Chinese Wuxia Story: Escort Su encountered a strange situation while watching chess

In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, there were two temples on Wugong mountain. The North Temple is called Xuantian temple. There is a monk who lives under the name of one heart; The South Temple stopped the cloud view. There lived a Taoist priest with a Taoist name of Jingyuan. It is said that this monk played a game of chess for three winters and three summers, but he has not yet decided whether to win or lose.


This year, a famous escort named Su laoxiu came from Guangping mansion in Zhili. He passed by the foot of Wugong Mountain and stopped at the small hotel in Huangcao village. The waiter of this hotel usually blows clouds in the sea. Today, the clouds are blowing the martial arts. The chess and martial arts of a monk on the mountain. Su laoxiu is half convinced.

Escort Su encountered a strange situation while watching chess

Su laoxiu has practiced hard and soft skills since he was young. Since he was 18, he has wandered around the Jianghu with the escort cart and traveled all over the South seven and North 63 provinces. Today, the waiter said that there are Wulin experts hidden in the mountains. He couldn’t help thinking about martial arts. Besides, he is also a chess fan, which makes him more interested.


So, Su laoxiu quickly took the silver dart to Hangzhou, went through the formalities, turned his horse’s head, and returned to the barren grass village day and night. He deposited his horses and luggage in the hotel and came to the hanging Temple along the winding path into the mountain.


Wugong mountain is steep, with mountains like knives and peaks like columns. Relying on his lightness skills, Su laoxiu climbed over the sacrificial cliff, climbed the eagle’s beak, climbed over the long insect’s back and flew across the sky. He thought to himself: it’s really thanks to my martial arts. Otherwise, let alone going to Xuantian temple, even sacrificing my life cliff and Eagle hook mouth would have blocked me out of the mountain.


The mountain road became narrower and narrower. It was hard to find a place to put the soles of his feet flat. Su laoxiu used all his climbing, climbing, hooking and hanging. Seeing the red sun sinking in the West and the sky darkening, there was a temple at the top of the stone wall of Tongtian cliff. The temple was built very strangely. The bare stone cliff was cut upright, and dozens of iron cables hung the temple on the tip of the stone wall. Su laoxiu stood at the bottom of the cliff and looked up for a long time. He couldn’t help taking a breath of air-conditioning, and his heart couldn’t help complaining secretly.


Just go back? Su laoxiu has never been so timid since he studied martial arts. He settled down, squinted and finally found that several footprints of pedaling and hand picking appeared on the cold and slippery stone wall. Su laoxiu was overjoyed: Yes, yes, this must be the way for master Yixin to go to the temple. So without saying a word, he used the ancestral stunt of “gecko drilling the cloud”. He pulled his hands shallow and concave, turned upside down and hung close to the stone wall. He slowly rubbed and climbed up like a gecko. He was half tired and finally climbed up the steps into the temple.


When the temple door was opened, there was silence in the courtyard. There was only a fat monk sitting on the futon in the main hall. His eyes were slightly closed and his five hearts were facing the sky. He was practicing Qi. Su laoxiu listened to the waiter at the hotel in Huangcao village. The monk sat up and didn’t eat, drink or move for five days and five nights. Su laoxiu didn’t dare to disturb the mage, so he had to stand in a corner of the hall and wait.


It was slowly getting dark. The mountain wind blew in from the temple door and shot at him like ten thousand ice arrows. Su laoxiu had not eaten for a day. He couldn’t bear it. He had to bow high to the old monk sitting on the futon and shouted, “old mage, I’m polite in the next compartment.”


At this time, he saw master Yixin take a long breath and slightly open his eyelids. Su laoxiu shivered. He saw that the old master’s eyes were as bright as a bright star and as sharp as a magic sword. He knew that the master’s Kung Fu was by no means ordinary.


The old monk got up slowly, folded his palms and said, “Amitabha! Who, benefactor, has kept you waiting. ” Su laoxiu said his hometown address and only said watching chess. He didn’t dare to show his intention of seeking art.


