Chinese Wuxia Story: Ghost hand Cao

Cao Bajin is a famous thief in the Jianghu, nicknamed “ghost hand Cao”. After twenty-five years as a thief, now Cao, the devil, with his 800 yuan ocean saved, exchanged four silver notes and hurried home.

Accidentally, a skinny child bumped into ghost hand Cao.

“Sorry, sorry.” the child couldn’t stop apologizing.

Ghost hand Cao

“It’s all right, you go!” ghost hand Cao patted the child on the shoulder, and the child turned and disappeared into the crowd.

When Cao twisted his fingers, three silver dollars appeared in the palm of his hand. Just now, the child stole a silver dollar from him by bumping him, and he patted the child on the shoulder with one hand. With the other hand, he not only touched his silver dollar back, but also took his two silver dollars from under the child’s belt.

I haven’t been home for 15 years. Ghost Cao is a little excited. Just got home, I was about to knock at the door. I heard a scream coming from the door!

The ghost Cao took back his knocking hand, took out a piece of iron wire from his cuffs, opened the door lock, dodged into the root of the courtyard wall, climbed up the ridge and opened a tile.

I saw a teenage child sitting by the bed, and a middle-aged woman holding a towel was hot compress the bruises on the child’s face!

That child is the thief who stole Cao Yinyuan! After listening for a while, devil Cao understood that the child didn’t steal the money and was beaten by his head lame.

After cleaning up the wound, the child went out and said to try again while it was dark to see if he could earn a bite.

The middle-aged woman looked at the child’s back and sighed. As soon as she looked back, she saw the ghost hand Cao and was startled: “you, how are you… You’re back!”

“My son, how did you become a thief?” Cao asked angrily.

The middle-aged woman said angrily when she heard the speech: “you’ve provoked a lawsuit. It’s fifteen years since you ran away! I’ve been suffering for fifteen years with an eight month old child. My son is not a thief. Do we starve to death for what we eat?”

“I left you 100 dollars when I left!” devil Cao shouted with his neck.

“I don’t know who stole it!” said the middle-aged woman.

“What’s my baby’s name?”

“Follow my last name and call Chen Lai. Come back.”

Cao Muli, the ghost hand, stamped out of the door and plunged into the night.

Three days later, in the early morning, the temple was broken in the north of the city.

Four incense sticks were inserted into the incense burner in front of the door, but they were not lit. They were three long and one short, arranged from right to left.

The four incense sticks are inserted by ghost hand Cao.

Soon, there was a rumor in the Jianghu that someone wanted to pull incense and wash their hands in Qingshi town and quit the Jianghu.

According to the rules of this line, it is easy to take things, but difficult to keep things. If a famous thief wants to wash his hands, he must keep one thing for seven days. During these seven days, an enemy who wants to seek revenge can steal and cheat.

If someone else gets something to keep, you should kill it and cut it. You can’t say no; If you can keep it for seven days, no one can seek revenge from now on. This person has nothing to do with Jianghu affairs.

The next day, beside the incense burner, there were six more words written with charcoal – Gold armour and Jubao Zhang.

This is left by the enemy of ghost hand Cao. The note means that ghost hand Cao must hold the treasure “golden armour” of the antique store “jubaozhang” for seven days.

Hold on, and the gratitude and resentment will be written off; I can’t keep it. Even if the enemy wants Cao’s life, I have to give it to him.

From the first day to the sixth day, it was calm.

On the sixth night, the ghost Cao disguised himself as a beggar and stood by the door of “jubaozhang”. A limping figure came to him with an umbrella.

“Cao Bajin, do you still recognize me?”

Devil Cao Wenyan looked up and saw the man’s face under the umbrella: “Hu… Hu Yazi…”

The most inferior thief is called “Yo”, the one in charge of 30 “Yo” is called “Ya Zi”, and the one in charge of 30 “Ya Zi” is called “Ba tou”.

“Yazi, hum, that was fifteen years ago. I’m a leader now! People in the Jianghu call me lame. Do you know why?”


“Fifteen years ago, you cheated under my hand. One night, you pried the lock of Jubao Zhang and were caught by the night patrol. You couldn’t bear to beat me and bit me out. On the day you climbed the wall and escaped in the middle of the night, I was caught in the police station, locked up in the number for three months and broke a leg.”

