Chinese Wuxia story: Great Xia Hong Wu—1

Guangzhou City shrouded in night. Duan Qinghong walked slowly on the road. Suddenly, a big car came and stopped beside him. Four women came down from the car. One of them asked, “are you Duan Qinghong?”

Duan Qinghong nodded and the woman said, “our guild leader wants to see you.”

The light in the room was soft, and several girls serving wine poured. Although everyone’s clothes were changeable, they were wearing a pair of red shoes. These girls are surrounded by a woman who is also wearing red shoes. This woman is Su wanwan, the famous leader of Jiangnan “red shoes club”.

Su wanwan said, “I want a red eyed toad.”

Duan Qinghong stared: “what? Red eyed toad? Luo Maoyuan’s red eyed toad?”

All kinds of data show that Luo MaoYuan is a very terrible person. Duan Qinghong never thought of offending him one day.

Su wanwan said, “fifty thousand liang of silver!”

As night fell, Luo MaoYuan celebrated his fiftieth birthday during the day. At the moment, the guests were exhausted. He returned to his back house to rest with enough food and wine and soon fell asleep. Several guards in the yard were whispering. Suddenly someone in the backyard shouted, “no! Fire! Put out the fire quickly!” then there was a great chaos in the backyard. There was a roar of voices and a faint light of fire. Someone shouted, “snitch set fire in the backyard. Come and help! Catch it and you’ll get a big reward!”

The fire was set off by Duan Qinghong, and naturally he shouted. When there were fewer guards guarding the treasure room, he solved the remaining ones, easily sneaked in and got the red eyed toad in the red sandalwood box. Just about to go out, he was attacked by a Japanese knife one after another. He dodged and looked back. He was a middle-aged man like a vulture. Duan Qinghong dodged the blade, picked up a blue and white jade porcelain vase and threw it at a Tang Sancai camel in the corner.

Chinese Wuxia story

The vulture is called Baiyuan bridge and is the leader of Luo Maoyuan’s guard. With a slight hesitation, he reached out to catch the porcelain vase. When the red eyed toad is lost, it can be chased back, but Luo MaoYuan will not be satisfied that the two treasures are broken at the same time.

Duan Qinghong took the opportunity to sneak out of the treasure room, but the whole Luo house has been surrounded, with bright lights in the front and back. He leaned over and jumped into the courtyard with his left hand. As soon as he entered the courtyard, he walked slowly along the corner to find his hiding place. Suddenly, a window in front opened silently. He didn’t want to turn over and drill in, and the window closed silently again. Just entering the room, there was a random sound of footsteps outside. Someone knocked on the door gently and a voice said, “madam, please open the door! Let’s search the snitch!”

Duan Qinghong reached out to touch the short knife in his clothes. As soon as he touched it, he shrank back. He heard a woman in the room say lazily, “I’m fine. I’m asleep!”

Duan Qinghong listened to the footsteps of the Condor disappearing, and a hanging heart came down. At midnight, he slipped out of Luo’s house.

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