The old monk smiled and said, “I’ve lived in the mountains and forests for a long time. I have nothing to do. I’m strong. I don’t know how to play chess.” Su laoxiu knows that a real person does not show his face, and there is no real person in his face. He turned aside his words and asked the monk for fasting food.


The next morning, after eating early fasting, master Xinxin said, “if you are interested, you can go to relieve your boredom today.” Get out of the temple gate, turn right and walk more than ten steps to the edge of the pine forest. Master Yixin stopped, tucked the hem of the monk’s robe into his waist and said, “benefactor, you must keep up.” He squatted down and jumped on a branch more than ten feet high. The branch bent down and then tilted up. The mage was bounced out like a marble. Su laoxiu hurriedly lifted his breath and jumped up to the top of the tree. Unexpectedly, the monk had turned into a black spot and disappeared. After a long chase, Su laoxiu had to go back to the temple dejectedly.


At noon that day, master Yixin came back from playing chess and asked him why he didn’t go to watch chess. Su laoxiu knelt on his knees and said, “old master, don’t tease me anymore. I hope the old master can point out the maze!”


Master Yixin picked him up with both hands and said, “no! afraid to! I’m such a person that I dare to receive such a heavy gift from the escort. But then again, every day, in order to find the ox nose veteran to play chess, the chess Pavilion is in the middle of the pine forest. The pine forest is dense and has no way, so it forces me to practice some insect carving skills! If you want to watch chess, you must practice the jumping lightness skill first. You are smart and learn


This little ability is not difficult. ”


Master Yibi immediately led Su laoxiu into the backyard. He saw an ancient well and several rows of vegetable beds in the backyard. The cabbage was planted with seedlings and the radish sprouted.


On the ancient stone well, there is a crowbar. It is said that one end of the crowbar falls a stone or a gun. At one end of the crowbar to the wellhead is a well rope and a hook. When drawing water, hang the empty bucket on the hook and lift the other end of the stone with force. When the bucket is full, the stone will naturally pry the bucket out of the wellhead. Strangely, the old monk’s crowbar was different, and there was nothing at the end of the falling stone.


Su laoxiu was thinking about it. He saw master Yixin hang up the bucket and fill it with water. Suddenly, he flew up to one end of the crowbar and pried the bucket out of the wellhead. Then, like lightning, he slid down the bar to the bucket, caught the bucket loop and poured a bucket of water into the stone trough. In this way, the “Hua Hua la la” water flowed into the vegetable bed, which made Su laoxiu straight eyes and lost his mind.


From then on, Su laoxiu took over the business of watering vegetables.


In the twinkling of an eye, three months passed. The cabbage wrapped the core and the radish was full of tassels. Su laoxiu realized that he had benefited a lot in the past few months. His heart moved again. He met the master wholeheartedly several times and wanted to mention the matter of watching chess. Somehow, he couldn’t speak.


One day, master Xinxin did premature work and said to him, “Lao Xiu, your Kung Fu has improved greatly in recent months. Prepare to meet the Taoist priest tomorrow!” Su laoxiu couldn’t help but promise.


In the early morning of the next day, when they walked out of the temple gate, they saw that there were thousands of red clouds in the East, surrounded by purple gas, which was a beautiful view of ancient temples on high mountains. When they got to the edge of the pine forest, the one-heart mage asked Su laoxiu to lead his monk. Then they jumped and came to a stone carving Pavilion in front of him.


The stone pavilion was surrounded by a carpet like lawn. Master Yixin floated down the tree branch and walked like flying on the grass tip. Su laoxiu followed closely, but stamped the grass tree upside down. He was ashamed that his kung fu was not good enough. He secretly decided to practice his skills to the best before returning to his hometown of Guangping mansion.


In front of the pavilion, I saw that there were four stone benches on the pavilion, surrounded by a stone table. On the West stone bench, there had been a Taoist, with half a game of residual chess in front of him.