“I’m… Sorry for you!” Cao Shisheng said.

“After coming out of the trumpet, I looked for you everywhere. I heard that you fled to the south of the Yellow River, worshipped your master and became famous.”


“Well mixed, why do you have to pull incense and wash your hands?” the lame master asked.

“I can’t say!” the ghost Cao muttered.

“OK! If you don’t tell me, I won’t force you. Follow the rules of the Jianghu. Tomorrow is the seventh day. I’ll get the golden armour. Then I’ll kill you!”

The seventh day, noon. The three of them walked into Jubao Zhang. The devil Cao knows that the cheat invited by the lame master has arrived.

Ghost hand Cao is a famous thief. It’s impossible to take and steal under his eyelids. He can only cheat. Because ghost Cao is secretly protecting the golden armor, ghost Cao can’t control how the shopkeeper of Jubao Zhang handles the golden armor.

One of them, who claimed to be housekeeper sun, called out the shopkeeper and said he had a crush on the golden armour, the treasure of the town store.

“You are an expert. This golden armor is an object of the Tang Dynasty. Duke Li Weigong killed Turks in the north. Emperor Taizong Longyan Dayue gave his golden helmet and silver armor to Duke Li Weigong, so it is called ‘Imperial golden armor’, also known as’ golden armor ‘.” the shopkeeper was beaming.

“Make an offer,” said Sun Guanjia.

“The treasure of Zhendian, no counter-offer, 30000 oceans!”

“The price is not expensive, but I don’t know whether it is true or not.” housekeeper sun rubbed his armor and said slowly.

“It’s a century old shop. I dare not cheat customers.” the shopkeeper said quickly.

“Every business engages in fraud. How can I trust you? Well, I’ll bet you with this trigger. I’ll take this armor to the ship and show it to my master. If it’s true, I’ll send someone to send money and get my trigger back. If it’s fake, I’ll send it back and smash your face!” housekeeper Sun took off the trigger from his hand and threw it to the shopkeeper.

When the shopkeeper looked at it with light, he found that the trigger was dark green, heavy and decorated with gluttonous patterns. The Yangwen was carved into the word “kan”. The person who “kan” shot also showed that this device was a tool for riding and shooting. It is the trigger finger worn on the hand during archery in ancient times. When opening the bow, the bow string is embedded into the deep groove on the back to prevent strangulation of the thumb. Looking at the working age, it should be an object of the Han Dynasty. There is also a word “Wei” engraved on the inner wall of the wrench.

“This is… Wei…” the shopkeeper’s hand holding the trigger trembled.

“Yes, this is the trigger worn by Wei Qing’s archery! The price is more than ten times higher than your gold armor. You can rest assured to stay here for quality?”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry!” the shopkeeper nodded.

“Well, let’s make a written note!” housekeeper Sun took a pen and paper and wrote a written note – borrow a gold armour, which was held in the Han Dynasty and worth 300000 oceans.

The shopkeeper signed the note and sent it to housekeeper sun and his party. The three people went out.

The devil Cao who guarded the door quickly followed up. The cheat invited by the lame master cheated the shopkeeper of the gold armor. The devil Cao must steal it back.

Ghost hand Cao saw it clearly. The trigger just now was not a fake, but a real thing of the Han Dynasty! I didn’t expect that the cheat who made the game really paid off in order to cheat the golden armour.

The steward sun went out of the gate of jubaozhang with the golden armour on his back and got on a rickshaw that had long been parked there. The coachman bowed his head and ran quickly down the street. The ghost Cao hurriedly followed and trotted all the way.

The coachman was very strong. He ran back and forth around the street four or five times without stopping. Although the ghost Cao had thousands of skills, he could not steal the golden armor. After two or three more trips, housekeeper sun returned to Jubao Zhang’s door, got off the rickshaw, entered Jubao Zhang’s lobby and put the gold armor on the counter.

“Our master said that the gold armour is true. I brought 30000 ocean silver notes. Give me my finger. Here’s the note. We’ll pay both the money and the goods!” said housekeeper sun loudly.

Cao, the ghost hand outside the door, was confused. Why did he return the golden armor? At this time, just listening to the “plop”, the shopkeeper of Jubao Zhang suddenly knelt on the ground: “housekeeper sun, I’m sorry, the wrench was stolen by the thief…”

“Stolen?” housekeeper sun shouted.

