Chinese Wuxia story: Great Xia Hong Wu—2

Duan Qinghong never thought that Su wanwan didn’t want the red eyed toad he had stolen so hard. He looked at her in surprise as if he were looking at a monster. He took the fifty thousand Liang silver note out of his pocket and slowly put it on the table.

Su wanwan was a little strange: “you don’t want money?”

Duan Qinghong said, “if you don’t tell me the reason, I won’t go!”

Su wanwan apologized: “sorry, I can’t tell you now! But tomorrow someone will wait for you in Zhenhai building. Then she will tell you the truth!”

Zhenhai tower. A song came faintly in the evening wind: “summer people return to the cold spring. Boundless cloud brocade is cool in the evening. People love the canal and the fragrant wind. They can buy a boat when they cross the high bridge.”

Duan Qinghong stood in front of the building, waiting for the person Su wanwan said.

Chinese Wuxia story

A woman in a robe with narrow sleeves turned out from under a cypress behind the mountain. The woman has a slender figure, and her whole body exudes an irresistible charm. The contour of her face is obvious, and the blue light of sea water moves in her cat like eyes, which looks cold and smart.

Duan Qinghong looked straight at her like a knife: “who are you?”

The woman said, “Li Hongxiu, the constable in charge of the six provinces in the south of the Yangtze River in the lobby of the capital’s criminal department!”

On the surface, Luo MaoYuan is an ordinary businessman. In fact, he is a well-known gangster leader in Guangdong and Guangdong. He has become more and more powerful in recent years. After colluding with Liu Ruyi, the Chief Constable of the six doors of the Guangzhou government and the first expert, he became more confident and even got involved in Guangzhou officialdom. The crafty Luo MaoYuan recorded in detail the time, place and number of bribes Liu Ruyi accepted each time for emergency use. When the news reached the capital, Emperor Hongwu sent a great Xia to investigate and grasp the evidence of Liu Ruyi’s collusion with Luo Maoyuan, and then questioned him. Now this account book is in the hands of Li Hongxiu.

Li Hongxiu said, “although the detailed work has told me where to put the account book, Luo Maoyuan’s men are closely guarded and I can’t start. Fortunately, the account book and Luo Maoyuan’s jewelry and jade are separated, so I asked Su wanwan to ask you to steal the red eyed toad. I can take the opportunity to steal the account book.”

Duan Qinghong said, “I don’t understand why Luo Maoyuan’s wife saved me?”

Li Hongxiu said, “this is exactly what I don’t understand. That’s why I asked you to come and ask you to understand! Otherwise, I’ve got my account book and would have gone back to recover my life!”

Duan Qinghong said, “anyway, let me see the true face of Lushan Mountain, Liu Ruyi, the first expert of the six doors of Guangzhou mansion!”

He took the account book handed by Li Hongxiu and opened it slowly. Sure enough, all the bribery records of Liu Ruyi are clearly recorded in the account book. If this account book is sent to Zhu Yuanzhang, it will become an iron evidence for Liu Ruyi’s conviction!

Li Hongxiu came over and looked through the account books together. The album records that Liu Ruyi began to take bribes as soon as she took office in Guangzhou, each of which was more than 3000 liang of silver. It is really shocking for Li Hongxiu and Duan Qinghong.

But without turning a few pages, they were soft and didn’t know anything.

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