chen family. He didn’t care about his words and deeds, and everyone knew that he was a mute, so


He didn’t mind at all. When practicing boxing, he quietly stood aside and peeped at the Xi move. He kept it in mind. After others fell asleep, he quietly got up and practiced one by one before he closed his eyes. When the 15th moon is full, Chen’s family and nephews compete in the courtyard, the scene is even more moving,


Yang LuChen stood by, watched attentively, understood carefully and pondered carefully. Day after day, after three years of winter and spring, Yang LuChen has become proficient in all the routines, skills and essentials of Taijiquan.


On this day, after breakfast, Yang LuChen cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks, cleaned the tables and stools, and finished everything one by one. He came to Chen Changxing, knelt down on his knees and said, “master, it’s three years old. I should go back.” Chen Changxing was stunned and hurriedly asked, “aren’t you mute? how


Can you speak? ” Yang LuChen smiled and said, “master, don’t you remember that there was a man surnamed Yang in Guangping mansion who came to join the army with a letter three years ago?” At this time, Chen Changxing suddenly realized and said, “are you Yang LuChen?”“ Exactly. ” With that, Yang LuChen asked him how to fake it


Pretending to be dumb, he sneaked into Chen’s house, carrying water and sweeping the floor during the day and practicing boxing and learning skills at night. Chen Changxing was so impressed that he asked Yang LuChen to walk the clouds and let everyone have a look. Yang LuChen took off his coat, shook his spirit, opened the pose and began with the fist fight,


All the routines have been practiced. His kung fu is pure and skilled, which is not under his nephew. All the people present praised and said, “good practice! Good practice! ” Chen Changxing looked at it and was very happy. He said, “since you are so attentive, please study for another three years and I will teach you myself


。” Yang LuChen listened, kowtowed and worshipped, and Chen Changxing raised his hands. Since then, teachers and disciples have been like brothers and sisters. Chen Changxing patiently taught the essentials of Taijiquan, as well as the internal skills of making sticks, knives, guns, swords and halberds. Yang LuChen concentrated on practicing hard, made every effort to learn, and always insisted on not learning


Slack. Unknowingly, three years later, Yang LuChen thanked his master, left Chenjiagou and returned to Guangping mansion.


In this way, after six years, Yang LuChen brought the skills of Taijiquan back to Guangping mansion from Chenjiagou for the first time.

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