Chinese Wuxia story: Great Xia Hong Wu—4

The birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant. The sun is shining. Liu Ruyi is a person who knows how to enjoy. He just had a big meal in the morning. The rich meal is enough for ordinary people to eat for a year. Later, he received 3000 liang of silver from Guangzhou rich man Wang Laoliu. He was very happy.

Now, he has received a gift from Luo MaoYuan.

This is a special gift, a person, who is now in a pavilion on the hillside. This person is like the person in the picture. People dare not even look at it. This is a woman, a gift from Luo MaoYuan to Liu Ruyi. Luo MaoYuan knows that he likes not only silver, but also beautiful women.

Liu Ruyi waved and immediately turned out a soft sedan after the hillside. The beauty slowly got on the sedan chair, which was slowly carried into a luxurious house under the hillside. Liu Ruyi’s eyes are already shining. He walked slowly into the room. The beauty was already naked, and his clothes fell silently at once.

It was noon when Liu Ruyi came out of the house. He stretched out and looked at the blue sky in a particularly happy mood. At this time, he saw a man. His eyes were like a knife, staring at the big red shoes on her feet: “Su wanwan, the leader of the red shoes Association?”

The man immediately said, “yes, it’s me!”

Liu Ruyi laughed: “I’m a constable, and you’re a gangster. Is it ironic to come to see me?”

Su wanwan said, “it’s true. But if you know what I’m going to tell you, you won’t feel any irony at all!”

Liu Ruyi unexpectedly said, “about me?”

Su wanwan said, “if it weren’t for some of your circumstances, I wouldn’t have come!”

Liu Ruyi said, “tell me something about me. What do you want?”

Su wanwan said, “you said, I’m a thief. But now Luo MaoYuan is a bigger thief. If he exists one day, I can’t do business one day. I hate him! I want him to die!”

Liu Ruyi said, “well, you can say it!”

Su wanwan said two words and then flew away. Her lightness skills will never lose to the best lightness skills in the Wulin.

At the same time, Luo MaoYuan was sitting on the grand master’s chair in the water Pavilion, tasting new tea and feeling very happy. He reached out and pressed a switch on the wall. Suddenly, a drawer popped open on the dark wall. He took out a sealed booklet and said to Li Hongxiu, “look! This is what you stole from here last time. Can’t you think of it? I put it here!”

The door was suddenly pushed open with a bang. A gang rushed in and said, “Liu Ruyi, with… With a large number of guards, broke… Broke in…”

Luo MaoYuan quickly ordered the gang to stay and deal with the water Pavilion. He welcomed them out.

Liu Ruyi said with a blue face, “I’m sorry, Mr. Luo. Someone reported that you kidnapped a good family woman and detained you without permission. As a tolerance, I can’t sit idly by, so please go.”

Luo MaoYuan said, “Lord Liu, I’ve always only done serious business. How could I hijack any good women? Did you make a mistake?”

Liu Ruyi said, “sorry, it’s our duty. We’ll search your house.”

Seeing that the captains had gone to search, there was no one in the living room. Luo MaoYuan said fiercely, “Liu Ruyi, eat mine and take mine, but today he came to rake down!”

Liu Ruyi snorted coldly and said, “yes, Luo Yuanwai has always been nice to me. I’m very satisfied to give me money and play with my beautiful women. However, Liu wants to ask today that Liu hasn’t done anything worth promoting for Luo Yuanwai. Why does Luo Yuanwai write a book for me?”

Chinese Wuxia story

Luo MaoYuan never thought that Liu Ruyi knew he had such an account book! Liu Ruyi is laughing, but her teeth are giggling. Everyone in the Jianghu knows that if he grits his teeth, someone will be unlucky. Now he is gnashing his teeth, and even Luo Maoyuan, who leads the gangs in Guangdong and Guangdong, feels a little frightened.

When I searched the water Pavilion, it was still warm, the pool water was still clear, and the heat was still dense. But in the clear pool water, there was a corpse floating. Luo MaoYuan left his men to transfer criminal evidence. Now they are like a dead frog floating in the pond. Besides, the room was empty.

Following Luo Maoyuan’s surprised eyes, Liu Ruyi found something. A very important thing for him and Luo MaoYuan.

Of course it’s an account book!

Everyone wanted to grab the account book, but Liu Ruyi didn’t move and Luo MaoYuan didn’t move.

Although it is broad daylight now, the water Pavilion is as gloomy as hell. There is no denying that this is indeed a good place to kill people.

Luo MaoYuan faces Liu Ruyi. Although they haven’t fought, they have already fought. The battle of “immobility” is far more difficult than moving. If you move, an empty door will appear. If an empty door appears, you will give each other a chance. This opportunity is often your chance to die. Therefore, “moving” is ever-changing, but there is only one kind of “immobility”, that is, the endurance, concentration and endurance of the two sides.

In this absolutely static and motionless time, there was a sudden breath of movement. Luo MaoYuan is not moving, nor is Liu Ruyi moving. What moves is a knife from behind Liu Ruyi. It is reasonable to say that Liu Ruyi can flash away with this knife. But as long as Liu Ruyi moves, he will never escape Luo Maoyuan’s fatal blow. If Liu Ruyi was afraid of death in her life, it must be now. This knife is undoubtedly a knife of death. When Liu Ruyi was desperate to dodge, he felt Luo Maoyuan’s cold knife stabbing into his heart from his chest. He saw that Luo MaoYuan was so proud of the smile on his face.

Only when Luo Maoyuan’s satisfied smile was only half, he suddenly froze. He didn’t believe it. The Japanese Dao of Baiyuan bridge didn’t stop after Liu Ruyi avoided, but directly stabbed into his heart!

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