The monk said, “Amitabha!” Jingyuan Taoist said, “good, good!” Two people, without saying a word, set up a “car” to dial a “gun”, attack a “pawn” to fly a “phase” and kill them inextricably.


Su laoxiu watched chess. As time went on, he saw the flaw. It turns out that their chess skills are mediocre. If they don’t take the wrong steps, one victory and one defeat will be known early. Why should they kill three winters and three summers? Su laoxiu put his words in his throat several times and swallowed it back to his stomach. How dare he show off his intelligence in front of the two elders?


The sun is flat. Master Xin said, “Amitabha!” Jingyuan Taoist said, “good, good!” Two people can’t stop. The stone table was still half a game of residual chess. Su laoxiu was surprised: I’m afraid I won’t see a high or low level in the next ten years, not to mention the next three years!


Master Yixin gave Su laoxiu a wink and said, “this is my little disciple Su laoxiu. Please help the Taoist priest and let him give you a ride!” The Taoist Jingyuan hurriedly said, “I can’t make it! No! ” He got up and left. Su laoxiu is a smart man. He knows that master Xinxin must have a purpose. He is busy following the Taoist priest. Behind his back, master Xinxin read the sound of Buddha and said, “please raise your hand and dial one or two, I’ll please!”


Taoist Jingyuan came to the edge of the pine forest. He didn’t jump up or jump up. He only shook his arms. The big pine tree naturally flashed a way. Su laoxiu clings to the monk’s back. Seeing the open and compound pine forest, he understands the painstaking efforts of the master wholeheartedly to recommend apprentices and learn skills.


The Taoist returned to the Nanshan stop cloud temple and thought for a long time. Then he said to Su laoxiu, “if you come, be at ease. The wholehearted mage has taught you the art of lightness. I’ll teach you this’ iron back. You should cherish it.”


The next day, Taoist Jingyuan led Su laoxiu to a pine forest and said, “this pine forest was planted in the same year, with a bowl mouth thick and thin, and the tree is 50 years old.” Moving forward, he walked into a pine forest and said, “the trees here are so thick that they are over a hundred years old.” Walking forward, there is another pine forest. “The trees here are both thick and thin,” said Taoist Jingyuan. “The trees are over 500 years old.” Taoist Jingyuan led him through the orchid pine forest and asked him what he had learned.


Su laoxiu said, “the apprentice is stupid. I don’t know if he is right. I saw that the bark of these three pine forests was polished by people. Of course, this was the mark left by master when he practiced iron back leaning… ”


Taoist Jingyuan laughed on his back and said, “just understand! Just understand! In the future, you will not be afraid to surround people in the ten thousand horse army… Ha ha ha! ”


When winter passed and spring came, Taoist Jingyuan saw that Su laoxiu’s “relying” skill had been completed, so he took him to watch the half game of residual chess. This time, however, Su laoxiu opened the way and Taoist Jingyuan followed closely. When he arrived at the stone pavilion, master Yixin was waiting quietly. The half game of residual chess was still on the table, but the pieces were changed to the size of pancakes.


The two elders sat opposite and exchanged blows. After taking a few steps, master Xinxin said, “Lao Xiu, help me attack the left pawn across the river!” Su laoxiu was careless and pushed with his hand. He didn’t want the chess piece to stand still. He was not surprised. He changed his hands to make his whole body strong. The chess piece was like taking root and growing on a stone table. He was so anxious that he sweated a lot.


Master Yixin smiled, gently lifted up his two fingers and pressed it on the chess piece. Then he stuck it up and moved it to the other side.


Taoist Jingyuan said meaningfully, “Lao Xiu, you don’t know that this chess piece is made of pig iron. This desktop is a magnet!”


What he said made Su laoxiu feel like seeing the sun through the clouds. He suddenly realized that the two elders were playing chess in the open and practicing martial arts in the dark.

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