“Just now, a group of guests came. People came and went. I obviously wore it on my hand. I don’t know. Why, it’s gone…” the shopkeeper said with a cry.

Housekeeper sun quit and immediately shouted to sue the officer. The shopkeeper hugged housekeeper sun’s thigh: “Housekeeper sun, you have the receipt in your hand. If I start a lawsuit, I’m sure to lose! 300000 oceans, I’ll lose all my money and I can’t afford to pay for it in my life. Otherwise, you see, I’ll give you this gold armour and I’ll pay you for this store. How about letting me go, your adult?”

Housekeeper sun thought for a while and said, “well, it’s not easy to see you. I’ll take the golden armour and don’t worry about you. You pledge the deed to me, pack up your things and go away.”

Ghost hand Cao stood outside the door and immediately understood that he had been tricked.

Just as he was following the rickshaw, the thief under the lame master stole the trigger. Then, housekeeper sun came back and blackmailed with a written note. The shopkeeper was forced to give the golden armor to housekeeper sun.

Devil Cao lost!

The clouds are low, the wind is ringing, and a shower is coming.

The lame master propped up his umbrella early and looked coldly at Cao, the ghost hand who lowered his head and bit his gills: “Cao Bajin, don’t you accept it?”

“I’ll take it!”

“Jianghu people, the rules are better than heaven.” the lame Master said word by word. Then he threw a dagger in front of the ghost Cao. “Fifteen years ago, you crippled me. Now it’s even profitable. I want your two hands. It’s not too much!”

“Not too much!” the devil Cao groaned, broke the tendon of his right hand, bit the dagger in his mouth, and was about to pick his left hand.

The lame master shouted, “wait, keep your left hand first. I’ll let the children and yo Zi under my hand gather here after half incense. I have to show them. This is the end of betraying me!”

Before the words fell, just listen to the “plop”, the devil Cao knelt in front of the lame master: “lame master, order me to give it to you. Please don’t let your men see me.”

“Why?” the lame master asked suspiciously.

“Chen Lai, it’s my son!” devil Cao raised his head and looked at the lame master.

“Why are you pulling incense and washing your hands?”

“I’ve been a thief for twenty-five years. I know this is not a good way. I don’t want my son to be a thief. When I’m an old man, I have to set up a model for my son!”

The heavy rain fell, and the blood of ghost hand Cao was washed all over the ground.

After a long silence, the lame master sighed and said, “go! One hand is enough, I don’t want interest!”

“Why?” Cao asked.

“I also have an eight year old son. I understand your mind.” the lame master blinked, some dry eyelids and waved to the ghost Cao.

Ghost hand Cao got up and staggered away. From this moment on, there was no thief ghost hand Cao in the Jianghu!

The next day, it was rumored in the Jianghu that the devil Cao guarded the golden armour for seven days. No one could steal it. After success, he retired and quit the Jianghu.

Chen Lai lingered at the dock with his arms folded. He saw a businessman coming in front of him. He was about to pretend to hit him. Suddenly, he grabbed Chen Lai’s shoulder with one hand.

“What are you doing? Who are you?” Chen Lai took off and shouted.

“Don’t be a slip!”

“My father didn’t care about me!”

“Do you recognize your father?”

“I don’t know, but that’s what my father does. Why don’t I do this?”

“Today, I’ll let you recognize your Lao Tzu!” then the man stretched out his left hand, put his mouth on the back of Chen Lai’s neck, pointed to the staggering Chen Lai and shouted, “Remember this face, I’m your father, Cao Bajin. I’ve been wandering outside for more than ten years. Now I’m a porter on this wharf and eat with my strength. Your father and I are porters, not thieves!

“From now on, I should do three things: first, I can’t be a fool any more; second, I’ll make money for you and go to school tomorrow; third, from now on, you’ll be surnamed Cao and call Cao! For the three things, if you can’t do one of them, I’ll discount your legs!”

Chen Lai couldn’t react for a moment. His brain was blank. He just followed Cao Bajin home. In a trance, Chen Lai looked at the father who suddenly appeared from nowhere. His right hand hung under his elbow and seemed to be shaking all the time.

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