Chinese Wuxia story: Great Xia Hong Wu—3

When Li Hongxiu woke up, she felt a pain all over her body. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that her hands and feet were firmly locked by black handcuffs and shackles, lying in a strange place. Not far away, there is a large pool with a trace of heat. It is magnificent on all sides, but there is a kind of strangeness everywhere.

Luo MaoYuan looked at her and laughed: “unexpectedly, Emperor Hongwu’s imperial great Xia! Aren’t you surprised why you are here? You never dreamed that the booklet was made of Japanese medicine. If you don’t open it in my special room, the poison in it will come out and people will faint immediately after smoking it!”

He threw the account book back on the table, looked at Li Hongxiu curled up at his feet with satisfaction and said, “why don’t we cooperate once, the Guangdong and Guangdong areas will completely fall into my control, and I will never treat you badly!”

Li Hongxiu gritted his teeth and said, “you underestimate the imperial great Xia, don’t you?”

Chinese Wuxia story

Duan Qinghong woke up in a cell. There is no escape possibility because the security is tight everywhere. He had to sigh and close his eyes. Soon, he heard a familiar woman’s voice: “I heard that the master caught a flying thief. I want to see this thief who is famous in the six provinces of Jiangnan. Hey, it’s nothing like this!”

When Duan Qinghong looked at him, a charming middle-aged woman was looking at him. The woman frowned, threw away her handkerchief, glanced at him with her eyes, and hurried out. Sure enough, a small key was wrapped in the snow-white handkerchief thrown in the corner. In fact, as long as there is a small iron wire, Duan Qinghong can open the shackles on her hands and feet, not to mention now that she has a key. So now he has drilled out of the small skylight which is only half a foot square.

It was getting late. By the light, Duan Qinghong quickly found the window where she went in last time. There was a familiar aroma in the room, and the familiar voice: “I knew you would come.”

Duan Qinghong asked softly, “who are you?”

The woman said, “I’m… Luo Maoyuan’s wife.”

Duan Qinghong said, “then why did you save me again and again?”

The woman said, “I hate him for a long time! Relying on his wealth, power and excellent martial arts, he left me behind and went to find other women to fool around! We have long been husband and wife in name only!”

Duan Qinghong said, “where is the female constable in the lobby of the Ministry of punishment now?”

The woman said, “in the water Pavilion behind!”

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