Chinese Wuxia story: Great Xia Hong Wu—5

Just as Liu Ruyi and Luo MaoYuan were confronted in the water Pavilion, Li Hongxiu was taken to Mrs. Luo’s bedroom by Duan Qinghong. Li Hongxiu leaned over Duan Qinghong’s broad chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

Mrs. Luo hurriedly pushed the door in: “I don’t know what’s going on. Originally, Liu Ruyi brought someone to search, but Luo MaoYuan didn’t stop it, but just now they suddenly turned against each other and helped the people move their hands first, and the constable fought back.”

Duan Qinghong smiled and knew that he had deliberately stayed in the account book of the water Pavilion. When he returned to the water Pavilion, Liu Ruyi and Luo MaoYuan had both fallen into a pool of blood. Their bodies were full of blood. Finally, no one got the account book.

Duan Qinghong leaned over to get the account book. Although Liu Ruyi was dead, his charges had not been decided. The account book was still useful. As soon as his hand touched the booklet, he suddenly stopped moving. A murderous spirit came straight from behind. He suddenly threw back the account book in his hand, and then jumped forward like a civet cat. He thought he was fast enough, but with a “whoosh” in the back, the enemy’s knife followed closely. Don’t look back. He knows who’s behind. When he opened each other’s knife with the chair in the room, he had a chance to turn around. Sure enough, it was the familiar Japanese Dao.

Unexpectedly, a knife came next to me, and a familiar voice said, “I’ll play with you too!”

Duan Qinghong suddenly turned around: “you? So you too…”

Luo Maoyuan’s wife took Li Hongxiu in one hand and said with a knife: “yes, it’s me! My name is Cai Xiaoyu. It’s Mrs. Luo MaoYuan in the Ming Dynasty. In fact, Bai Yuanqiao and I have already become a family. We’ll work together to kill you!”

Duan Qinghong said, “no wonder you saved me twice. You wanted to use me!”

Bai Yuanqiao said, “I was Luo Maoyuan’s deputy leader. I have already taken over his wife. Now I have to take over his guild and wealth!”

Duan Qinghong said, “your abacus is very good. Liu Ruyi and Luo MaoYuan are in the same fire, and you get rid of the flying thief Duan Qinghong. People in the Jianghu must respect you very much. Who will doubt you!”

Duan Qinghong said that Bai Yuanqiao and Mrs. Luo couldn’t help smiling triumphantly: “this is really a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! We’ve been waiting so hard!”

The smile hasn’t disappeared. Bai Yuanqiao and Cai Xiaoyu’s hands are already moving. Swallows fly in pairs, and their swords are combined. They are like a whole without any flaws. They attack Duan Qinghong. Since they conspired, in order to deal with Luo Maoyuan, this move has been practiced more than 10000 times. They believe that they will never miss this time!

Chinese Wuxia story

Cai Xiaoyu couldn’t think of it. Li Hongxiu, who was hit by her acupoints, suddenly jumped up, and her sleeves flew together. A red line shot out of her sleeves and wrapped around Cai Xiaoyu’s neck. Her eyes protruded immediately, her lips were blue and purple, and she fell to the ground. This is Li Hongxiu’s unique weapon for killing people. Hongxiu tiansilk! She was born with a different temperament. Her acupoints were half different from those of ordinary people. She had long suspected Cai Xiaoyu, so she remained silent when Cai Xiaoyu pointed to her acupoints. At this time, she just helped Duan Qinghong.

At the same time, Duan Qinghong also shot. The black iron sword sent out a “purring” roar, rolling across the sky like a thunderbolt, which made people’s ears buzzing. In front of Baiyuan bridge, countless meteor like sword showers suddenly flashed. I only heard the “Ding Ding” sound, and the bright light of the knife suddenly disappeared. The sword in Duan Qinghong’s hand has dropped a drop of blood, and then the second drop, the third drop

Luo mansion gang members still rushed in in an endless stream. Li Hongxiu scolded and his sleeves flew together. Several red lines were shot out of his sleeves, wrapped around the necks of the first gang members, and their eyes protruded and fell to the ground. The rest of the gang couldn’t stop Duan Qinghong’s long sword. Half of it was soon solved, and the rest fled in vain.


At the general forum of the red shoes Association, a group of girls with red shoes surrounded the sect leader Su wanwan like stars and the moon.

Duan Qinghong said, “why did Liu Ruyi listen to you so much and go to search the house obediently?”

Su wanwan said, “I just disclosed the account books to him a little.”

Duan Qinghong said, “but he turned against Luo MaoYuan like this. Aren’t you afraid he can’t find it?”

Su wanwan said, “I didn’t say anything more. I just told him a little about the secret drawer in the water Pavilion. That was the place where Luo MaoYuan hid the account books for the first time. He always thought he was smart. He must think that where others thought he had stolen once, he wouldn’t hide anything again, so I’m sure he will continue to hide the account books there.”

Duan Qinghong thumbed up: “you are so clever!”

Li Hongxiu said, “it’s a pity that brother Duan has such a good skill and wanders in the Jianghu! As the imperial great Xia most trusted by Emperor Hong Wu, I’ll take you back and recommend you. I can work under Emperor Hong Wu in the future. I’m sure he will seal his wife and children! What do you think?”

Duan Qinghong said, “who the hell are you? Don’t you know I’m the great Xia ordered by Emperor Hongwu?”

Li Hongxiu was stunned and smiled mysteriously again. At this moment, she believed that since all the red shoes could be used by the imperial court, why didn’t Duan Qinghong be another imperial great Xia sent by Emperor Hongwu to cooperate with him?

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